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  1. slide

    Stan Lee, 1922-2018,RIP

  2. slide

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Again: single-engines are a non-starter up in our barren-@$$ arctic. At least they refuel with the right gear...
  3. That's why I recognised that nose-art. I've always Loved his B-47 from SAC...
  4. slide

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Yea, we're both in the boat together... just ask Ike Eisenhower and John Diefenbaker................................ Bomarc anyone?
  5. slide

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    actually... it's really easy to secure a database: Go full Nu-BSG about it... network it to NOTHING outside your in-house workstations, under no circumstance allow wireless connectivity to anything, and keylog every workstation. if data does get out, then you can hunt down the perp for treason [or some equivalently harsh statute under the Espionage/Patriot act]. Plus a MASSIVE penalty to the company for allowing National-Security/Classified data to leak, maybe even some execs see a courtroom at least. "If it's worth encrypting, it's worth Never Putting on a Network!" -- unknown as far as Canada's aerospace industry goes: we do, but it'll require a lot of investment... Funnily enough: investment in manufacturing in Ontario is EXACTLY the kind of thing that might save Soy-Boy-Trudeau's but next election... as far as '23 being an old design: We need to lob as many AMRAAMs as possible from stealth platforms at anything that comes near us, and also sling some mud-moving capability for meeting our NATO obligations.and IIRC f-23 was faster than '22, all the better. Canada doesn't need to get in knife-fights with Sukhois as we generally don't forward deploy anywhere without the USA, and that's raptor's job. Money being a big problem, a design that is off-the shelf and already exceeds the requirements is almost a no-brainer. This would obviously necessitate a "re-engineering" period to resurrect the design to State-of-art computers/avionics. like the HMSS helmets etc. still not cheap or easy, but a hell of a lot cheaper than developing a sub-optimal platform like F-35... it's single engine [instant fail for Canada], it doesn't have the legs to patrol our airspace [Canada does not own any Flying-Boom Refueling aircraft, only probe/drogue because of our F-18s], it can not mount an effective interceptor load-out [or even carry Sidewinders] without compromising it's biggest [only?] advantage... at least we insisted on the A because it has an internal gun to defend itself... F-35 is great........... if you're planning on never getting into a fight with any kind of capable adversary.... which would be stupid considering all the other powers are swiftly closing the gap in what they can produce. Since Canada plans to have only 65 F-35's and no other combat airframes to even take advantage of it's data-link/Drone C&C capabilities, the plane is almost completely pointless/unacceptable for us. as far as Canada's needs are concerned, F-35 is a 3 dressed up as a 9. Woof.... especially the part where "the engines are so good, we're going back to the old soviet-method of shipping our engines out so that other people can overhaul them for us..." Could 4 gopnicks with wrenches, hammers, a hoist, and a half-hour perform that necessary maintenance? [we need a Russia-dance emoticon lol] How much do each of those engines cost? an RD-33 runs US$2.6M per unit.... I can't find a per-unit cost of the PW That's what happens when you play politics instead of outfitting your armed forces with what they need to do their job...
  6. slide

    Bandai DX VF-31

    there were QC issues as well [mostly with the paint finish as i recall]... this may be a case of they were simply unwilling to ship a product that fell that far below their standards... but we'll never know until someone here gets hired by Bandai and we get an inside track.......
  7. slide

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    There's talk of Japan's interest in resurrecting the '23... In my opinion Canada should push to get it, as it completely exceeds Canada's needs for an interceptor... and the Yanks won't [or wouldn't] export Raptor Russian engines are Crude, but effective... the fact that Russia can do what they can is impressive where they really seem to Lag is miniaturisation...
  8. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    ... you mean the total seen in FB2012, or how many VF-4's were produced? I thought the VF-4 replaced the VF-1 in Front-line-service across the UN Spacy, so thousands lol
  9. slide

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    It's so nice to see the Lavi get some respect!
  10. slide

    Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    Don't think the Arcadia came with one... HMR seems to come with one and a custom stand
  11. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    Minus the Backpack maybe... The Rifle is certainly the right profile.
  12. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm not kicking myself for only securing 2 FB2012 schemes now... Come on Fext... Take. Our. MONEY!!!
  13. slide

    Bandai DX VF-31

    That would mean a loss of face for somebody... so not too likely in this case methinks.
  14. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    All I know about FSS is that their Mechs are enormous... and other than the Deus-Vault-Samurai look that this thing has goin' on [Which I'm totally digging]: ...I'd need to know more about the series to be excited MOAR VF's!!!!!