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  1. Fair. Nobody on the receiving end of air-dropped-munitions seems to be a fan of them...
  2. you're not thinking 'big-picture'... if the place shuts down they're going to sell their assets to recoup losses... which means one of us may own that VF-11C someday! lol anyone else find it odd they went with bot a VF-11C and the Enterprise-C?
  3. Someone said Genndy Tartakovsky? Shut Up and TAKE MY MONEY!
  4. I'll pick one up just for the stowed-dome parts... if it comes with one.
  5. slide

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Surely, it can be both sexy AND gratuitous? like a Lambo? only cheaper...
  6. 'Capillary Action' is, indeed, the term
  7. out of curiosity, what's the wing-span difference?
  8. call me when they can control the Su-57 with their brains...
  9. Steady there, Teddy Bear the grimoire thing IS odd... no explanation for that. But I'm sure he means well... he also accused the stickers of being "not bad"... clearly a skilled Gunpla-oriented modeler. Embrace the diversity because God knows we need everyone we can to be building models, especially Macross
  10. slide

    Sunlight effect

    it seems to be a thing that just happens over time. white model paint also yellows over time. We have a lively and long-running discussion on the subject. for me: all of my yammies are exposed to indirect [and sometimes direct] sunlight every day, a couple for 3+ years and they're fine, so far. All have been purchased 'used and displayed' by their previous owners, from various members here and elsewhere, none are yellowing on me. [I only have 1 DX valk [VF-31C] and it's simply not old enough to be factored into the discussion as evidence.] Everyone's mileage seems to vary, so zoom them around the room/play with them regularly while they're pristine, and that way you won't notice the gradual shift as much [this is my plan btw ]
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