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  1. Looking specifically for the fuselage and canopy. If you have that or a 1:60v2 in really bad shape, I’ll pay for it as long as the canopy is not broken or cracked and the interior of the cockpit is ok. Please pm me if you have something that you think could be a solution.
  2. Get both sizes, mixing up the arm heights on the same base allows for great banking poses
  3. Someone do a photo of the cavalier and percical together, i would but my percival and cav went into storage yesterday.
  4. I'm glad to see Arcadia begin to put a contrast color on the underside of the pieces, the black goes a long way on the pics I have seen of the zero, I wish they would start to do it on the VF-1.
  5. That's the best cannon fodder quote/pic combo of all time. Brilliant.
  6. Thinking about it, i could see the ab crunch happen very easy at the nose cone before the canopy. (The part from the black line forward to the tip of the nose) A small joint almost like the gerwalk joint would do it.
  7. I will give this free of charge to any active duty marine. Please PM if you are one and would like this.
  8. Few last touches needed but its going in the case for now. Custom first 1J head from k's shapeway store.
  9. Another example of ab crunches is during the max and miria tv fight, there are plenty of examples in there. If the nose could extend down a bit in battroid to clear the armor shield frim the chest, it could crunch that way. Still a great toy, but the vf-1 is there bread and butter, I don't see them revamping it and investing whem they could just print and sell.
  10. 4-5k about 2 more needed for extras copies and then as needed for future releases I want. Getting very close though.
  11. VF-1 Ab crunch articulation, every yamato vf-1 looks like someone who just had back surgery trying to make a pose. Increased Tampo Find a better solution to the backpack clip rather than the lumpy latch that sticks up in gerwalk, never been a fan. Ankle articulation The arms need to extend like the dx to allow the arms to cross the chest naturally, they did it with the legs, they should do it with the arms. Arms need to go full horizontal in articulation, almost there but off enough that all of our poses for the vf-1 look the same. Go to the anime accurate gun clip on the right arm and eliminate the dual notches in both arms. Every release should come with a display stand, at this stage in the game its bs to break up a critical accessory. Even with those above, I went through my dx phase and have come back to reality, the yamato arcadia is still the hands down piece to own.
  12. this will be one I will wish I got.
  13. Buying a version 2 Hikaru 1A on Amazon and receiving a version 1. Too many sellers post pics of the version 2 not knowing the difference, or worse...knowing the difference. My response was swift and educational and included the collection dx link to the video comparison of the v2 and v1 and anymoon's threads. I also popped a picture of what I received vs what was pictured.
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