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  1. Also those Red mechas had Vajra claws and armor.
  2. The "Remix" title in Japanese is too much But the drawing is much better.
  3. So... anyone has a resumen of what was announced on the Robotech SDCC panel? I bet was the same sh*t like every year.
  4. Small and medium ship are fine handled as helicopters (You need to move the nose up or down to move backward and forward)... but the lack of landing cameras made the landings on some of the hangars very hard. My first try was succesfull
  5. The lack of Akane pics in this thread is disturbing...
  6. That's because you are not worthy of see it. This guy right there can see the SDF-2 with those all-seeing eyes
  7. Chapter 23 is now Online Yeah... is not gonna be that easy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13104213/19/Folded-Dreams In Spanish
  8. No Robotech movie in China is a big NO NO for Hollywood.... the few investors that left in the project are fleeing right now with this news
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