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  1. I'd gladly pay 8000 yen max but I refuse to go through hoops. I want a straightforward purchase option. But there's no such option so yeah, I'll forget about it. Please do!
  2. Thanks for the detailed info. Fortunately I'm not that desperate to go through all those hoops for such a book. Damn why do you do this Kawamori!
  3. Haha that's a big hurdle to overcome. I would settle for a cinema but yeah, still no $$$.
  4. I prefer getting them online from JP shops as they are generally cheaper. And shopping online with a credit card means I don't feel as much guilt versus having to physically get the money from my wallet
  5. Please somebody post a preorder link for this T_T *edit Preferably Amazon JP or CDJapan or HLJ
  6. Thanks no3Ljm, it's a nice price, but I don't like creating new accounts only for these figures just yet. Fortunately they are not TWE but I wish Bandai would re-release soon while I still have the budget for it :D
  7. Thanks for the pics and the write up! It's unfortunate about Mari Ijima's performance but she is getting older. And on second thought I am ok I missed this concert if the venue was flat. Were you able to choose your seat or was it assigned randomly? >>I would definitely go for that, if there was one! (Is that a Hint?) – about a week after this concert – they announced a tribute to Macross 7 concert at Zepp Tokyo (Odaiba) in September 2019! I have bad luck that this year (and last year also) that financially I am unable to get funds to go to this concert or even Japan. I have missed Kawamori's Expo, this Crossover Live, and damn hearing the songs live in the Macross 7 tribute would have been awesome. It seems I picked the wrong years to go to Japan T_T
  8. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Now that VF1D has been released, I really have not been enthusiastic lately for more HMR. I will be in hyper mode though if they tease Queadlunn Raus Here's my VF-4, which I posted in my twitter but haven't posted here. I haven't played though with my VF1D I was just content at having them lol. I also haven't opened my latest box from HLJ with the gunpla goodies. (It also doesn't help that real-life stuff eats into the toy budget...But as an adult you can't get away from it.)
  9. hachi

    HMR VF4

    From the album: Macross Stuff

    HMR VF-4 Lightning III
  10. I want a Gunbuster too but I don't have the $$$ and the space for it.
  11. hachi

    Macross Books

    I use this link to check from time to time: https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E7%BE%8E%E6%A8%B9%E6%9C%AC-%E6%99%B4%E5%BD%A6/e/B003UVZRUE/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 I really don't get why Amazon JP 'hides' the book's preorder page.
  12. Yup, next best thing I could buy. I know they're all good pilots but my preference is in this order: Roy > Max > Hikaru
  13. oohh I have that one, but it's yellowing now. I wanted Roy's but when I went back to the Yodobashi Camera store somebody already bought it. I was so disappointed. I got this instead. It was the very first legit Macross toy that I bought and I was sweating bullets when I transformed it for the first time. It took up a lot of space so I never bothered to buy another one. When I got back into Macross toys thankfully the HMR line was just started. ON topic: I got my latest delivery of gunpla kits. Damn this hobby is addicting even though I know I'm having space/display issues. But I like buying them...
  14. hachi

    Macross Books

    From the pic I thought it was already out lol Amazon JP still isn't showing even a preorder link.
  15. So I should be ok as long as I go for the branded Japanese ones, whichever is available. Thanks!
  16. And the reason why it was canceled made me shake my head. I was never into DC series but this one looked interesting.
  17. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    A few more tweaks and this could pass off as comic book panels. Although I wouldn't want to give ideas to some company that must not be named about this short cut.
  18. For those who do topcoats, I have a question. Are the topcoats affected by high temperatures? I would like to leave top coated gunplas in my room, but on really hot days the temp could go past 35 deg C (of course I would not stay in the room--usually happens at noon onwards). It could be higher if I lock my room when I go out. If they will peel off over time I'd rather not topcoat, or just put them in a cooler place and topcoat only a few chosen kits.
  19. Aside from official English-language Blu-rays, I'd also like books--art books, master files, etc to be available in English once HG's stranglehold is over. I'm kind of not worried about kits since I can already buy them from online stores. Those P-Bandai HMRs however...
  20. Preordered the 2 Maganac sets. I'm glad there was a pay later option. My wallet is taking a much needed break in June.
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