May’n in the USA!!!

UPDATE: Tour dates have just been announced via May’n Japanese Twitter account and fanclub email magazine:


Thursday, June 21

Key Club, Los Angeles

Doors: 6:30pm

Start: 7:30pmVIP ticket price: $100 (limit 100 – includes autograph session with May’n)

Regular ticket price: $40 (advance) / $50 (same day)


Saturday, June 23 
(*special afternoon show!)

Yoshi’s, San Francisco 1:30pm

Start: 2:30pm

VIP ticket price: $100 (limit 100 – includes autograph session with May’n)
Regular ticket price: $40 (advance) / $50 (same day)


SEPT. 7: Germany

SEPT. 16: Korea

SEPT. 23: Hong Kong

Meanwhile, a May’n USA Twitter account has been created to keep American fans updated. Follow her on!/Mayn_USA

An Industry source has just contacted us to say that there will be a May’n announcement for fans within the US. May’n, of course, is Sheryl Nome’s singing voice in Macross Frontier. Whether this will be a concert, appearance or some sort of media release  will be revealed at the end of March*, so stay tune…

*see top for update.

Super Robot Wars Z Hen World, now with more BOMBA!!!

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released a new simulation RPG for the PSP, the “Super Robot Wars Z Hen world again” second.

The new version to be released April 5 will feature Basara and Gamlin, as well as Alto.

The video should be set up to start where the Fire Bomber himself appears and then watch Gamlin destroy a Vajra. Rewind to see Alto.


Thread Spotlight: Macross Collection Display

izzyfcuk's display

As a way to show off our proud members’ various collections, a thread dedicated to displaying their toys, models, statues and misc. memorabilia was started by Kirik. Take a fascinating look at how collectors keep their hobbies within sight. From modest to madness, vintage to modern.

More samples after the break:

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Bandai SD Infinty VF-25F

Here’s one of the most overlooked toys in the Macross line in recent years. Released around September 2010, it’s the first and only transformable SD toy that we’ve seen from any Macross line since the Joke machines. Below is an excellent youtube review by Peaugh, whose reviews are more known around the Transformers circuit, so keep the pitchforks down as he calls them “veritechs” at the end.

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