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  1. Yes, that's correct. Yes, that's correct. Although, just to clarify for fans that don't actually watch the show (like @jenius), my issue isn't with Sentinel's Legioss; it's with those nonsensical "official" measurements, that are inconsistent with both practical real-world physics and the animation itself. See Yellow run under the Legioss nosecone... without even needing to duck: Most manufacturers (including our own Captain America) have taken steps to rectify these inconsistencies, which is why pilot sizes vary so wildly from one company's products to the next... and by giving us a perfectly-scaled 1:48 Stig Bernard pilot who barely fits into his Legioss cockpit, Sentinel has produced a mecha that would be impossible for a tall pilot like Yellow to fly (much less Jim "Lunk" Cooper). Jim and Mint fit into that cockpit, but neither would fit in this one: If Sentinel does end up producing a Tread, mark my words, it's gonna have a much smaller pilot figure... or a disproportionally large cockpit module. Note how the animation itself features a pratically-scaled Yellow, whereas the animation model sheet depicts an impossibly large Houquet.
  2. A properly-scaled pilot makes a big difference, too... ...especially when it comes pre-painted.
  3. Honestly, Bumblebee is a much better movie. In terms of structure, characterization, plot and dialogue -- everything a functional story relies on -- Michael Bay's films aren't any better than The Transformers: The Movie, but Travis Knight has proven he knows how to construct a cohesive narrative. The '86 film has some great vocal performances, and a driving soundtrack, but it's virtually incomprehensible without prior familiarity with the TV series (despite how inconsistent with the TV show it really is)... and the plot is a disjointed mess, to put it mildly. Without the benefit of nostalgia glasses, it would be difficult to appreciate as an adult. Oh, and I agree both Animated and Prime are superior to Sunbow's original series, both in writing and execution.
  4. Not at all! Filoni and Favreau kept Hasbro in the dark about "the child" until The Mandalorian was released. Lucasfilm was more concerned with spoilers than merchandising sales, bless their hearts... To Hasbro's credit, they've gotten the Baby Yoda merch out pretty quickly (especially compared to other Star Wars licensees equally blindsided by the premiere). However, now that Siege is finally streaming, anyone looking to pick up the toys the show was explicitly designed to advertise will find they've long since been phased out: Studio Scale, Cyberverse, even Movie Masterpiece figures are easier to find than Siege products.
  5. Watch Bumblebee. The opening sequence on Cybertron looks like a photo-realistic version of Siege, but with much more dynamic action... and far better voice acting. And Ultra Magnus, even more so... as if approaching the Decepticons with his face obscured by a hood did anything to hide his distinctive shoulder pylons...! Just a word of warning, then: As a post-war Transformers story set on a starship in deep space, More Than Meets the Eye features almost no transformations whatsoever. They've been pretty on-the-ball when it comes to Star Wars and MCU releases (as opposed to Bandai, MAFEX or Hot Toys)... but Transformers seems to be their Achilles' heel.
  6. More Than Meets the Eye, by James Roberts. Nothing else in Transformers fiction will ever compare (except perhaps Roberts' debut mini-series, Last Stand of the Wreckers).
  7. So, it turns out those rather amateurish voice actors were all non-union; Netflix didn't want to pay out for the real voice talent, despite their enthusiasm for the roles.
  8. Fantastic interview! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I hesitate to do the same to mine, knowing its aftermarket value... but damn, you really demonstrate the potential there! You could probably turn around and sell it for a lot more, too.
  10. Nor was I, until I transformed mine for the first time... That's precisely why I love it.
  11. Still way more than I'd pay. They sell for about ¥4000 on Yahoo! Japan auctions, as this completed auctions search will demonstrate.
  12. I managed to track them all down on the secondary market, mostly near their original retail prices... sometimes less than that, even. The only pricey ones are Jeanne and Lana.
  13. Arcadia's only asking ¥5500 extra for the premium finish... Seems like a no-brainer to me. Ah, but how much longer is it when engaged in diplomacy?
  14. Well, I see more muted colors with a lot more detailing and color separation in Siege. That's perhaps the most egregious error, as it was with the Prime Wars cartoons... As toy commercials go, their timing is atrociously bad.
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