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『頭文字D』より未来、西暦202X年。 車の自動運転が普及した日本。  そんな時代に、公道の自動車レースが開催されていた。 世界中で人気を集めるレースの名はMFG。 ポルシェ、フェラーリ、ランボルギーニなど最速を誇る マシンが次々に参戦していた。  一方、イギリスのレーシングスクールを卒業したドライバー、 片桐夏向(カナタ・リヴィントン)は、ある目的を果たすため 日本に帰国するのであった―。

Future from "Initial D", 202X AD. Japan where automatic driving of cars has become widespread.  At that time, car races on public roads were held. The name of the race that is gaining popularity all over the world is MFG. Boasting the fastest such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini Machines were competing one after another.  Meanwhile, a driver who graduated from a British racing school, Katagiri Natsumukai (Kanata Rivington) to achieve a certain purpose She returned to Japan.






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They can keep the Eurobeat, but there better be some Noisy Tribe/M.O.V.E. tracks as well!  Don't know that I'm up for a "retool" of a classic, to me, anime.  Before Bunta would allow auto-driving cars on his pass, he would have kamikazed the WRX.  I don't necessarily need a continuation of Tak or KT, but without a Fujiwara connection can it hold the magic?  Feels more like a Midnight Wangan series over Initial D; still I'll give it a fair run-down.  Should have gone with the new Supra instead of the BRZ/86; while doing so sticks with the old formula, it also automatically waters down the other drivers of the Porsches, Lamborghini's, and Ferarri's.  Here's a C class car completely destroying A class cars; the original did a much better job of keeping the competition stiff but achievable, this is just bonkers for anyone who can actually drive, which given what it would cost to keep those vehicles road worthy, these fools can afford track time.  

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