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Arcadia VF-1 Gunpod missing :(


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(Note to mods: I read a bit rules and FAQs and was unable to pinpoint the best place to post this, as it would fit several other forums, feel free to remove/move/edit this post if required and apologies in advance)


Just a few days ago I joined this wonderful world/club of "Valkyrie owner", with a very nice Arcadia 1/60 VF-1S (w/ Strike Parts). The lovely folks at my country customs decided to remove the Gunpod... and now I'm sad :(

I've contacted HLJ, but since the product is SoldOut/Discontinued, they can't help on the matter, and looks Arcadia only deals with Japanese customers.

What are my options?


- So far I've scoured every buy/sell website or forums (including this one), and unable to find someone selling it (Yamato's would be "compatible" with Arcadia, right?)

- Are "spare parts" or replacement service where I could buy one?

- Has anyone 3D-printed it?

- Any other options that you can come up to help in this situation?

- To the mods, should I x-post this to other forums like Workshop? (didn't want to spam)


Any help, tip or suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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On 11/18/2017 at 2:48 PM, Ignacio Ocamica said:

Shoot me a pm I can send you one of mine.

Free of charge.


After a couple weeks waiting, Roy now is facing the Andes Mountains, wondering and wishing the best to his benefactor (and military supplier)


Thanks a lot Ignacio Ocamica, you are a wonderful human being micronian


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5 hours ago, Arkham said:

Santiago, Chile

Ignacio sent the Gunpod from the other side of the Andes Mountain, from Buenos Aires, Argentina


Haha, I was thinking “Damn, there are more cities as ugly as Santiago” but it was the real stuff xD

Cheers from Valparaíso!

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