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  1. I was happy to see so many new 3P reveals there, but Ryan and Stacey's commentary was worse than Japanese television! Like, are they contractually obligated to heap glowing praise on everything? When opinions are so consistently monotonous, they cease to carry any weight and just become noise. Full disclosure: I eventually gave up and muted the audio, so I didn't listen to the whole video, but... was anything even remotely critical expressed about... anything?
  2. Their last MCU release, Loki, made that abundantly clear... but that looks to be the least of the problems with the "Birth of Iron Man" Tony, who doesn't even look Caucasian (much less anything like Robert Downey, Jr.)! Despite the awkward English captions, this reviewer has truly mastered snarky sarcasm... ...or else he's the worst reviewer I've ever seen on YouTube.
  3. I must say, I'm happy to see the reduced budget hasn't significantly impacted the scope of the storytelling. The Icelandic settings are epic and otherworldly, the visuals retain their feature-film sensibilities, and (other than some dodgy greenscreen compositing) the effects still look great. Ah yes, "The Escape Artist," second-best of the Short Treks. Honestly, though, here's the one real advantage Discovery has over Picard or Lower Decks; since every legacy character is recast, and the production design is so far removed from classic Trek, it's easier to simply accept it as
  4. That would be awfully disorienting, I imagine. While Lower Decks remains largely episodic, Discovery employs seasonal arcs the same way most modern television series do... and there's enough leftover baggage from season 2 that I'm finding it a little confusing myself (since it's been nearly eighteen months since last season). Actually, we heard him speak in at least two previous episodes from last season ("An Obol for Charon," "Through the Valley of Shadows").
  5. Oh, absolutely. It was even more obvious than the casket-lands-intact-on-the-genesis-planet ending. I'd rather Picard was ignored, personally. Third-rate Trek is still Trek, but Picard... commits even greater sins.
  6. I was so disappointed she doesn't scale with my Frontier Valks... or rather, that we don't have any 1:48 Messiahs.
  7. Sure, if you discount how they retconned shuttle design, holographic technology, and starship control mechanisms back to 22nd century levels.
  8. Well, if none of our comments were enlightening, perhaps you'd find die-hard Trek fans Mike and Rich more illuminating:
  9. I can't believe Hasbro's gonna sell me another Boba Fett figure... Probably. I'm quite fond of that one... and it'll match the "Vintage Collection" scheme on the toy I'm replacing.
  10. While the same is undoubtedly true of "Girder," that was actually MakeToys "Wrestle" I photographed...
  11. I like 'em both. MakeToys "Wrestle" is more of G1 toy homage, whereas Masterpiece Grapple is pure toon. Edit: It turns out you meant Ocular Max "Girder," whereas I was thinking of "Wrestle."
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