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Back to MWF project No 2: 1/48 2-seat structure for VT and VE type


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Back to MWF project No 2: 1/48 2-seat structure for VT and VE type

Cost me a while to complete the design and intial testing. Still got some trimming to do but roughly there it is.

Now working on the canopy and may redesign the nose (shorten it a bit) and will integrate with my previous VE-1 design and paint a prototype.

Special thanks given to claude grant

Bud, thanks for always being supportive. Without your encouragement, I dont think I have the momentum to go to this step!

To all buds, comments are welcome and help me bump!!



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A very interesting project! Work looks great so far!

Thanks man for your kind words.

Civilian VF-1 from Dynamite?

After the VE-1, I will surely think about that.

Man, long time no hear from, but it looks like you've been on the case! Good to see that you've revived this and other projects for the 1/48. And as usual I can't wait for the final results...this just looks so awesomely promising right now! Make this happen G-Dub and you got my ducats!

Thanks man for your great support. This time I have a very nice tool and support backup and will accomplish this project as quickly as possible.

Wow awesome project!!! A shorter nosecone would improve this VE/VT. Keep the pics coming. Will you redesign the tailfins?

Thanks brother. Your work always impress me and thanks for your support.

Actually I have completed the tailfin design and posted in a previous thread. Now I am resizing the VE-1 head (my previous design is a bit small) and find a proper way to fix the fast pack mount. Kindly stay tuned.

The Possibility of a 1/48 VT-1 & VE-1 makes my day!! B))

Thanks man. I will make it ready as soon as possible.

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