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  1. Best solution would be acrylic and 3d print some custom brackets and screw them to it. Lots of us 3D printer guys are using Ikea Lacks as 3d print stations (buy 2 or 3 of them and print brackets to screw the legs of one onto the top of another one).
  2. Uxi

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    This. I was only able to get one of the Yamato VF-1. Wish Arcadia would release them again, so I can complete a flight section (4 valks) in Low Viz (Ideally, 1 x S, 1 x J and 2 x A.
  3. Is another SV-51 Nora or CF planned after Ivanov?
  4. It's definitely an unusual one. Never saw the low viz tails with yellow markings. I am kinda hoping for a late 80s with black tails and ochre radome.
  5. Upcoming Calibre Wings model on this livery:
  6. Fortunately I built high end last November. 9900k, z390 (Maximus Hero XI), 32GB RAM. I got tired of waiting for Ampere so got a 2070 OC instead of the 3080 or maybe 3090, which I'm thinking maybe for this summer or winter, depending (everything running fine in DCS in VR, which is the most taxing game for me right now), so probably good. If not this year, maybe next year will go to 64GB and a 3080 Ti or 4080 or whatever is out then.
  7. Calibre Wings VF-84 F-14A. I do like the mold better than Hobbymaster (I have two of those), especially the open bleed air door ducts, metal touch for the cannon fairing, etc. The Hobbymaster wings are smoother, though I do like the glove vanes on the Calibre as well as the swappable fully open TF-30 nozzles. The biggest draw for me was the adjustable weapon configuration on the wing glove pylons. The extra weapons, as well (being able to put 4 x sidewinder, etc. Should include 6 Phoenix so probably wouldn't ever use those pylons otherwise, but only has 4. Unfortunately
  8. Of course, that presumes the Russians build more than a dozen or so of them... and they actually get some engines that aren't POS.
  9. Uxi

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm still hoping for a Metal Siren.
  10. I'm running a Samsung Odyssey+ which was a great deal at the time. Built a new rig just for DCS (and Elite Dangerous) last year 9900k 32GB RAM and a 2070 (got tired of waiting for Ampere) and an nvme SSD to boot off of. Probably go to 3080 or maybe 3090 and 64GB in a refresh this year, though maybe next since everything is pretty smooth right now with almost everything high and pd1.3. Finally retired the old Saitek X36 in favor of a VKB MCG Pro and a virpil throttle (the v3 of the bigger one). I have one button box built and planning on a couple vertical panels which I'll start after I do a
  11. Is there going to be a Tread to match the Riobot Legioss? I would still like to see a pair engineered to linked together that can be "wooshed" around instead of just a gravity linkage or a fiddly mess like the CM.
  12. Yeah that one is great. The Vulcan intercept is probably one of my favorite from that collection. He needs to write a book or two and do a movie like Bio (I picked up his Tomcat RIO book, too. Great stuff there, too).
  13. How many DCS players we have here? I've been rocking the Tomcat and Hornet and Supercarrier since release. Didn't see this interview posted, but loved it. So many great stories this guy has. One of the VF-84 pilots from The Final Countdown.
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