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  1. I've shipped multiple things through the pandemic from HLJ. yes they ship, yes it's only expensive options [at least for me in Canada, YMMV]
  2. Back on track though: do we expect the release to be at the end of the month? [barring any further delays?]
  3. Sukhoi has a proclivity for that... this is the Su-25 Grach we all know and love: THIS is the Su-25T: And as a single-seater: Su-27: Su-30 Fugly-beautiful two-seaters... It's just how they do over at Sukhoi
  4. It has exactly the same profile as a Su-30-series cockpit, so it's a 50/50 considering how good some photoshop users are.
  5. Sort of depends I guess... Going by Sukhoi's previous naming conventions: if it's a 2-seat trainer/fighter variant of the 57 it'll be the 57UB, if it's a multirole/strike variant or major avionics upgrade it'll be the Su-60
  6. You're correct, but I was simply referring to the over-use of the scissors maneuver As long as we're being told a war-story, not an Idol-group commercial merely SET in a war-story there is potential. I mean, break-dancing in a Battroid even had potential, and they just simply wasted it in Delta
  7. During the process of building it, he constantly referenced the "Proto-Sabers" that predated the Lightsaber we all know and love: eventually we'll figure out a fusion-reactor that one can safely wear as a backpack, or on a belt... and then miniaturize that even further to something the size of a MagLite/Lightsaber hilt... but until then it's Hacksmith FTW! oh, and DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!
  8. That bears-out, having played DCS, Warthunder, and IL-2's various offerings online against real humans: Dogfights seem to end up one of two ways if they go on long enough: Scissors of some description [usually on the deck] or Turn-rate fights [also usually on the deck]. Both these scenarios typically end with someone panicking and pulling into the vertical, in a desperate attempt to change the geometry of the fight, which just means they are setting themselves up in front of the other guy's gunsight... Many Combat-sim pilots do [and more should] know better, but that's almost
  9. Truly, You're 1-in-a-million @Shizuka the Cat... good luck with all the "work" Viking Funeral FTW, but if your kid(s) do end up loving Macross, maybe just take one or two Valks with you...
  10. Hasegawa makes their Macross kits just like their aircraft kits, where Bandai's are like their Gundam kits. This is not a knock against Bandai, it's just how the different Macross lines evolved considering each companies' bread-and-butter. Hasegawa's plastic is less soft and finicky than Bandai's [certain products used for modelling will eat/degrade Bandai's plastic, and I've never run into such an issue with Hasegawa's plastic]. There's no added complication of inner frames/transformation-gimmicks involved, making them easier and cheaper to build, and no concerns about gaps/sagging
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