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  1. tekering

    Macross figures

    ...with his eyes closed! With his eyes closed! ...the whole time. He's got Hawkeye's aim, Wolverine's resilience, Hulk's strength, and Captain America's indomitable spirit, all in an Ant-Man sized package. Eat your heart out, MCU.
  2. tekering

    Macross figures

    He didn't lose it, it just got transferred to his head... Removing his helmet now requires a surgical procedure, which will likely result in the patient's death. Sure, I'll bet they look fine from the other side of the room... if the room is sufficiently large. And poorly-lit. And you squint.
  3. Not a fan. But this show might make me one...!
  4. With all the aesthetic liberties they've taken with the designs, it's lucky they're even recognizable. One huge advantage Robotech has always had over original sci-fi properties in the US is the wealth of Japanese production designs to work from, depicting both functional-yet-futuristic human technology and exotic-yet-functional alien civilizations. Expanding the mythos for the Sentinels meant adapting a lot of existing designs to create new mecha that would nonetheless fit in with the established look, and Zor's battlefortress was no exception; it's usually depicted as a cross between the SDF-1 and a Zentraedi cruiser. But I've always wondered what the interior would've looked like. Would it have the cramped, industrial look that Zentraedi ships had, like a WWII battleship or a submarine? Or the organic, ethereal quality of a Robotech Masters mothership, with Romanesque columns and floating control stations? Would Zor have been influenced by Invid aesthetics? How much would individual design elements from Macross, Southern Cross or Mospeada have influenced the production design? I was particularly intrigued by what the control surfaces would've looked like... And now we know. The bridge of Zor's battlefortress looked like... ...a Boeing 747 console.
  5. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    Last year, I saw a couple on the shelves of our local Toys 'R' Us (next to a Destroid Defender and the 35th Anniversary Messer), and was curious to see how quickly they would sell. Last week, I noticed they were still there gathering dust... next to the Destroid Defender and the 35th Anniversary Messer.
  6. Are any of the OAVs actually HD-remasters, or just shovelware like the TV episodes?
  7. No, what you said was true... from a certain point of view.
  8. I regret my poor choice of words. Clearly, "an anime thing" was entirely too vague and open to misinterpretation. I remember a time when powered armor was only seen in Japanese animation; specifically, between 1984 and 1993. During that decade, even Iron Man was only depicted in comic books. These memories -- like all memories -- are based on personal experience. It's kind of funny you would jump to that conclusion, and assume ignorance as a result... Funny, but not at all surprising.
  9. Of course not. I grew up in the '80s. Would've thought that was obvious.
  10. How could anyone possibly afford to...? Oh wait, it's Kicker773.
  11. Remember when powered armor was strictly an anime thing?
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