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  1. As did I, which is why it's so frustrating to see what little merchandise we get fail so spectacularly... This new MEP design appears to ignore the animation models entirely, and instead use the Matchbox toy for reference (with predictably disastrous results). Back to the drawing board, guys.
  2. The difference in environments required a difference in costumes. The helmet and jumpsuit are basically the same... ...but the winter jacket, gloves, boots, and belt were all new for The Empire Strikes Back.
  3. Thanks for sharing your work, Perxion! Is there a reason you spelled "fuel" with 2 L's?
  4. Hasbro can't be bothered to make vehicles to scale, regardless of the size of the figures. The larger the vehicles, the more ridiculous it becomes... ...particularly the landing ramps.
  5. Temper your expectations, my friend. This new series looks (and sounds) a helluva lot more like the Prime Wars Trilogy, aka a steaming pile of crap. I mean, they couldn't even get Peter Cullen?
  6. Well, I found "Stardust City Rag" as cringe-worthy as I was expecting, but in a *completely* different manner. Certainly, attempts at humor were mercifully brief. Despite some familiar characters and techno-jargon, however, Picard no longer resembles Star Trek in any way, shape or form... The producers of this series ought to expect a visitation from the vengeful ghost of Gene Roddenberry, The Grudge-style.
  7. There were a lot of shots I didn't recognize, but -- given how quickly the film faded from my memory -- I cannot confirm whether any of them were in the final cut. The Rise of Skywalker made no lasting impression on me whatsoever. The Last Jedi pissed me off, but at least it didn't BORE me...
  8. John Wick is riding on the back of a motorcycle with Trinity's bloated corpse. I have no faith in this concept.
  9. Sellers on Yahoo! Japan Auctions can't move the Dark Legioss for even half of their retail price... There's just no demand for 'em.
  10. And have you seen the insane aftermarket prices on Amazon.jp? You can't get an Evolution Toy Zeta for under ¥200,000!
  11. Honestly, it wasn't. They weren't called "woke" or "social justice warriors," but most depictions of racial diversity and gender equality were far more transparently obvious (and blatantly political) than they are today. We just didn't bitch and whine about it on social media... because there was no social media, of course.
  12. Robert Forster is surprisingly active, for a dead guy. His posthumous performance in El Camino was extremely well-received, and he'll apparently be reprising the role in an upcoming episode of Better Call Saul later this year... after his starring role in "Dynoman and The Volt" next month. I'll bet he and Carrie Fisher are having a good laugh about it right now.
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