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  1. Found it here. I do, yes... and I don't, yes. However, the only Southern Cross laserdisc listing I've found is this one... and the seller obviously can't tell an LD from a vinyl record.
  2. Is it worth $98 extra to get it 8-10 weeks earlier? I'm not judging, I'm just wondering how much patience plays a factor... ...or if FromJapan even gave you the choice.
  3. Ah, excellent point. Foolish me, I've ignored the elephant in the room for so long that I scarcely even notice it... Gotta keep things out of the public eye!
  4. Nah, that just proved demand was not high enough to begin with. Like Cap' says, we'll need several thousand dollars in capital -- up front -- for such a commission. Perhaps we should start a Kickstarter campaign...
  5. Start saving now! Southern Cross merchandise is a notoriously difficult sell, so -- if there's even a chance of it happening -- I'm sure it'll take a lot of advance capital to secure such a commission. A mere "commitment to buy" won't be enough; we're gonna need to pool our resources on this one.
  6. Nor do any of the various 3D models we've seen attempted since... I think our only hope is @captain america, who has clearly generated increased demand for a Spartas to scale with his upcoming 1:48 Bio-Lloyd kit. Since his Southern Cross work has been commissioned by a particularly dedicated fan, that's who will likely need convincing. I've already started work on episode 8, which focuses on the captured green Bioroid.
  7. As we're starting to veer dangerously off-topic, I've moved this discussion to the appropriate thread.
  8. Since finding an original 1984 broadcast of Southern Cross, I've taken the time to try and correct the color-timing on the ADV box set release from 2003: ADV's masters on the left, my color-corrected version on the right. It's still a soft, low-contrast transfer from two decades ago, but at least the colors aren't so messed up this time. I did my best to reproduce them using the superior DVD video source. If there's demand, I can upload further episodes. Standard-definition DVDs are either NTSC or PAL, certainly; however, both Japan and North America use NTS
  9. Especially if you're displaying her next to the Premium Finish VF-4A, which really makes the ol' 4G look like a toy by comparison.
  10. Given the premise, it couldn't possibly be any better than Michael Dougherty's King of the Monsters, much less Gareth Edwards' Godzilla... Just keep your expectations low, and I'm sure you'll appreciate it for what it is.
  11. "Please consider it?" Japanese is a poor language to begin with, but Google is particularly bad at translating it. It's more like "I'm afraid the weathering wasn't possible. Thank you for your understanding." Machine translation may yet become a reality, but for now it's still a pipe dream...
  12. My conclusions exactly. As much as I'm enjoying these comparisons, it's starting to feel like a fool's errand... We'll surely revisit this issue when we debate what color the Spartas Hovertanks are supposed to be.
  13. Sure... assuming Bowie was supposed to be a black guy with blue eyes. I'd say the Southern Cross DVDs have the least-accurate colors.
  14. I've been experimenting with a three-shade blend, actually, using a layering technique I picked up from my Japanese friends: Over a flat black base coat, a couple layers of semi-gloss green are sprayed over the surface, with more even coverage over the raised surfaces and less coverage in the recessed areas, suggesting a subtle gradation in color. Thinner coats of a slightly lighter green are then sprayed over the most prominent areas, further enhancing the gradation effect and achieving the desired primary color. It's not as high-contrast as the popular "cel-shaded" look, but it
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