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  1. Breetai_Sculpt

    I need this in my life
  2. Thanks. I loved Steins Gate. Can't wait to see this new one
  3. Is it out already?
  4. Hi-Metal R

    Since Mandarake won't declare a lesser value, If my order is less than ¥10.000, 90% of the times I won't have to pay custom taxes. It will just be delivered to my house. If it's above ¥10.000, I'll have to pick the parcel from the post office and pay taxes (25% of the total cost, shipping included) That's why I try to use Jungle for more expensive items.
  5. Hi-Metal R

    Mandarake is my go-to store when trying to find discontinued figures in good condition

    At last I was able to buy a Robotech MPC Alpha (Scott) at a reasonable price on eBay. The green and red ones looked lonely without it.

  8. Hi-Metal R

    I haven't had any issues with mine
  9. Hi-Metal R

    Me too!

    Did you change the intakes of the blue Legioss?
  11. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    So awesome
  12. Mospeada Moscato Pinky Crab 1/48 Model

    Looks really good. I need to start building mine

    It's a 3D print from Plastic Cretins

    I need the Ley figure in civilian clothes
  15. 1/6 VF-1 Valkyrie cockpit speaker

    It's kind of surprising seeing certificates of authenticity for this particular product. I can't imagine bootlegs of it being produced
  16. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Where did you find the MAXL?
  17. Macross figures

    Then you can purchase these figures straight from KC website

    I still can't understand why CMS changed Yellow's hair color between the fixed pose figures and the ride armor rider. That blue hair is so wrong.
  19. Hi-Metal R

    Just pre-ordered from NY using my phone on my way to work. It was pretty easy.
  20. El Periodo entre series...

    Sí, los de Frontier me gustan. Es raro en la actualidad ver que se atrevan a diseñar personajes con nariz. Los de Delta eran horribles.
  21. Macross figures

    That's an easy pass for me. Not really into DYRL versions. I have enough with the CMs figures. I'll keep waiting for Kitz Concept and their Figma style figures.
  22. Hi-Metal R

    I remember I had a hard time pre-ordering the HMR Super VF-1J Max. By the time I woke up (7:00 am Chilean time) it was sold out everywhere. I had to take my chances with some HK store I had never purchased from before.
  23. El Periodo entre series...

    La ausencia de Mikimoto en el diseño de los personajes es lamentable. Sin dudas, los mejores diseños de personajes estuvieron en SDF Macross y en Macross II. Desde ahí el tema viene cuesta abajo
  24. Just started watching Children of the Whales on Netflix. Looks interesting
  25. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I just got this on an email from Kitz Concept: "We are sorry to advise that we will postpone the available date of the Veritech Fighter to July, 2018. " That's referring to the 1/72 VF-1S