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  1. nukatsuka

    Hicomical model macross super valkyrie joke machine

    $150 at least if everything is minty
  2. nukatsuka

    HLJ Sale.....again.....the usual stuff

    Do you know the approx price of shipping to the US on orders more than 2?
  3. nukatsuka

    HLJ Sale.....again.....the usual stuff

    How much is shipping from HLJ for 4-6 1/60 VF-1's to the US? Is it that much cheaper to order in bulk or not much different from ordering 1?
  4. nukatsuka

    Fully Transformable 7cm tall VF-1

    In the listing it says that it is made by Bandai. I remember these being like the CMS figures...randomly boxed items that you collect. From what I remember the build quality was pretty bad...kept falling apart. Also I am pretty sure these are parts formers.
  5. nukatsuka

    Whats is your most priceless Macross Item?

    I would choose my gold book with a Mikimoto sketch or my custom chunky vf-1d.
  6. nukatsuka

    Your favorite Macross toy -hands down

    1/55 custom VF-1D. If I cant choose a custom...it has to be the joke machines.
  7. Do the saddlebags open up?
  8. nukatsuka

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

    Game is worth it! Love the custom games.
  9. nukatsuka

    Which Yamato 1/60 VF-1 to Buy First?

    What is the going price for a vf-1d anyway?
  10. haha your right. I posted it in the wrong thread. I looked for Mikimoto sketch. Should have been the other one.
  11. Did you have a sketch of Mikimoto's as well? If so can you post it? Actually Im not looking to sell this. I just wanted to know if it was real. If someone had a Mikimoto autograph/sketch that looked like this. I was comparing it to the ones in this thread and while the autograph looked authentic...the sketch didnt match the others here. I was wondering if someone else had a sketch that was comparable. If it was fake maybe Im out $60? For the value being in the $1k's...I dont think so. I was looking for a gold book and now I found one. This one being autographed just means I will probably never sell it...or at least not sell it for a really long time.
  12. Is this a Mikimoto sketch/auto?
  13. nukatsuka


    You pay customs tax to shipments to the US? I never had that before.
  14. nukatsuka

    Hello, my name is Stick Bernard.

    It always helps to put a number to it. How many drones were made? Im guessing low 1000's?
  15. nukatsuka

    Hello, my name is Stick Bernard.

    I never knew the drone was a limited edition? How many were made?