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  1. Hope we get the Sue Graham version also.
  2. I canceled my order and a member on MW sold me thier second copy.
  3. Just sent money to a member here on MW (no3Ljm), thank you for the sale. Can't wait to get it.
  4. Wish BBTS would hurry up cant wait to get this.
  5. 1/12 gear update, need to clean the stuff up and paint it
  6. Hope we get a Sue Graham version or grab two bartley and custom make one of them.
  7. I know a sculptor who makes patterns for companies, I will run the idea of the AJAC and Spartan by him. I might need some detailed pictures with dimension form my fellow MW members. Will up date you guys as soon as I get a response back.
  8. Man I hope they make the Dark Ride Armour also.
  9. once we get 30 kits and we can confirm people are on board, then I will Capt gives us more details I am sure more people would come
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