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  1. decided to order 2 sets from nyp for hikaru and roy. sorry max and kaki, not much love for 1A...
  2. care to elaborate more? please share your view..
  3. how many sets did you guys order?
  4. still open for amiami
  5. got it at amiami
  6. so....when is the PO date?
  7. Toonz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    what about amiami? will they open for PO on this set?
  8. received this beautiful bird today!
  9. Toonz

    Hi-Metal R

    when is the PO date for the 1D?
  10. Toonz

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I received mine....finally after one whole year of waiting
  11. Toonz

    Hi-Metal R

    got one at amiami hlj is frozen
  12. Toonz

    Hi-Metal R

    now HLJ time out.....
  13. Toonz

    Hi-Metal R

    amiami time out.....
  14. Toonz

    Hi-Metal R

    amiami screw up?
  15. how many movie version sdf1 do we need? why can't they start off with tv version first....?
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