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  1. same happened to me : ( [but my bf got it on amazon jp]
  2. the up and down ankle articulation on my copy are already loose, it can't hold some GERWALK poses anymore
  3. everyone needs to scalp, I guess
  4. OMG, I was at checkout in Hlj, and changed currency to yen, and brought me back to the beginning
  5. Anyone else broke their battroid dispay adapter? The tiny claws that hold the hip joint came off
  6. Anyone knows which US retailers will be carrying this? Other than BBTS
  7. Anyone know what "Hopefully they don't reverse themselves yet again on it' means? Is arcadia known for misleading advertising? Has there been a particular incident?
  8. Thank you for pointing it out! And for 350 bucks, I will gladly pass
  9. I guess I'm late to the party, is anything left?
  10. Could I ask how do you guys know that it becomes available for a few seconds?
  11. They could've just hired a girl that knew her stuff, instead of just eye candy, trying to act dumb and pretending it's cute
  12. Anyone know the title of this video? Is it "dumb girl playing with transformers"? This is so sexist, I hate it
  13. I don't know how I feel about this, seems like I little of part-forming. It's hard to tell if the hips are ratcheted
  14. I wasn't able to find this item at that price, am I searching with the wrong keywords? I tried "KO vf-1" and "valkyrie factory"
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