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  1. I wonder what will happen if the Mospeada project will become a hit and gets an animated series or OVA... Maybe then Tatsunoko will stop playing with HG and take those two IP's to somewhere else (and forget Southern Cross ever existed)
  2. You have a valid point there. It would be nice if we had a legal expert in those topics to explain the details.
  3. Tatsunoko is not a publisher, that work (edit the serie and adapt to a specific country/public) has to be done by a publisher (Harmony Gold) So every broadcasting of Macross outside japan has to display the harmony Gold credits, regards of media type (Recorded or broadcasting)
  4. It's much easier for Tabletop Simulator
  5. Indeed... first the "leak" about the Robotech GBA Game Remake for the Switch, now this....
  6. I edited my post with the link to the WIPO page and the PDF's in Google Drive
  7. Yes, the documents are legit. The FB user Teddy Gorospe shared the PDF's https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/016790421 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13ptC8cd0mXs_COleoyhKMZlqfhBu2PKq They are in Italian, but a lot of translations are now posted on Facebook This one is from Teddy Gorospe
  8. Not sure if this is the best place to ask so... there are a lot of news regarding BigWest droping the arbitration to the WIPO because they want to discuss with HG... Can we make a thread to discuss that? @azrael
  9. Los invito a visitar este Servidor de Discord que hemos creado para los Fans de habla Hispana (Y por supuesto del resto del mundo) en donde podrán compartir chats y streamings de todo lo que tenga que ver con esta apasionante saga. https://discord.gg/4FvNsyY Saludos!
  10. -Mom, Can we get Itano Circus -We already have Itano Circus at Home The Itano Circus at Home:
  11. Last episode of Attack on Titan was Amazing... and sad.
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