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  1. Ok, well....I was thinking that they did a new production run of them for S&G’s and threw some thermonuclear reaction engines in there....as I recall, isn’t it being flown in formation with VF-11’s? With as big as the VF-0 is, it could probably fit some rather powerful engines in there to make it more in line with modern(for the time) valkyries. Twich
  2. With the previous mention of the FF-1999 that was in the ghost unmanned fighter AND the VF-0 NF, what kind of thrust does the engine produce? Knowing the meager thrust that the conventional jet engine of the VF-0, anything has to be an improvement. PS- IN the variable Fighter master file for the VF-0, does it mention what engine the revival version Of the VF-0 did they use? Does it make mention of it? Thanks!
  3. It is a mystery, given that these craft have 4 or more engines, seems like they would be very powerful. Also, the gap between such VF’s would not seem so vast in consideration, as far as raw thrust power. i find it interesting that all VF’s are trans atmospheric, but are just limited by their onboard fuel. good discussion, Thank You
  4. twich

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    Once upon a time, I had the VF-27 super and the first time I transformed it, the nose fell off like that, so it seems that this might be an issue with this release Twich
  5. What is the difference/what is the definition/what makes the burst turbine better than the first type of engine? also, why are VF’s like the VF-2SS and VF-4 with multiple engines not given stats for their total thrust? We only hear about the main engines? I imagine the rockets/scramjet or whatever they are located on the back part of the VF-4 have got to have some significant thrust to them
  6. So on the topic of engines, I am still trying to wrap my head around.....what is the magic number/barrier before a variable fighter can attain orbit unassisted? Now, I though it had been discussed that when the thrust to weight ratio is above 10:1, but some craft don’t fit with that, the VF-14 can, but has a less than 10:1 ratio, but the VF-4 has the thermonuclear reaction engines, the rocket nozzles and the ram/scram jets on the rear of the fuselage, now that seems like some serious thrust (6 engines) and take the VF-2SS with its 2 main engines and then the boosters on the back....4 engines, the VF-11 is in the same boat..... is it a fuel thing? Having enough onboard fuel to be able to get into orbit, then maneuver under their own power? what am I missing? Twich
  7. So has it ever been explained why the thermonuclear reaction engines have the number scheme that they do? Like the FF-1999, know it comes before the FF-2001 of the VF-1, but why not FF-2000? The YF-19 has the FF-2200, but the YF-21 has the FF-2450B, which is hella more powerful than the FF-2450A that the VF-3000(?) had. The VF-3001OU812/FC2 is less powerful than the FF-2999 that is in the SV-262 Draken III. It kinda makes my head hurt a little, not a lot, just a little Twich
  8. Yeah, transforming my SV-262Hs Draken III toys is the only thing to give me real world anxiety outside my job as a nurse.....Central Line Dressing change, I’m looking at you
  9. I am wondering if Bandai is holding off on Macross Delta toys for the release of the next movie where we have at least one new Valkyrie, and if the second Frontier movie is an indication, the add on to existing products, maybe even the SV-262Ba DX toy we all want and a rerelease of the lil darken set?
  10. Yeah, I thought it strange that they seemed to call a VF-31A a VF-31S interchangeably and the only difference being the wing was either forward swept of delta, and the S model had only 1 head laser. In the first few pages, they have a VF-31J made up in the livery of the VF-31C, complete with the Delta -04, but 1 head laser, not 2. Bad cg or a screw up on the model builders part. Some of those variants designs did not look like they were able to transform because of the wings or boosters Twich PS- I cant read Japanese, but what was the little blurb on the YF-19 Advance that looked like a YF-19 with a VF-25/31 nose and the container of the YF-30 instead of a shield. Is that supposed to be the basis of the YVF-31?
  11. So, I just got the variable Fighter Master master file for the VF-31. I was a little disappointed that they did not have any more information on the SV-262. Also the variations on the VF-31 design were a little “out there”, thought the VF-31 with the YF-29 wing engines on it was interesting, but the U-wing/VF-31 design kitbash was different, of course, I cannot read Japanese, so I have no idea the explanation was for it, did this book bring anything else cool to the VF-31? Twich
  12. So, I did a search, and nothing came up. I have the YF-29 30th anniversary edition and while whooshing it around today, I noticed on both of the legs on the outer aspect of leg(side facing out) extending down from leg machine gun hip kibble part and going down to the edge (intake), there is a crack on the plastic. It is not gaping, and I have only transformed once since I purchased it on Mandarake a month ago. Is this a common problem? When I did transform it, the legs were kinda loose, but I just noticed these cracks. Do I have to worry about my hip joints cracking apart? Can I fill it in with like gorilla glue? Now I’m afraid to touch the YF-29 for fear it will disintegrate. Twich
  13. Today, I just got delivered a used YF-29 Focker 30th Anniversary edition. Paint seems pretty good, legs seem a bit loose, especially the kneecaps. Is that a common issue with the YF-29 mold? I had an original VF-25F Messiah that I gave to my 11 year old so that he could have a Macross Jet too, so when I got the YF-29, he got his out and I noticed that the kneecaps on his VF-25F are not loose at all. I have yet to transform the YF-29, as I had limited time before having to go to work to admire it, but for hope Mandarake listed the item and the cost, I was expecting a lot worse condition. All in all, I am pretty happy with the purchase. I would love to get this YF-29 Alto, especially with it coming packaged with the superparts set. I hope that I can convince my wife to allow me to get this "investment". With the changes that they seem to have made to the mold, I wonder if they are looking to milk the mold again and release all the variants with the sculpt updates? Might mean we see a superparts set for the YF-29B Rod custom if that is the case. Twich
  14. I have a used 30th anniversary edition coming in from Mandarake, so I will see if that sates my YF-29 toy hunger or not. Improvements are always good, hope this isn’t as stupid hard to find like the VF-31A Kairos or As expensive Twich
  15. well, now. I wonder if there will be any improvements? I does not appear so based on the images shown here. Strange that this is being released more than 13 years after Frontier came out. Twich
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