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  1. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    Someone who works at Bandai knows, but they're not allowed to say, I'm sure. Well, It's not from Bandai, but there IS a Breetai [with pipe] in the works...
  2. slide

    Macross figures

    He might as well have stuffed Hikaru in a jar and vigorously shaken it lol, what a mental image THAT made...
  3. at this point, with the Zulu model to consider, are there any practical benefits with AH-64 over AH-1? range/loiter-time maybe?
  4. one thing is for certain: more flight computers.
  5. lookin' great!
  6. DVD's begin to degrade after some time... The older the DVD, the worse LE I would expect the discs to have... gotta go check some of my OG Collection now...
  7. gotta try whatever they can to wring money outa the senate committees, eh?
  8. slide

    Macross figures

    Bring on the Big Guy!
  9. If we got some SH Figuarts figures from Macross I'd bite... I want a Spike and Roy standing Back-to-back in a kung-fu-style fight-pose on my shelf Bandai!! @Podtastic were you hoping for DX enemy mecha? that'll be an interesting PO madness.....
  10. He Must have...Otherwise New-Edwards would have had to send a Fold-capable ship after Isamu... and get the '21 on-board. Guld would never have caught him I really hope Bandai HMR's the 21 first instead of DX'ing it...
  11. I'm actually hoping Bandai Pulls a Yamato with this one and gives us a kit version... or at least one that's plain like the renders and test-shot.... I don't wqant to have to sand-off all the Smurf Iconography to replace it with Dark Angels Icons... but if I have to I will!
  12. 110% with you bud... to quote my housemate: "Disney has ALL the **** money to throw at something like this, and this **** is what we get for it!?"
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