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  1. It's not only a lack of knowledge regarding Star Trek, it's a complete lack of thought. @Seto Kaiba nailed it: this is all JJ Abrams fallout
  2. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    Congrats @CharlesXavier !
  3. Welcome! I'm not sure if you have access to this section*There is a minimum post count IIRC but there is a thread in the "Where to Buy Macross, Auctions & Dealers Specials" section: I've never ordered from N-Y, but judging by that thread, you're not the only one whose had issues.
  4. Yes, but being CA that should be relatively easy. Any left on the repair surface would (one presumes) inhibit a plastic-welding agent. CA is very brittle, so it should scrape off without even marring the plastic with some caution. In the Warhammer 40K world, it's advisable to attach arms, weapons etc. with CA: if you drop a mini the CA bond will break, not the arm/weapon, then just scrape-off the old CA (for fitment reasons) and re-do the joint, good as new. I've never heard of Devcon before, but after a quick google it sounds like some top-shelf stuff! I'll have to see
  5. New Edwards seems like a relatively safe and interesting place to work... Eden seems like Earth before the glassing... the Eden emigration fleet gets my vote!
  6. I can't not see this whenever I see the EX-S
  7. Gorgeous!! You continue to impress/inspire @Lolicon !!!
  8. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1149904482&ref=list&dispCount=240&dispAdult=0&soldOut=1&keyword=マクロス&lang=en ¥11,000 A'- Average condition for a second-hand item, there may be minor damage.
  9. slide

    repair for my VF-19

    I would use 1, maybe 2 pins if you have the physical space at a right angle to the part itself. normally I would recommend 90o to the break, but that'd make this even more complex/difficult something like this: *this is dependent on the internal structure of the joint, of which I'm completely unaware, but if it's just a plastic-only part of the joint, I would use epoxy and 2 pins [because I'm type-A, and using two will give you extra stability to the repair] in the yellow locations above. this will keep the pins away from any actual moving portion or negative space
  10. That's pretty swell of Q actually... and understandable on the part of the ATF, lol! Thanks for the follow-up video @Stampeed Valkyrie ... interesting info. Before the whole AR ban, Canada's gun-laws (paradoxically) made more sense on this issue. TLDR: if you had a license for pistols [Restricted License], AR-pistols [any SBR really] counted as such, and you could then do whatever you want to it: stock, foregrips, didn't matter, as long as you followed the rules for pistols [restrictions on movement and storage].
  11. *race ensues, pilot flips his ride "F*** it, I didn't sign for it!!" *EDIT* Now that I've actually watched that video. I'm actually kind of impressed those LED strips stayed mounted for the duration of their flight...
  12. slide

    repair for my VF-19

    From a modeler's perspective: I would drill 2 holes and pin each broken piece in place with some brass rod addition to even the epoxy. I suggest you DEFINITELY pin it if you're going to try CA of any kind. Zap-a-gap should work as well as any other CA [crazy glue]. Pinning it may be time/trouble spent, but those breaks look like they could do with the extra re-enforcement, and I would expect a CA repair-job to crack under any appreciable stress. Good luck with your fix!
  13. FWIW: Hasegawa's Callouts say Mr. Color #80 Cobalt Blue 60% + Mr. Color #66 Bright Green 40%... which sounds like it would come out more of a teal like his helmet than the green of his fighter... As far as ready-to-use rattle-cans, or even just "yay, I don't have to mix for this!" pots of paint, I haven't been able to find any that are a straight-up match to my eye.
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