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  1. Wonder if they'd include another accurate head for Unicron. Hadn't noticed that. Still on the fence. Would probably put it on my CC anyway. I'd be kinda for a hoping for a second damaged "moon" head anyway with broken eyes and/or horns. Speaking of which, looking over all the shots makes me most worried some of the spikes on Unicron's arms might break off, etc. Also would have preferred the gimmick to open and close the planet jaws would be on the other side by the legs somewhere than turning the ring.
  2. I only ever got an HM F-22. Wish someone would do an F-23A EMD
  3. Always liked 1/2000 to really get the perspective for how big some of the other ships became. 3D print the rest, though the starter kits from Polar Lights are nice. Even then some are too big. Jem Hadar Battleship and Borg, of course.
  4. I'm sure it's good reason in story. And it's just a convenient coincidence the ChiComs won't be offended at the same time. It's not like international distribution is a much bigger concern in 2019 than 1986.... It's not like they would have even heard about the whole Battleship , Red Dawn remake, etc all faced the same issue.
  5. IIRC, it was originally going to be a warp/impulse thing in TMP (along with the pearlescent paint scheme) but they kinda forgot and just went with blue from then on (II mostly used re-used footage since Paramount was mind bogglingly cheap in those days) and much brighter camera angles (and bad mattes in III).
  6. As a kid I liked Bogus Journey more and that's kinda held from nostalgia. William Sadler's Death always cracks me up.
  7. I picked up Grinder and love it. Perfect MP Grimlock I always wanted (always seemed to miss the TRU ones and given the size and gimmicks, not sorry now).
  8. That was my fear since they seemed to avoiding the side or rear profile on the art (though they showed side on the profile), but that other pic. :wow: I'm seriously thinking about it.
  9. Really hope they can get the TV license.
  10. My Gamlin VF-22S is easy but the YF-21FP kicks my ass every time. I do hope Arcadia revisists. Main improvements needed are a telescoping waist/hip area to give more clearance in battroid and gerwalk (and ideally make stowing the legs in fighter easier), and to lock the nose to the chest in fighter mode and the arms to the LERX/wing roots. I am also not fond of the way the nose splits to bring the head out. That part always scares me transforming. Simple detent and telescope please. I would swear eternal love to Arcadia forever if the intake covers are integrated in and actually opened and closed.
  11. Uxi

    Ko/3rd party Regult?

    At this point would rather someone with the appropriate skill made the STL files and I would use my 3D printer to make parts in ABS.
  12. Uxi

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    Really hope that Arcadia does a re-release of the VF-11C since I never got one and they go for insane prices. And of course, come out with the VF-11 Protect Armor. Imagine that would be after they do the VF-11B again. My Gamlin VF-22S is still my favorite Yamato valkyrie... but the YF-21/VF-22 needs to be revisited. Still pretty good, though the main improvements would be to tab/peg/lock in the nose to the chest in battroid and the arms similarly should lock into the LERX/Wing Root. Maybe add a telescoping hip area to give the legs some more clearance and figure out a way to stow a gunpod under the belly panels.
  13. Unassembled would be very cool. I always wanted to get more of the Yamato kits to make a Low Viz flight team (2 or 3 VF-1A and a VF-1J) with some F-22 low viz decal/squadron markings
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