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  1. Congrats Shizuka! Look at it this way. When you earn money, you can buy a lot more valks instead! (Enabler mode off) Seriously, my hobbies are my inspiration to keep on working. Although with Covid-19 I've really been just scratching off a lot of items on my buying wishlist. But once I'm done with some insurance payments next year I'm gonna be back to my shopping spree online!
  2. I hate the idea of having to miss this movie, but I am pessimistic that Covid-19 is gone in less than a year. I would have loved to see this in theatres but I'm not going to a movie theatre until summer 2021, or there's a vaccine for the virus and I get one. Sorry Disney, I'm not in the mood for movies right now. I feel like a 2nd wave is dangerous because by that time people will be fed up with having to stay at home. (I am less than 2 weeks in staying at home and I'm already getting stressed at the lack of mobility.) Around Christmas time people will want to go on parties/dinners. I'm not into parties but I like dinners (eating immediately? yay!) so I hope coronavirus is contained but realistically who knows. I myself want that tourists/non-essentials be restricted from entering the country but people will starve if the economy falters so it's a hard choice.
  3. Congrats! Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep whenever you can. On topic: I haven't actually posted my latest haul. I have not spent much this year--because of course I spent a lot last year T_T My first 2 months of 2020 was paying off a company loan. I'm also saving up for RL expenses like home improvements, and this coronavirus pandemic has also added to the expenses. I had to buy masks and medicines just to make sure I have my own stock (not hoarding levels though).
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  5. Linux user here. I'm using Ubuntu with XFCE aka Xubuntu. It's lightweight and it's not ugly like Lubuntu. Even though there are other distros out there I stick with Ubuntu because it's the easiest to use for me so far, and I'll find more tutorials for it. My only real problem with Linux are the graphics drivers. Currently I'm stuck on 14.04 bec. of driver concerns, I know I need to upgrade but it's such a pain to fix stuff every time (there's guaranteed to be a hiccup when I upgrade). But such is the price of free--I don't want to pay for Windows if I don't really need it.
  6. T_T I wish they'd make other suits there's too many Tallgeese kits already How sure are you there's going to be an HG kit?
  7. Lol Ayaka got married and she's still got a great voice. I don't know why we should stop listening just because she's getting married. It's the voice that matters the most.
  8. 1st reaction is, it looks great. 2nd reaction is, are the muscles anatomically correct? Then I realize they aren't real humans just in human shape
  9. The background just makes it worse. If ti had a better background...
  10. I'm talking about the stuff that Telgemeier, Pilkey et al do? They sell a lot. I'm just providing an example of targeting a young demographic. Now the comics that Marvel and DC do, especially the floppies, a lot are geared towards collectors, which a lot could be adults. Now I could be over-generalizing, and not taking into account toys and other related merchandise.
  11. I've been reading comics-related sites/blogs and the same dilemma is there. The older fans (and not-so-old but anti-SJW) are complaining. But I think part of it is the failure of execution of their ideas, and that the big 2 companies (Marvel and DC) are greedy. However outside of the traditional comic shops the comics for kids are thriving and the companies (and authors) who locked on to this much younger demographic are making $$$. On this end of acquiring more fans the Star Trek license owners might not be doing a very good job. I just hope they learn their lesson regarding JJ Trek and the prequels. (Though I guess the major holdup for the movie sequel was the actors salaries? And I don't like the idea of Tarantino making a Trek movie.) In this context, you gotta admire the Gundam franchise. Even though I am not a hardcore fan, Bandai are able to make me open my wallet even for shows I don't even finish. Regarding vocal fans on opposite ends, this is why I don't usually join online debates, the whole thing is just tiring.
  12. Oh, it's not Voltes V *wallet is relieved* Anyway, was the anime any good? First time I've heard of it.
  13. They want new fans because the pre-existing fans, are, *ahem* growing old. I can understand this from a business standpoint. The more new fans, the bigger the fan base becomes and hopefully $$$. It will suck for the older fans most of the time. I myself doubt there'll be anything that can top DS9 (storywise). Regarding media, I've already realized they can be really biased. (Who owns them? Businessmen! And they have their own agenda, whatever that is.) And there will be elitists, past, present, and future in any industry. The thing is it is just more visible now because of the internet. Imagine flame wars etc using snail mail, it doesn't have the same impact and distribution as today's social media.
  14. >> Now you can’t watch anything without a message. Are you taking about the prequels or current non-Trek shows in general? It seems unfair to drag ST into preachy category. (Disclaimer again I haven't watched the prequels.) That said having progressive themes is a trend and most of the time with trends of course many will follow. Will things go back to the way they were? I think ultimately there will be change, whether we like it or not. For example I am not fond of the US cartoons these days (esp. the so-called CalArts style) but I doubt the style goes back to the 'old look' that I was used to. I get that I am not the audience, but I just don't like it, but what can I do? >> My side is always right and the other has no merit or value As a non-American I have observed this to be applicable to all sides. I think it's best to have a compromise but I dunno, I'm not a sociologist/scientist so my brain can't imagine a solution. (Doesn't help that some external forces are deliberately stoking the flames.) I wonder how people 100, 200 years from now will think of all this.
  15. Star Trek was 'woke' from the beginning. The current garbage is just the result of companies trying to make money off it and failing in the execution. And whoever said '"neanderthals" are too uncouth to appreciate the distinctive new bouquet'? (Or was this from another franchise lol) As for myself, I am not interested in prequels so I'm really liking ST Picard.
  16. If I display such things I'm going to keep it in a locked display cabinet. Or in an off-limits space :D
  17. I have faith in the directors so I'll forgive the CGI as long as the story is good. The bodies feels like 1 or 2 steps above Gundam MS Igloo lol. That said, this makes the first 2 animated movies even more special if all we are getting from now on will be in CGI.
  18. This was mistakenly posted (double post) mods please delete
  19. Now I feel pressured to research on Lovecraft lol. I'm putting this series on my backlog.
  20. Have you tried Google Docs? That is if you have an account. It's free (but of course you are the product haha). Personally I have used that when planning expenses for trips, and sharing it with my travel mates. Very convenient. I also use LibreOffice at home. I think the UI looks better now, and the default display isn't the ribbon interface b*llshit. (I am on Version for reference.) Then again I don't do anything fancy (nothing like the stuff I do at work using M$ Word) and it is sufficient for my needs. Besides, I use Linux OS since I refuse to pay for Windows (and I do not want to use pirated Windows OS either).
  21. Feels like Gundam not Eureka 7 lol
  22. Looks good and I'd love to have a collection for Gasaraki, unfortunately there's no space in my budget for these.
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