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  1. Who's ass did they pull the "22" designation out of?
  2. Ah, found it. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000140758/ Man, that site's a nightmare to navigate.
  3. You sure about that?
  4. The original design philosophy for the animation was discussed -- the function of the FAST packs, their mounting points, direction of thrust, etc.
  5. Is that because Stick sounds more disappointed by his engine failure than he does by the death of his fiancée? No wait... he thinks she may still be alive?! Thanks for sharing that. It's sure weird to hear a completely different cast, but from the same pool of Robotech voice actors. Roy Fokker as Stick Bernard? Lisa Hayes as the Invid Regis? That dub sure uses some strange collective nouns, too... "Earthians?" "Rejioss?" And where did "Randy Barr" come from? And I could've sworn, as he coverts the Legioss-Tread to Armo-Diver for atmospheric reentry, he says "I'll trim the main nozzle down." The writers must've been confused by the translation.
  6. You mean, after decades of preposterous explosions a collision wouldn't cause, Hollywood has produced an action film where a collision doesn't cause the explosion it would?
  7. Oh, if only they had the atmospheric booster as well...
  8. Why not tertiary characters? Nameless pilots? Unidentified Zentradi?
  9. No way is that a 1:6 scale figure. 1:12, maybe... but I don't have any Power Rangers, so I can't be certain. Maybe you meant to say "a 6-inch figure?"
  10. Still not good enough for me. I'm not biting unless it looks like this:
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