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  1. O my dear God!!!! Sqidd thats a beautiful squad you got there!!!!!
  2. Thats right my dear friend !!!! Send you greetings from México
  3. Many thanks buddy, Waiting for the woodland camo and a 1:48 Mig 31
  4. Mil Gracias chavakaiser, sabes que hace como 4 años me robaron mi woodland y mi vf1 25 anniversary y los quiero recuperar, oye en qué parte de mty vives , yo acá en Santiago!!!
  5. Vlenhoff, perdóname ya nunca volví a ver tu Post hasta ahorita, estarías interesado en vender tu woodland usado y en cuanto? si te animas mándame un pm y fotitos !!!!
  6. Uuufffff!!!! Happy to have one!!!!
  7. Another change Of date, one month more!!!!
  8. Guys, NY sent me a mail telling me that the new date Of 0D PF release will be april 30 2020, is that true????
  9. What do you guys think about the UPS express saver shipping method ???? It’s reliable?
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