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MAC MK II Monster, 3D printed at 1:285 scale


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There is a sketchup file floating around for the MAC MK II monster. I've been working on it to make it 3D printable for a while. Then about a month or so ago, grimmindustries on thingiverse put out an articulated version.



(note the other monster pictures in wip 2-21-16 was from Macross VOXP)

I had printed out a prototype of the original file for the torso in ABS on my Raise3d N2 printer.




many print issues, the door ended up breaking off. I was working on fixing it up.

grimm put out his version and I tried rescaling it down but it wasn't reliable enough to get the scale correct. the parts didn't fit together right.


I discovered though I could import the STL files back into sketchup and rescale it in there.


Layed out the parts and printed them off. Far cheaper then shapeways.



Ended up having to super glue it together because the parts were still too loose and I had to use a dremal tool on a number of the joint sockets to make them fit.

Made an 80mm base for it.


I laid out a battle force of the various factions I have stuff for to take some pictures.


Did a Monster verse BT as well to show the scale of it to BT mechs


Close up of it before I painted it.


and painted.


It still has many issues which have to do with how my printer is printing it, I'm working on enhancing the torso section by splitting it in two. The joint parts in his model don't fit in their sockets completely. Not sure if it is an issue with my printer or his model. I am going to add details below the loading door and add in the front access door in the front.

Here is how I split the original in two to fix it,




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