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New Forum Member Reports In From 30th Anniversary Celebration

[New member “antibiotictab” posted thisĀ here. ]

I have just come back from Shibuya.
I could get the numbered ticket of Mikimoto-san’s autograph session.


You know this building. Well, Parco is not this one.

After taking the picture above, I went to Parco Part 1. About 40 fans were waiting then.
In the venue, Taking pictures are prohibited. I rewatched the web site couldn’t find out such a rule…

After watching the exhibition, I went upstairs and reached at a chinese restaurant. There were Ranka’s standing signboard.

And VF-1’s and Vrlitwhai’s ones.

I bought these goodies. I didn’t expect to buy a Valkirie’s plastic model, but Tenjin-san’s autograph on the box. These are the April 26th’s exclusive ones and have been already sold out.

There were 2 westerners speaking English in the venue. Might be the members of MW.

[As to which Save replies that the two westeners were him and Renato.]