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I was just saying how I'd pass up the figma version for a 1/6th kit... now I want both...

Thanks Marzan! That is pretty kick ass! Do these RAH figs come with different faces or heads?

I really wouldn't know. It's the first time I see one these Medicom ones in this scale.

It will cost the bucketload of 23.600 yen, so it better be state of the art stuff.

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If Mikasa is like any of the newer RAH's for medicom she should come with interchangeable faces/ heads and some spare hands. While it would be nice if the 3DMG had some gimmicks to it I doubt medicom would implement something like that. Prove me wrong medicom! And for $240 she better come with the green survey corps cloak.

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So they have a different head. It's funny that her look barely changes because that's about as emotional as her face gets. If I get it I'd probably make 2 more heads where her hair is flowing full force depending on the direction she's flying on her 3DMGs.

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All the pics were in the link, those were just my favorite. Looks like the extra face is a limited edition for the first run.

Initial production limited bonus:
-Optional face part (sidelong glance ver.)

-PVC head part comes in 3 types (2 regular types, 1 initial production limited type) and 2 front hair types!
-Set includes Survey Corps mantle suiting the realistically made military uniform!
-The blade part of 3D maneuver gear can be attached or, and removed!
-Set includes optional hand parts and articulated figure stand!

Went ahead and PO'd mine.

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I'm almost positive that they'll have food accessories for Sasha... now if they had weaponry with Hanji, that'd be awesome...


Levi Nendoroid!

Also, now Eren Figma figures are sold out from all retailers and Good Smile online stores. They'll rerelease him like the Mikasa for sure but man... these figures are gonna be hard to find.

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Anyone else read Chapter 51? BIG reveal (if I read it correctly at least).

Has it come out yet?

Maybe you're mistaking it with the sidestory manga "Before the Fall" which is about the

birth of a child amongst Titan vomit?

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