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  1. As someone who hasn't seen the film in ages, and intends to watch it on the 2016 BluRay, I humbly thank you!!! In the meantime,, can someone be so kind as to provide a link to where I can purchase the official 2016 Bluray?
  2. Wow. Have they made any announcements regarding any kind of 4K BluRay release of either the OVA or the film? Please please please please, with cherries on top?
  3. Hi guys. Good to see you all still hanging around this great forum. We're all a lot older now but I'm glad to see it appears our love for Macross hasn't waned one bit. It certain;y hasn't for me. Anyway just wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree with Agent One. A full blown remake with the updates described above would be bonkers. Do it Kawamori-san!!
  4. what resolution is DYRL on youtube? Is it the version from the Bluray remaster?
  5. Hi guys. Is there any news of a 4K BD release of DYRL on the horizon any time soon? What resolution is the existing current Bluray release?
  6. This is so strange. Why not release the freakin' concert itself on BD?
  7. Sounds like it was a killer event! Wish I could have been there Maybe the next big concert.
  8. Was Hiroko Kasahara at the event? She's my favorite Macorss singer.
  9. Are there plans to release any sort of bluray covering this event? That'd be awesome!
  10. Didn't he design the bikes in Genesis Climber Mospeada?
  11. Well without Yoko Kanno or Akino Arai being there, there is no Sharon Apple.
  12. Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. I feel blessed to have met this iconic legend many years ago at AX.
  13. Damn you guys who're living in Japan! Arrgh
  14. So...what has my favorite anime composer been up to these days? Does she even compose anime soundtracks anymore? What was her last project? I listened to the Macross Plus OST yesterday for the first time in years and man...it still holds up and hasn't aged one bit. That soundtrack is her magnum opus!
  15. Oh OK gotcha. Well lets hope there's a BD version. When was the last time a Macross Concert was released on either DVD or BD? I would kill to see a DVD/BD release of the 15th Anniversary concert that took place back in 1999. I guess that never came out either 'eh?
  16. Has it been confirmed there's gonna be a bluray of this event?
  17. Happy Birthday to the original Minmay
  18. My friend was telling to go watch a show called "Another". Says it's ridiculously good. Has anyone here seen it?
  19. Just complted Ping Pong. It is great! Watch it!
  20. Finished Clannad season 1 today. Can't wait to see what After Story's all about.
  21. This thread and this podcast makes me wish I was born in Japan. Utterly bananas.
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