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  1. The Judeo-Christian imagery suggests Reinhardt was sent to the fiery pits of hell, forever imprisoned within Maximillian, while an angel led the Palomino survivors through the pearly gates to salvation on the other side of the black hole.
  2. Thanks, @sh9000. Cancelled my BBTS order (which would've required me to eat the cost of a Rocketeer figure I had no interest in).
  3. Maximillian did not save Reinhardt. The ending of The Black Hole is open to many interpretations, but that's not one of them.
  4. Quit quoting that Minmei .gif, man! Simon Furman happened.
  5. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    Geez, that's a common assumption. I'll post the screengrab myself this time, and save sh9000 the trouble: Count the cannons, guys.
  6. Practically speaking, it's not going to happen. With Max Factory's PLAMAX 1:20 VF-1 kits available now, there just aren't enough fans with the skills (and the cash) to tackle a slightly-smaller resin kit version instead...
  7. Takara did that with their Super Collection Figure line nearly two decades ago: I never would've believed that a simplified trailer like that would get produced at Masterpiece scale... but I guess TakaraTomy had to distinguish Convoy 3.0 somehow!
  8. No chance of that... She came in, did laundry, and left again... without even noticing the Xenomorph staring at her!
  9. Yeah, that's the Tsukuda Hobby vinyl figure... although they claim it's 1:5 scale. Given there was no suit used in Alien 3 -- just a miniature rod puppet and an animatronic head -- it's difficult to pin down exactly how large the "alien creature" was supposed to be.
  10. That was a perfectly legitimate excuse... before the advent of home video.
  11. There's another quarter-scale Xenomorph I'd almost forgotten I had, since it's been hiding in a box for the past five years... The next time the wife comes to do laundry, she's in for a nasty surprise.
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