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  1. So, do we have anymore information on the "new" valkyrie that is being designed for the next Macross Delta movie? I know that there was quite a lot of speculation about what it was similar to, but I just saw the YF-21/VF-22 style fin/head laser and the mid wing engine nacelles look almost to have intakes on top and the bottom.....seems interesting Twich
  2. to emphasize, I think that there are so many greats that have been presented to us in Macross, it is hard to nail down one specific one.....though, I have always loved the YF/VF-19, I think that the VF-19Advance is the best representation of this. I really like the "bad guy valks", such as the VF-27 and the SV-262. Currently though, since they are the ones that I currently have toys of are the: 1) VF-31F Siegfried 2) VF-19Advance 3) SV-262 Draken III 4) YF-19 Bird of Prey (old yamato 1/60, the orange really does it for me...) 5) VF-2SS SAP Nexx custom I will reinforce the notion that the VF-1 holds a dear place in every Macross fans heart, specifically the VF-1J Hikaru, that more than VF-1S Roy is the most iconic VF-1 to me. I think that the VF-0 made the VF-1 more in line with size and whatnot with current valkyries and love the designs......unless I win the lottery or actually win at a casino, the $500 price tag for the VF-0D is just out of reach. had an original VF-0S that was cool and had a Sv-51Alpha that was good, also great designs. Looking forward to what we will be presented with in the new Macross Delta movie, the mystery valk is sexy looking... Twich
  3. Wasn’t it the variable glaug? Also the unmanned vF-11 that the ghost blew up in plus. looks very interesting, can’t wait to see the final product. If it does have 4 engines and is an SV Works creation.....imagine a variable fighter with 8,000kN of thrust and power generation to offer before fast packs are even considered! Powerful indeed, which begs that Kaos will have to field an upgraded/remodeled VF-31! More mecha action! twich
  4. It does look like it might have legs/engine nacelles under the fuselage, strong VF-27/YF-29 fine mixed with VF-14
  5. well, Windemere has quite a few of the SV-262's in both the Hs and Ba versions, unless they are made to dismantle their military, they would still use those valkyries, since they already own them and have the infrastructure in place to service/support them. I doubt that General Galaxies SV Works would not go through all the trouble of designing/building/delivering a whole new variable fighter without some plan to regain their investment in the design.
  6. Cross between a v-9 ghost and a YF-27-5? Read the article, still working on the design, though has worked out new transformation sequence with LEGO!?!
  7. I, for one am excited by the prospect of more Macross and more Valkyrie action. twich
  8. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Question.... i popped the sliding cover for the multi drones off of the right leg of my VF-31F movie version. I cannot get the cover piece to reconnect with the little grey block that attaches it to the leg. Any suggestions? Thanks! Twich
  9. so who is the succubus/devil supposed to be? Are the reason why max and rick so buff is that they signed up to do a tour on the S&M world with succubus chick with the nice rack? Oh and I just saw the belly button piercing.....isn't it a few decades early for this particular thing in the Robotech Universe timeline? Twich
  10. twich

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    when I got my SV-262 from Nippon-Yasan, my DX SV-262 was $40 less than the Lil-Draken set for the SV-262. Now they appear to be similar prices, which I find absolutely disgusting. Twich
  11. Thanks! Love your review videos, by the way...got a real chuckle out of your Bandai DX VF-1J Hikaru review. Twich
  12. So, I am kinda confused. I know they released a 1/72 VF-1S late last year, then again like a month later. They were promising a second production run that has not materialized. The VF-1J is delayed until end of July.....it is now Aug. 2nd. So, what is the status of the 1/72 VF-1's? I really would like to pick one up, but don't want to pay over $125 for it. Something about it reminds me of the 1/72 Yamato VF-19A VF-X2 version that got me into collecting Macross toys way back in the day.....forget how long ago that was..... Twich
  13. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    for some reason, I am really hung up on the fact that I want my Valkyrie toy to have a gunpod, which the VF-31E does not. Yes, I know it has the 25mm mini-gunpods on the arms, but the turret is what I would like with the ability to change it to the hand. Not wanting to spend $400-750 USD on a Macross jet, this only leaves the VF-31F and VF-31E. I will only convince my wife to let me get one......it is a tough decision. So, here is a question...for those that have a VF-31 DX toy and another DX toy, like the VF-27 or YF-29, which is the "best" toy? I like the "S" variants of the Macross VF's, but cant justify the inflated prices on the secondary market. Any input would be nice! Thanks! Twich
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