Interview Questions for May’n for AFA 2011

[We’re eighteen days away from May’n’s Key Club appearance, I myself cannot wait. I thought it’d be a good time to continue the hype. Everyone planning on going should get their tickets soon and make sure that we show our Macross singers some love for the rare times they actually come to the U.S.

Some time last year Vanpang collected some questions from MW members to ask during his interview with May’n. Together with other MW members (James Wong, Ikhii, Rei) he was lucky enough to have a sitdown with the Galactic Fairy herself]

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MacrossWorld Contest: May’n Concert Tickets

EDIT: The announcement of the winners have been moved up to May 25th.

I have 4 pairs of tickets to give away. 2 pairs for each of the 2 venues that is currently scheduled in the US leg of May’n’s World Tour (Rock Your Beats). One is at the Key Club in Los Angeles and the other is at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.

Click at the banner to the right or in the forums for more info on the tour and anything related to May’n in the USA.


1. You must be in California to enter.

2. To enter for the bay area show, you must live in Northern California (above the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

3. To enter for the Los Angeles area show, you must live in Southern California (below the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

4. To ensure that a current active member wins a ticket for each of the venue, you must be already signed up before this post and you must have above 100 posts by the date of the drawing.

5. Any registered member is eligible for the other pair of tickets (for each venue), so you can register one hour before the drawing and you are eligible. Anyone caught making duplicate accounts just to enter will be automatically banned. (Duplicate accounts are not allowed per TOU.)

6. Winners will be announced on May 25, 8pm PST.

7. Winners must provide Name, Email address, and Street Address thru PM within 48 hours of drawing, so make sure you check this thread on or soon after the 25th of May. Alternate names will be drawn just in case the winners fail to contact me within the time allotment. Name and email will be forwarded to May’n’s concert promoters and by entering the contest, the winners agree on these terms.

8. Tickets are non-transferable. These are WILL-CALL tickets and you will be asked for ID at the show.

To enter just post your mailing zip code  on this thread.

Images of the 1:1 Scale VF-25 from GA Graphic

From GA comes the first pics of the 1:1 scale VF-25 Messiah display. Now stare at the pics while I wipe the drool of my keyboard…sglokijuxdtcrgyhijuok;lpkojygfu[lntyjo0u ctjiyuh87tg6fred3wtygfr6hjkhy87xzededstyvuyytvrezxtghfyvjuikouhytregyhikohuy7tyfgetgyhjuikohuytgfvtryhujikouhytfgtyhujihy7tgtgyhuijhy87tr6grrtyghuj

See GA article here.

New Forum Member Reports In From 30th Anniversary Celebration

[New member “antibiotictab” posted this here. ]

I have just come back from Shibuya.
I could get the numbered ticket of Mikimoto-san’s autograph session.


You know this building. Well, Parco is not this one.

After taking the picture above, I went to Parco Part 1. About 40 fans were waiting then.
In the venue, Taking pictures are prohibited. I rewatched the web site couldn’t find out such a rule…

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Interview with May’n during AFA 09, Singapore

[Editor’s note: I’ve been meaning to post our very own member Vanpang and Ikhii’s interviews on the front page since day one. In celebration of May’n’s World Tour and it’s US leg, I guess there’s no better time than now to get to it. Next week will be his 2011 follow up. Better late than never...]

The Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA 2009) was held at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore on the 21st and 22nd November 2009.  AFA09 spanned over 5,000 square metres of floorspace at the convention hall and is the biggest anime convention in South East Asia.  The AFA09 organizers managed to get an impressive list of famous artistes and personalities in the anime industry to participate in AFA09. Those personalities included Nakabayashi Mei (aka “May’n”), Yoshiki Fukuyama, Ichirou Mizuki, Shoko Nakagawa (aka “Shoko-Tan”), Kaname, Danny Choo and Director Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars)

Macrossworld members ikhii and vanpang had an opportunity to interview May’n. However we regret to inform that we did not manage to interview Yoshiki Fukuyama due to uninformed changes of his schedule at the very last minute.

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