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    Not at all. Mine are quite secure; so much so that I wouldn't have considered the need for glue. Of course, since my Eta will only ever wield his gun in his right hand, I'd have no problems gluing the fingers of the left hand to their peg. It certainly wouldn't affect their articulation.

    You're doing something wrong. Just rotate the hand at the wrist so that the palm faces up, and the panel will close over it with no problem.

    It's all relative. Friends who are used to admiring my third-party Transformers were appalled to learn what the Evo Legioss cost, but they don't realize how much better it is than the Toynami, Aoshima, CMs or Gakkens before it; they have no frame of reference apart from the build quality and paint app's, and none of the nostalgia that fuels our passion. And only those of us who have invested the time and money in Moscato's Invid kits can truly appreciate the value of having Legioss toys to scale!
  4. Let's make it happen, guys! And not in LEGO. 20 years and counting!
  5. Please, come join us discussing Star Trek: Discovery here: Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah, nothing says "broken toy" like an awkward A-stance. He is indeed.
  7. That's ironic. MegaZone 23 has been widely distributed on videotape, laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray, and has been a fan favorite worldwide for decades. Robotech: The Movie was a collosal failure, with very limited theatrical distribution and an even more limited VHS release. Where did you even see it? Amazon.jp, of course! Free shipping, and all that.
  8. I've already pre-ordered the Arcadia. If they're looking to expand their line with other MZ23 product, we've gotta show our support up front!

    Another great touch: the Mospeada "Cyclone" Ride Armor (in its collapsed state) is visible in the fuselage mid-transformation. It's the best Legioss toy to date, and it's more accurate (and better articulated) than any of the licensed model kits, even. Totally unfair comparison there. Bandai is a massive company with their own factories, and Macross is a huge and vibrant franchise with numerous TV series and feature films. The VF-31 is a guaranteed seller. Evolution Toys is a tiny company having to work with overseas factories, and Mospeada went off the air some thirty-odd years ago. The market is infinitesimally small by comparison, so we're talking about a much smaller production run with a considerably higher per-unit cost as a result. Another totally unfair comparison. Gakken's toys were designed for a totally different market -- they were meant for kids. You say that as if I wasn't already...

    Something like this, you mean? Or this? No sweat.

    I'm afraid my King Crabs aren't ready for photography yet... but it sure looks awesome next to Pinky! Oh, and the Evo pilot figure fits nicely into the Gosu's cockpit.

    Have you ever seen a Legioss that could pull off a two-handed grip? Forward and back. Well, the rotating shoulder hinge is die-cast, but the parts that connect to the arm are all plastic... However, there are more significant causes of concern. For starters, there's the faux ankle joint: Those are some scary-looking stress marks holding the piece that connects the foot to the leg. As you can see, there are two little screws that attach the ankle piece to the leg, but the connection isn't particularly solid; there's definitely a little side-to-side play, but don't mistake it for actual ankle tilt. If you try to twist the foot in one direction or the other, you're just going to cause further stress to that connection. I actually had to replace the upper screw there with a larger one just to keep the piece secure, since it had worked itself loose in the hours or so since I first got the figure... Note the stress mark on the tip of the rectenna fin, too; it's just a little too long to properly stow under the panel in Armo-Fighter mode, and will likely get bent every time you go back to fighter again. Thankfully, Evo used the best possible plastic for pieces like this -- rigid enough to hold the shape, but soft enough to bend without snapping off -- so regardless of what you think of the aesthetics, it's an excellent choice for the durability of the toy. Nonetheless, I'd recommend just trimming the top 5-6mm off that fin. A more complicated problem is the missile cover hinge on the shoulders. It's a double-jointed design, meant to open up and then fold down flat against the side of the shoulder, but there isn't enough clearance to get the piece to fold properly. I'm afraid to force it, especially since it's just as likely to scratch the painted surface as it is to snap off at the hinge, so it only opens up half way. It's a relatively minor issue, but one to be wary of nevertheless. I'll let you know if I encounter any serious problems. Exactly the same height as Granddaddy Gakken, as it turns out! Or, to be more precise:

    Not an illusion! It's an admittedly low bar to cross, but the Evo achieves it. It's a pain to put the gun in his hand -- you literally have to remove the fingers to do it -- but the tab in the palm guarantees a very solid grip. Yes, mid-thigh/upper-knee joints and shoulders are ratcheted. I'm not transforming my blue "Masterpiece" Alpha (we all know what a ticking time bomb that is!), so you'll have to settle for a red Toynami in Armo-soldier mode: Exactly like an unpainted Gunplay finish, I'd say... orr a Transformer. Like most toys, any skilled modeler could make it look better. And, to be fair, it'll look a whole lot better stickered up. The stickers even have a nice matte finish to them, so they don't stand out against the painted surfaces. My thoughts exactly. Well, it's obviously an improvement over that!

    It's easily the best Legioss toy we've ever got -- faint praise, given the competition, but nonetheless satisfying -- despite the inherent weaknesses of an Evolution Toys product. While it looks the part, fighter mode doesn't hold together very well... but fighter's always been the weakest mode of any transformable Legioss. Armo-Diver mode has all the requisite articulation to strike the iconic poses, but you can see visible mold flash on the inside of the left leg there... Armo-Soldier is where the figure really shines. It's well-proportioned and holds together best in this mode. Surprisingly well-articulated, too... even the head! Of course! It would look awfully plain without them. There are plenty of markings included, for all three basic variants.

    Well, if you insist...