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  1. I seem to recall in Delta that Messer and Mirage both were a part of the N.U.N. Space before they joined Xaos. Even if the age of adulthood has become below 18 in Macross, you don’t do pilot training over a weekend, it takes years, then deployment to a unit for a certain span of time(months or years), then retirement, recruitment by Xaos, training for the new mecha (VF-31), then training and practice for formation flying/air show performing. It does not seem to add up for the specified age of these characters, unless you introduce some sort of mystical aspect, such a DNA/instinctual ability to
  2. Thank you Saburo! Most kind! twich
  3. Honest question. How likely/has anyone heard any rumors of a re-release of the DX VF-1J Hikaru? I would either want this without it being $400+ plus shipping or an Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Premium Finish and don’t know which would be more likely AND cheaper. thank you Twich
  4. Honest question, was it that awful? It’s $10 USD on switch store. Should I save my money? Never played it, but graphics looked passible. Twich
  5. I too would enjoy Macross 30, the ps vita Macross delta game along with the trilogy of Macross frontier games that came out for psp all available on PS4/5 and Nintendo switch. Heck Macross M3 and the DYRL would be good too. Ok, all Macross games please! twich
  6. Or re-release of merch for Zero, 7, 2, Frontier, Delta....heck, even Plus would be good. I can’t wait to see the benefits that those outside of Japan can reap. twich
  7. Had not even thought about video games too! Really looking forward to seeing all the joyous things that see domestic US distribution. twich
  8. I would love to see this mean downloadable purchase on like Apple TV, like what we were able to do with Macross plus many moons ago. I don’t have a PC or Mac, so download to iPhone or iPad are my only options for that. I would also like non bootleg or Malaysian releases(don’t know if they are official or not)
  9. Can we get some Macross 2 mecha love? Please?
  10. If it allows those outside of Japan to more easily and less expensively to get videos/dvd/blu-ray/downloads AND to get Bandai/Arcadia toys, this would be a truly great day. I am in a state of shock over the possibility. Twich
  11. Wow, this has been something else. I remember the Yamato USA thing was going to deliver those Macross Plus toys, now the prospect of maybe getting a us distribution of Macross Series/OVA’s with official subs is almost too much. Good thing I am sitting down! I cannot wait to hear the details! Been waiting for this since 1985. Twich
  12. Thank you so much for doing this. Thank you also to future contributors to this thread Twich
  13. While the weathering effect would be cool, the white of the recent release with GBP coupled with the black, tampo detail would really pop, IMHO.
  14. Well, I guess you are right. If it comes with fast packs, I will still want it. I most desire the base Variable Fighter with all that printed on detail without having to spend for a rare, hard to find Bandai DX VF-1J Hikaru
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