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  1. Haha I can see the signs 'RIP wallet'. But I like Quatre so yeah I'll get some. At the end of this I can see myself having a shelf full of Gundam Wing kits...if I ever get the space haha. Any guesses as to when the preorder could be?
  2. hachi

    Macross Books

    Lol I won't have to worry about it for a while then. But I wish Amazon JP would put back the preorder page so that I can you know, preorder.
  3. Just got notification that HG Maganac is now in my private warehouse. Now only waiting for the Zaku C6 and Plamax Misa...
  4. This is why the director/s and writer/s are important. You can have the greatest actors but if the directors/writers aren't up to the task then you'll have a problem. I still hate Shyamalan for what he did in The Last Airbender. I had'n followed Airbender the cartoon when I saw the movie but I could still tell the movie was crap.
  5. Haha this feels accurate. To be honest, I'm not as invested into SW being only a casual fan. I was a little kid when it came out and on TV showings I barely understood anything of what I saw. (Obviously too young to even have seen it in the theatres.) I mostly remember the cool 'pew pew' scenes and the cute ewoks and that was it. Now imagine the disappointment of hard core fans who were very invested and didn't get their expectations met. Kathleen Kennedy is no Kevin Feige but what's done is done. Pleasing older fans AND creating new fans is hard (hello Macross Delta). I liked both TLJ (except for the Rose x Finn) and Rogue One. I liked TFA except for the death star part. (I didn't bother to watch Solo.) I'm just happy these movies gave us new compelling characters that we can talk about for years to come (and not anything worse). And I'm still probably going to watch IX as early as I can to avoid spoilers.
  6. I was very disappointed when they used the death star in TFA. I love the new characters introduced, but I guess JJ ran out of ideas when it came to the villains and how to make them scary/powerful without doing another death star. I remember his Star Trek Into Darkness. Khan was scary in Star Trek II but was wasted in JJ's version. I am of the opinion it was a mistake to hand him Star Wars. (And I liked Star Trek/Star Trek Beyond which he didn't write...) That said I will probably watch this to complete the trilogy. Hope it's not bad. I will be happy with an average movie (formulaic but not bad). P.S. JJ's co-writer is Chris Terrio who wrote the screenplays for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Arrgh. But he also wrote for Argo...
  7. That's the same event. Can the mods merge these 2 threads?
  8. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    On topic...I wonder what's next. Preferably not P-Bandai.
  9. hachi

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Lol those are quite affordable. Luckily I'm not into those valks. I'll take note of this store for future reference.
  10. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Do you get to be called Dr. Shizuka the Cat? Or Shizuka the Cat Dr. of Something2x when you graduate? I don't have a PhD so I don't know how the naming stuff works
  11. Well if it also financially backfires on HG/backers that would be fine :P
  12. You lucky sob. The stock market hasn't been doing great here so I don't have usable funds to go anywhere outside of the country. Plus, all those HMR and kit releases have raided my wallet thus I also barely save anything
  13. I got my tix for April 25th, yey! With that, I will be unfollowing this thread. I clicked on the new special trailer on FB and now I regret it.
  14. Was expecting a Roy but my wallet is happy as I will pass this one up. Good luck on the PO madness guys!
  15. hachi

    Macross Books

    1987?? I haven't even seen Robotech Macross back then! :P
  16. hachi

    Macross Books

    Where'd you get that?!!
  17. I think this is more on the directors/writers though. I was rewatching Iron Man last night, it was a good origin movie. Hopefully if Capt. Marvel gets a 2nd movie we get better director/s also. 1. Could be 2. Maybe 3, 4, 5. This is not hard sci fi I don't expect some things to make sense or be truely logical. I'm happier assuming it that way.
  18. hachi

    Macross Books

    I want an English version. F*ck HG
  19. Yes please I am tired of Mystique/JLaw and Magneto/Fassbender. I am even open to rebooting the whole thing in...10 years. That's how tired I am of the X-Men movies/franchise On the other hand, I don't think the Fantastic Four has ever had a good movie. I'd like a new reboot please :D
  20. This also happened when marking forum as read. Had to click each button since I didn't know which one said Yes/OK lol
  21. Good news. I was having doubts about watching a GOTG without James Gunn as the director.
  22. Is that really the BD on the left side? The grammar nazi in me is bothered.
  23. I don't know about destroyed since the films still earns hundreds millions it seems... But yeah I haven't cared about the franchise after I think the 2nd (or 3rd?) one. However one thing I'm curious how it would be adapted by somebody not named Michael Bay...*whispers* Beast Wars
  24. You should start selling some toys you don't like anymore... to buy more toys you want! lol that was bad advice. Anyway when I started making a spreadsheet to double-check the charges on my CC, that's when I worried about my spending. Maybe you should also try that to rein in your spending (if you want to control it more, I mean having the toys are great haha). Thankfully for me my focus recently seems to be on cheaper Gundam kits. There's also nothing new in the Macross toy market for now--I guess my preference for 'new' helps me not buy previous Macross stuff 2nd hand. (But damn I will be in trouble if they announce Macross Frontier reissues...)
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