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  1. Chapter 34 is now On-Line A new member joins the party? https://www.wattpad.com/story/166811078-folded-dreams In Spanish
  2. Playing a lot of Warthunder recently... only the German Tree trough... can't handle all the farming to get all the good vehicles.
  3. I'm laughing SO HARD right now... From a response made by BigWest on the case: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MacrossFanCentral/permalink/1161504870876938/ HG sold ONE HAT in Italy... for 20 Euros ONE HAT Therefore they are the Owners of the entire IP. Case closed. Edit: I'm pretty sure I know who was that "Private" customer...
  4. The truth is... I'm only interested on the Single-Player Campaign (Squadron42) Online is cool and all but I miss the old SP Campaigns and drama of the Wing Commander Saga.
  5. Wrong forum to seek advice on that .... but I give you one for free: don't waste your time in Robotech. Good luck!
  6. ¿Estás al tanto que no solo reviviste un thread de hace mas de cinco años en un foro de habla INGLESA, sinó que además lo hiciste con una pregunta EN ESPAÑOL?
  7. Nice! It's gonna be a cool clip when it's finished... maybe if the transformation start a little earlier so the legs stays full extended in the air when the VF-1 is upside-down looks even more awesome... (Sorry about my english)
  8. Yeah... Red Light... sorry, because English is not my main language sometimes I write things the wrong way In DYRL too
  9. I'm writing short stories around the existence of a Red Light District in Macross City as seen on Episode 8 of the TV series... just for fun. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13564108/1/La-Zona-Roja-de-Ciudad-Macross (In Spanish)
  10. It was added during the reconstruction.
  11. The Animation Studio that made this short is well know in Japan... maybe it's just a low-budget animation made only for the concert, but they are not by any means amateurs... http://www.graphinica.com/ I think they use a lot of common available assets from other 3D projects... they had done a lot of works for all kinds of anime. Maybe they are fans of "Proyecto Valkyria"?
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