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  1. VF-0C is a single-seat deltawing -0D is a double-seat deltawing
  2. I would pay Weapons-set prices for a similar-size box full of TV/Movie pilots...
  3. No problem! I would also encourage a watch of Macross7... it is very campy, but I found it highly entertaining To be honest: the list of what's different was even longer than I thought it would be... it's akin to the differences between an F-35A and an F-35C... or a "Legacy" F/A-18 to a Superhornet
  4. Good Lord... you folks have some odd tastes! could NATO at least stick to non-disparaging designations? "Su-57 Felon", "Mig-15 F***" [although this one became FAR more hilarious with Russia's "Anti LGBT Propaganda" laws], "Mig-21 Fishbed", "Tu-22 Backfire" They're getting better ... but it's almost as if NATO doesn't like them! LOL ...although in the Su-25's case, wouldn't the NATO reporting name just make the French hungry? In the Russian it would be Cy-57, so you're probably correct in that assumption.
  5. Theyre not very similar at all other than basic layout: VS to make it "anime-accurate" it would require: a new top/bottom fuselage [extended LERX, tailfins move to the wingroot, no visible head-unit in fighter mode], and canopy [different shape at the rear] new canards [slightly differnet shape, certainly different than hasegawa's versions], new tailfins [new shape, much bigger, have to move from the engine nacells to the wingroot], new wings [trailing edge is different] a sound-pod launcher instead of the gunpod, and new leg/engine modules [much curvier, VF-31/VF-25 style ankle cuffs (thrust vectoring vanes?) and new feet/engine nozzles]... That the YF-19's parts map... so yea, mostly a whole new kit. so yes it would be quite different, but the step from the Basara's '19Kai to the VF-19S and VF-19F would be new wings, clever interchangeable part to add the S/F head units and to cover over the canards and replace them with thrusters. Also: they only need the speaker modules and a modified VF-19S Head-unit to make a '19P from Basara's Custom... so there would be definite re-use potential of the new moulds! I'd be on board for 1x '19Kai, 2x or 3x '19P, and at least 6x S/F kits................ did I mention how much I love the '19 series yet?
  6. Rivets.... DOMED rivets............*has conniption* LOL jk Other than that [minor personal nit-pick] it looks outstanding!
  7. Can we get some enemy mecha in 1/72 please hasegawa? you already released a Battroid VF-1S, and a Gerwalk VT-102............. I need a Regult for my Diorama... just saying... and I can't afford to miss a mortgage payment for one of RTKF's excellent offerings..............*mutters about responsibility and adulting* OH, and [obligatory] VF17's and VF-171's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Odd... I always thought Salt&Vinnegar chips was a Canadian thing, like Ketchup chips...
  9. I've always wondered exactly how much of a difference Comanche's stealth effort made to it's detectability.
  10. well... they have to pretend they're relevant somehow... LOL It's an acronym: PAK FA - Russian: ПАК ФА, short for: Перспективный авиационный комплекс фронтовой авиации, romanized: Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii, literal translation: ''prospective aeronautical complex of front-line air forces'' She has no other name that I'm aware of either. but the Russians typically don't do the whole "Official cool name for morale" thing anyway, do they? I know they do the "Unofficial nickname" thing though, for example: Mig-21 is the Balalaika. for NATO reporting names, they seem to like "fulcrum" and "flanker", however the unflattering ones they just never even acknowledge.
  11. The '21 has wing-warping technology, why wouldn't she do the same with the rudders? also the 3-D Thrust-vectoring might negate the need for a large rudder surface/large range of movement if they are all-moving.
  12. slide

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Agreed, now to paint-up a '31A in her colours... with the '31C Head!
  13. it's been a while, but IIRC the pointed cross is the AUN symbol. It likely morphed into that from the earlier one as the UN conquered parts of the AUN. by the time zero happend it's kind of implied by Nora [and that creepy old doctor in the chair] that 'Operation Capture the Bird-Human' is the AUN's last-gasp as any sort of offensive military force... but that could've just been their faction... which had a squadron of SV-51's, a submarine VF-Carrier, and the aforementioned creepy-protoculture-obsessed doctor... which implies to me that the force we meet in Zero is, in fact, the AUN's main force [or what's left of it]
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