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  1. La Serena, Chile. Artist Unknow.
  2. Let's see if the Story is good... the visuals alone don't tell me much.
  3. Chapter 28 is now online. Release the Kraken! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13104213/28/Folded-Dreams In Spanish
  4. I agree, I too want to be hit by her in... various places.
  5. We always said that BigWest don't want to spend money on lawyers and Stuff on USA because the profits don't justify the expense... but what if they got a Chinese partner that had the money to expend on legals and stuff...?
  6. No one talks sh*t about Gubaba on my watch.
  7. I think the first one... the markings on the SV-51's are squadron marks I believe.
  8. Bueno... ¿Y? ¿Que opinan del nuevo VF que mostraron el otro dia?
  9. So I run some Macross images in this ImageNet Roulette thing and it seems... weird..? Well...he IS tall Clearly the IA is a Minmay fan. Ok, I wasn't expected that....:D I totally play with her all day along Not a good Referee...She should had given the red card to Boddole-Zel for firing on his own team
  10. Good question... the Mechanical sheet on Macross Chronicles don't say it (Based on SKETCHLEY excellent translation) Maybe they never combine (like Battle Frontier and the Island) and always travel separated.
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