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  1. So true... in fact, this is an image A ROBOTECH FAN posted in one of the Groups that I'm a member too... (I would link the discussion but I blocked that user)
  2. I learned that the round thing on the sky is called The Traveler and we must defend it against monster and things... it's the only lore need to play the game it seems
  3. Started playing Destiny 2 to play with friends but... Holy Cow, 84GB for a FPS...? What are on those files?
  4. Gerli


    Also the arms clips together, but it's awesome nevertheless. great job! Edit: even the games don't try to make the transformation the right way... (Because is not easy) They just had different 3D models for every mode (Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid) and animations between them... so they just swaps models after the end of every transformation sequence for the illusion that is a seamless and perfecrt transformation.
  5. Arenales, Perú (The Text says: Learn to Draw... ¡Now!) Source: Arturo Ramirez on Macross Peru Facebook
  6. Chapter 30 is now online (Sorry for the delay) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13104213/31/Folded-Dreams In Spanish
  7. This thread is now going dormant until the new director is announced and we can start over again... it's a 5 year cicle I think...
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