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  1. jorawar_b


    also upgrade time lol maybe a future Captain project lol
  2. jorawar_b


    Awesome news, hope they also make the other one also when will they have this out for sale?
  3. jorawar_b


    more pics
  4. jorawar_b


    Got both in the mail love them hope the other two are made to complete the collection
  5. jorawar_b


    I preordered both lets see what happens. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. jorawar_b


    Hope they release a second run of these missed out
  7. jorawar_b


    man always late to the party, I was looking at ordering the two versions only to find out they are sold out, hopefully they will reissue these. I emailed HLJ and they are not sure when they will get more.
  8. jorawar_b

    AJAC ?

    We are close to getting either kit made, just need 7 more people, We all know Capts works.
  9. jorawar_b

    AJAC ?

    bump hope everyone had a awesome vacation
  10. jorawar_b

    AJAC ?

    Your right, I figured that if we get 30 people, maybe a few of the spartas might jump over to the Auroran, or other way once one kit is made, I am assuming others will get the second kit. I am good either way as there is not much for Southerncross.
  11. jorawar_b

    AJAC ?

    This is just an interested list, once we get 30, then Capt will guide us on whats next. We have 8 more people to go, so close I can see it.
  12. jorawar_b

    AJAC ?

    Sandman, would it be okay to add you name to a possible group buy? As Capt said, maybe in a few months, if I add you on, it would leave us with 7 people, a few members are interested in two kits. but I want to get to the 30.