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  1. Uxi

    Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Really hope they can get the TV license.
  2. Uxi

    YF-21/22 Transformation Question

    My Gamlin VF-22S is easy but the YF-21FP kicks my ass every time. I do hope Arcadia revisists. Main improvements needed are a telescoping waist/hip area to give more clearance in battroid and gerwalk (and ideally make stowing the legs in fighter easier), and to lock the nose to the chest in fighter mode and the arms to the LERX/wing roots. I am also not fond of the way the nose splits to bring the head out. That part always scares me transforming. Simple detent and telescope please. I would swear eternal love to Arcadia forever if the intake covers are integrated in and actually opened and closed.
  3. Uxi

    Ko/3rd party Regult?

    At this point would rather someone with the appropriate skill made the STL files and I would use my 3D printer to make parts in ABS.
  4. Uxi

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    Really hope that Arcadia does a re-release of the VF-11C since I never got one and they go for insane prices. And of course, come out with the VF-11 Protect Armor. Imagine that would be after they do the VF-11B again. My Gamlin VF-22S is still my favorite Yamato valkyrie... but the YF-21/VF-22 needs to be revisited. Still pretty good, though the main improvements would be to tab/peg/lock in the nose to the chest in battroid and the arms similarly should lock into the LERX/Wing Root. Maybe add a telescoping hip area to give the legs some more clearance and figure out a way to stow a gunpod under the belly panels.
  5. Uxi

    This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    Unassembled would be very cool. I always wanted to get more of the Yamato kits to make a Low Viz flight team (2 or 3 VF-1A and a VF-1J) with some F-22 low viz decal/squadron markings
  6. Uxi

    Hi-Metal R

    I really want that VF-2SS. Looks like Evilbay is the last option huh? Hoping they'll do a Metal Siren at some point...
  7. Uxi

    What is your Most Favored toy in your collection?

    VF-22 Gamlin and 1/48 VF-1 Low Viz
  8. Uxi

    TRON 3

    Taking the digital chic into the Real World™ for a bike ride was a bit cliche. Just show more bikes and more right angles next time. And must have Tron.
  9. Uxi

    Yamato First Run 1/60 YF-19

    I'm still happy enough with my Yamato YF-19 FP that I'm not looking to replace it with the Arcadia. If I didn't have it, I would want the Arcadia though. It is a bit floppy in battroid, but not as bad as my DX VF-27 Brera. I am mostly a fighter guy, though and it's great there.
  10. I'd love a real non-web exclusive/gouge way to get a green one. I don't particularly care which head, either.
  11. Uxi

    Why is Gerwalk mode disliked?

    I love the sliding gerwalk mode. Most of the toys stink at the mode, though have extra gaps and are generally flop city. v2 1/60 VF-1 is one of the few exceptions that rocks.
  12. Uxi

    New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets

    Damn, wish I had been following along for the pre-order. Look very nice!
  13. What their future mecha need is definitely more homage to old schemes instead of just Jolly Rogers (though they could definitely still have a Jolly Rogers "Skull Squadron" scheme). Show more decent and/or elite squadrons using Sundowners, Knights, etc etc.
  14. I liked Mospeada as much as Macross in Robotech. I also liked the progression, which made sense. That said, Southern Cross never really fit as well. What they should be doing rather than sequels is plugging the gaps more if not retconning. I detest reboots in principle. Completely unnecessary. Better to go forward and maybe plug gaps (Macross to Southern Cross & Southern Cross to initial Invid Invasion). In a way Frontier showed how they should handle it. Get rid of the UN Spacy kite (always a bit too Japanese anyway) - Go with a colored circle, blue maybe, with a different emblem in it, ideally a styled form of a new generation of mecha (Delta, Epsilon fighters or whatever) - and anything to keep going forward and make the history stuff spoken of in the background. The Zentraedi are mostly dead since it's only the Bodolza fleet unlike SDF Macross so everyone else should be hybridized. They can run with their Mospeada concepts without legal issues and if they're successful they could perhaps be in a decent position to negotiate to reincorporate the old stuff And tell new stories, too. Even if they're not good, they can build on it. But they definitely need better creative talent.