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  1. In that case, we should get the mods to re-name this "The Unlicensed Transformers Thread." Failing that, we should start a third thread for Flame Toys and the like: "The Transformers That Can't Transform Thread."
  2. It's a lazy acronym, that's what it is. The internet is infested with 'em. Oh, you meant "What does PSX stand for?" Planet Steel Express, an online retailer based in Singapore. Of course! HasTak is first-party, Flame Toys is third-party.
  3. tekering

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    This image sums up Robotech perfectly. It's not Macross, but it's desperately trying to be... and yet, it's undeniably inferior work.
  4. tekering

    STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    Is it just me, or are all these Disney movies starting to look the same? Here's the cover for the Rogue One Blu-Ray: And this is the cover for Black Panther UHD set. See what I mean?
  5. tekering

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Actually, the art has very much improved... except on the cover.
  6. tekering

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    That's a terrible illustration.
  7. Then where are the pre-orders?
  8. tekering

    Model Kit Collection Show It Off!!!

    Actually, Japanese favor the family name before the given name, so that should be "Miho Miho," not "Miho Miho."
  9. You mean Fall 2019, right?
  10. tekering

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Not any more, it isn't!
  11. tekering

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Ooh, I like the color... but it looks like those shock cannons want to be as far away from the Invid as possible. I think the claws are about to jump ship, too.
  12. tekering

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Well, I could've used MP-7 for a much closer color match, but I couldn't be bothered transforming it. Yeah, the one on the right. Well-spotted. Okay, now I'm showing off.
  13. tekering

    Yoko Kanno?

    Sharon Apple's music makes Walk├╝re sound old-fashioned.