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  1. just watched that on youtube, I thought the homage that they paid was very awesome! Who knew what you could do with paperclips? Twich
  2. So, I just looked at that link that was posted on the previous page and it looks like Valkyrie factory is doing a whole bunch of stuff. I cannot read it, but it looks like they are doing a KO VF-31J Kai with reaction missles, and it looks like they do KO YF-29 Super Parts. I would like to see what all of those things posted on the TaoBao site, Valkyrie Factory seem to be quite busy, wonder if it says a release date for the VF-31J Kai KO. Twich
  3. Yeah, it looks like these might not get the premium Finish that their VF-1S Roy, VF-1S Hikaru and VF-1J Max/Milia did. I cannot read the text, does it say specifically that they are releasing the Non-PF version of Max and Milia? If they would be under $100 USD for non-fast pack, non-premium finish, I would definately want to get these, if the quality is good. My VF-1J Max is stuck in Indiana, hope it will get to me this week or Monday of next week so I can see how quality these things are. Twich
  4. So, are there any other reviews/pictures of the Kitzconcept 1/72 VF-1J Hikaru/Rick Hunter? Twich
  5. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That is the only VF-31 that I have and I love it. The black is just stunning and to dichotomy of color is truly impressive. Twich
  6. twich

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    I agree the SV-262 is a thing of beauty. How did you shine up the gold, my copy seems to have faded to a coppery color now in hue. Transforming it has added to my grey hair collection and is the only valk toy that I am afraid to try to transform again. Twich
  7. Bots & Bits, I enjoyed your reviews of the Valkyrie Factory VF-1's, hope you can continue with the others that they have already put out along with future releases, whatever those may be. Twich
  8. VF-27, YF-29, SV-262, and even VF-31. The Special arm cannon on the YF-19 might have some anti-capital capability. VB-6 definately shows on screen anti-capital ship capability Twich
  9. I am wanting to adopt a wait and see approach. If they do manage to produce something even if it were a 1/60 scale that is even 80% as good as the official Bandai vf-31’s then I say that would be a good thing at the $160 price range. The prototype looked really good (if it was the prototype). So I am hopeful. The reviews of the KO 1/60 vf-1 toys is promising and they have the tampo printing down. I will know first hand when my vf-1j max gets here from China. twich
  10. Now, I have recently seen a VF-31F that was around $180 or so on either ebay or amazon, but that is one I already have, so I did not look very hard at it. Twich
  11. No, not talking of the bandai ones. I am talking of the Valkyrie Factory VF-31J that they have been advertising/teasing. This is on "pre-order" on ebay right now for $160 with shipping, bu with no definitive release date or more info. Twich
  12. I honestly would like to see Valkyrie Factory try a good ol' VF-1J Hikaru. They already have Max and Millia, just a simple repaint of an existing mold for them. We dont have a Premium Finish VF-1J Hikaru, as far as I know. Pleave give us weird and interesting colors...my thoughts remind me of the JOON bootlegs that came in all green, orange, purple...basically, taste the rainbow! Imagine that with Premium Finish level Tampo markings......that would be some cool stuff I have not really heard any more about the VF-31J, but even if it is going for $160 USD, that is a significant discount, granted that it is a quality product than the official Bandai release that is going for $330-$380 USD on secondary market. Twich
  13. The seller is shifen187
  14. So, I dont know if this was just a special for me, or if this seller on ebay did it for everyone, but I just got a 30% discount on a Valkyrie Factory 1/60 VF-1J Max with Fast Pack set for 87.50 plus tax with free shipping. It was originally $125.00 USD, but with the discount......Now, I know this is a KO, but a premium finish KO that based on the review that was posted a few posts ago, it is well worth the price, as long as the quality lasts. This might be something I get for my 11 year old, got him a V1 1/60 Yamato that the plastic crumbled apart and disintergrated and he is left with some plastic pieces that dont even form a jet....big disappointment. Twich
  15. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I just have the movie messer/hayate VF-31F with no armor/no super and no lil draken accessories. Twich
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