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Damn you, anisong!

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Because the figure thread has dredged up the Moon Phase opening theme from the dark place in my brain where I had buried it, I am thinking about other anime songs that have proven almost impossible to dislodge. For a long time, the Chobits opening theme was probably the biggest offender for me, but it has recently been superceded by the ending to Unbreakable Machine Doll. I cannot stop hearing that song!

So, for better or worse, what are the biggest anisong earworms that have afflicted you over the years? They don't have to be good or bad... just maddeningly catchy.

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i can certainly relate to that ED from Machine Doll. and so do my cats.

i was also previously plagued by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI_fgwbmJg0

and some point there was a severe tuturu infestation





not catchy per the examples given, but this would go on endless loops on my player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uEijbCpAAA

and of course, there's cyberbird.

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Lately, just about every song and BGM from Girls und Panzer.

Funny you should mention it - just a couple of days ago I got "Enter Enter Mission" stuck in my head totally out of nowhere.

I guess I never paid enough attention to the BGM, but I was always so disappointed by the opening to that show. I adore Choucho's work as an utaite, but DreamRiser just leaves me cold.

Really enjoying everything posted here. To me, a super-catchy tune can be like a bottle brush to clean out the brain... once it has run its course, anyhow.

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Then please don't listen to the ending of Witch Craft Works. The series itself is pretty dire but the ending theme is ridiculously catchy. Months have passed and I still find myself singing 'witchy, witchy' without the slightest provocation

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