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  1. Hope we get a Sue Graham version or grab two bartley and custom make one of them.
  2. I know a sculptor who makes patterns for companies, I will run the idea of the AJAC and Spartan by him. I might need some detailed pictures with dimension form my fellow MW members. Will up date you guys as soon as I get a response back.
  3. Man I hope they make the Dark Ride Armour also.
  4. once we get 30 kits and we can confirm people are on board, then I will Capt gives us more details I am sure more people would come
  5. found some pics on FB, not mine but there is a two seat version of the AJACs. Hey Capt, can a two seat variant be made? Like I said before I would love a non variable kit hope fully 1/60 or 1/48 o
  6. also upgrade time lol maybe a future Captain project lol
  7. Awesome news, hope they also make the other one also when will they have this out for sale?
  8. Got both in the mail love them hope the other two are made to complete the collection
  9. I preordered both lets see what happens. Thanks for the heads up.
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