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  1. Just the parking lot across the street. Yeah, I'm a big Ranma fan.
  2. Awesome find on Yahoo! Japan auctions: Animedia "Idol Photo Packs" from the mid-eighties. They feature these little booklets with unexpected tidbits of information (like the girls' measurements!)... ...and some original Mikimoto illustrations I'd never seen before! I put it closer to 5-inch scale... Shipping to Japan cost me more than the value of the toy!
  3. And considerably upgraded, too! The stock kit lighting is... ...distinctly amber.
  4. Wrong Prime. This is the original Timelines one: Note the shape of the crack... and the ears.
  5. Except they scaled it down to match the SDF-1, of course. Still, good catch there.
  6. So, which 1701-E do you think this model was based on?
  7. I thought that SDF-2 nonsense had been struck from canon years ago. There's nothing in the animation to support it, of course; in fact, prior to reading the comics or novels, I'd simply assumed the couple times "SDF-2" came up in dialogue (clearly referencing the SDF-1 onscreen) were merely typos in the recording scripts the director didn't catch. Not that it matters either way, of course. Robotech has been dead since Shadow Chronicles sunk it.
  8. If I were customizing 1:48s, the first thing I'd do was replace those bony hands!
  9. Depends on what you consider affordable... The Aoshima retailed for less than $200. It's still my favorite... ...and it separates, of course.
  10. Nothing new there. Bandai's been overdoing the tampo since the DX YF-19.
  11. I finally acquired the HD remastering of Otaku no Video. We all know the show is full of loving tributes to Macross, but I never noticed the Mospeada reference before: Now, if we could only get Scramble Wars an HD remaster as well...
  12. Rumor has it Jeep wouldn't approve the alt. mode unless the hood was a single unbroken piece.
  13. Roy's yellow dome is, inexplicably, on Max's 1J...
  14. Looks like a bunch of firecrackers ready to be launched into the sky. "Too late! Independence Day was last week, fool!"
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