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  1. Ordered 2... gonna steal that second Dragonskull for a '31A
  2. Well, BandaiNamco published Macross30, so we should pester them about it!
  3. the original NGE always struck me as more of a "Frustrated to the point of madness/depression" rather than hateful... which only drove him deeper into his spiral as he realised his work was merely feeding the otaku he was ridiculing exactly what they wanted: anime-boobs, hyper-violence, and an escape from our reality through a window into a worse one.
  4. Resins also tend to get hot as the chemical reactions take place...
  5. You know, I wish that weren't true... but such is the state of things
  6. Marketing departments the world over take note: that was the perfect amount of 'WTF' !! looks like a fun ride.
  7. As the universe intended!
  8. People who work for HG do... they should be subjected to it Clockwork Orange style
  9. the old tricks are the best tricks. If one is not following the above advice, and treating data protection with seriousness, you're going to lose the game.
  10. I was stoked, then the words "episodic release" slammed my wallet shut
  11. Imagine, making the skin for a super-sonic-aircraft out of PLASTIC might've been a longevity issue... [I know it's REALLY high-tech plastic, but still lol] Every week I'm presented with more and more evidence as to why the Russians put the Su-57 on hold: they're waiting for the USA to fix these same, Stealth-related problems they've encountered so they can cyber-espionage the fixes into their own fighters/production-lines...
  12. if aftermarket parts are available, I need a set or two!
  13. If MEK doesn't do it for you, you're probably s-o-l [in my experience]
  14. ... This is an incredibly appealing philosophy! I think I shall adopt it...
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