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  1. RIP... I like Helicopters and I know they are tricky to fly, even if he was a veteran pilot sometimes accidents happens.
  2. HG can still sell their Robocrap everywhere, but they can no longer block other company to sell merchandising from other Macross show with the same designs or names from the Macross TV show. (For example, a VF-1 model kit from Macross Delta is not a Macross TV merchandising so HG can't get anything from that)
  3. Totally! A complete Reboot with little details to link all the other sagas (As they did with Sheryl's pendants in Zero) and we can forget about Robocrap and HG for ever!
  4. I hope this means if a Macross remake is made (ala The First) nor Tatsunoko or HG can do anything about it and the international rights can be sold freely across the globe.
  5. Seems that BigWest Responded to the HG appeal on the MACROSS trademark case in EU court... The position that BW is claiming is very solid: Tatsunoko only had rights to distribute Macross TV and only Macross TV; names, designs or other creative stuff outside of Japan was NEVER INCLUDED on that deal. https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/?fbclid=IwAR0xtn05lMM1vz-Ud0l4fqFPGUqguAiGGL36Dwy5uy7YgZhEIC8gkiggRl8#details/trademarks/016790421 The PDF with the entire responce is linked below https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QkLCrlelohsFqom80QFDeFSJqBR4sXzH Thanks Teddy Gorospe for the post on Facebook.
  6. So... was the Booby-Trap on the SDF-1 a real trap or was just an Automatic Defense System that humans don't understand until it was too late?
  7. Loved it. I hope those two from the start get some background info/lore in future shows because they were very fun
  8. I'm just 40, so I have plenty of time to wait until it's done. The "game" currently it's beautiful, no other game can do what Star Citizen offers in the current state of development... so if they took two or three year more, I don't care. This is a screenshoot I took yesterday and my PC is a potato... (i54690 with a 970) imagine how should it look in better hardware
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