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  1. Yea... in 1998 money, which is $30,269,721.02 in 2020 money.
  2. +1 Extra Bright side: That just means some future collector might want to find out "who the F is this [Name Redacted] person who was lucky enough to get this made for them?!" someday.
  3. "CRICKET?! Nah, you gotta know what a CRUMPET is to understand CRICKET!!"
  4. Virtual Burning Lake Airshow is happening on Twitch if anyone is interested:
  5. they're not shell deflectors, they're blast deflectors, to make sure the windscreen/intakes dont get all gunsmokey. the spent casing chutes are on the bottom.
  6. I haven't taken a magnifying glass to anything I've purchased that's been marked like that, but my experiences have been great. their labels are very honest in my experiences. good example: VF-22 Gamlin marked "opened used, package damaged" package had shelf-wear, and a torn corner, VF-22 had obviously been displayed, was a little dusty, most stickers [lovingly and skillfully] applied, is in 9/10 condition, and cost me 20,000yen. I've had no complaints.
  7. What an Angry/Amazing looking Whitestar! what scale is it?
  8. some of us live in Canada, so YES
  9. Indeed, someone needs to tell them Flush rivets have been a thing since the 20's guys... this one looks even MORE lie it was designed in a soviet tank-factory... but it's an HG license, so that tracks.
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