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  1. And yet, the Nousjadel-Ger is the same height as a Spartan...? SDFM does not provide a reliable (or even consistent) scale of reference.
  2. Interesting that you guys make so many references to Robotech, but fail to acknowledge what writer James Luceno contributed to the franchise through all his Robotech novelizations -- and sequel novels -- despite the fact that he wrote "The Power Within..." ...and I laughed at your confusion over Southern Cross and Robotech II: The Sentinels. Incidentally, the audio clips from Galaxy Rangers were mixed at a significantly higher volume than your mics were, making your commentary hard to hear, and the dialogue clips obnoxiously loud. You might want to watch that next time.
  3. The confusion is understandable, since the "Bulldog" was a type of tank used in WWII... whereas the ToyWorld figure looks to be a British Mark IV: This is actual footage captured on 16mm film over a hundred years ago, then digitally cleaned up and colorized under the supervision of Peter Jackson for his documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. Using the highest-quality archival film, old recordings from numerous British veterans, and professional Hollywood sound designers, the documentary brings the horrors of World War I to life in visceral detail. It's a fascinating look at a oft-forgotten time, and highly recommended viewing for anyone who really sucks at history.
  4. WWI, you mean. The pith helmet, the mustard gas mask, and especially the tank alt. mode itself say as much. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics!
  5. I've had the "Leader Class" Sentinel for years, and it's a disproportioned, ungainly mess that barely stands on its own. The Studio Series version is immeasurably superior, and I would welcome an oversized knock-off.
  6. That it is, Mog. That it is. Japanese use the opposite so consistently they can't imagine any other system... and I have to demand my students use the names of the months in English to avoid confusion. They'll express dates like 8/1 and 12/9 with complete impunity, until I shatter their illusions by informing them that there is no global standard.
  7. Who would've expected a thread devoted to pointing and laughing at Robotech comics to evolve into an informed discussion of literary sci-fi? So many of our modern science-fiction tropes were born in the '50s, and it was really a golden age of sci-fi. Actual ideas were explored, as opposed to just using the genre to tell horror tales or war stories. One of my favorites is Philip Wylie's The Disappearance, which explores what would've happened to society if (in 1951) every woman suddenly vanished, and how the male population would cope (and in alternating chapters, what would happen if every man suddenly vanished, and how the female population would cope). My favorite bit comes when our female protagonist considers the resulting societal collapse, the failure of industry in a world without men, and imagines how much better off men would be in their situation... ...while, in the alternate universe the men inhabit, they're busy lobbing nuclear missiles at each other.
  8. I'd happily build either of those kits... provided they didn't have to be painted in those garish colors.
  9. I see it, but I don't believe it.
  10. Actually, the Monogram kit is very easy, with a few large parts and no tiny parts at all. It fits together well, and is very accurate to the filming miniature... Except, perhaps, for the cockpit interior. Now, the basic Thunder Fighter is a two-seater, with a pilot up front and a passenger seat in the back; Buck and Twiki escaped from the Draconia in the back seat of Wilma's starfighter in the pilot episode, and the shot of Buck smiling from the back window is featured in the opening of every single episode. While the Monogram kit features the back windows, they don't seem to serve any purpose for whatever junk they stuck back there in lieu of the passenger seat. What's more, the stand is designed to display the model in flight, so there's no landing gear in the kit... but no pilot figure, either! There was at one time an aftermarket resin kit for the interior, featuring two seats, a center stick and actual control surfaces, but it has long since disappeared from the secondary market... as have the pilot figures that a different company (had at one time) sold. The more I see of the show, the more frustrating I find the Monogram interior... ...not that the show itself is any less frustrating, mind you! In fact, it's a brain-dead macho fantasy featuring the ultimate fan-fiction "Gary Stu" character, and is so sexist as to border on misogynistic. What a stupid kid I was to enjoy this trash! So, screw Buck Rogers. I'm using a Revell Snowspeeder pilot, and making this a Rebel starfighter. The biggest pain about assembling this kit is that you've got to install your completed cockpit -- including the transparent window parts -- before gluing the main fuselage together. The resulting seams along the hull will need to be filled and sanded before you can do any painting, so your cockpit canopy will require very careful masking so you don't mess up the windows when painting the primary color, alternating panel shades, weathering, panel-lining, etc. And if you're installing lights, it greatly complicates the wiring process as well... Nonetheless, I can understand why this kit fetches as much as it does these days.
  11. Thanks to so many of your wonderful suggestions, I've attempted to incorporate different shades and off-color panels to enhance the level of detail: I'm not sure if I want every surface covered, or how well it will show up in the darker areas, but I'm very pleased with how it's looking on the Hasegawa kit so far. In the meantime, I've built up the sides on the Matchbox Daedalus with styrene, hollowed out the interior and scratch-built a prow hatch: It's starting to look more like the ship I remember from the anime. Now to figure out a hinge mechanism...!
  12. So, Jungle sent me a 1:48 Yamato Valkyrie a couple weeks back. The toy is in great shape, but upon removing it from the tray... ...I noticed a bunch of dead bugs under it. And under the tray as well. Be aware, there may be bugs in the Jungle. I'm making one right now... I've decided to go with a Rebel Alliance color scheme for it, but I liked the look of the flat matte base coat so much I photographed it before the primary color gets applied. Shadow Thunderfighter!
  13. Wow, TakaraTomy. You've really outdone yourself! That's the easiest pass yet.
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