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Take-Off VF-1 Valkyrie

Capt Hungry

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Wow! This is cool. :hail:

Dunno if this has been posted or pointed out before, apologies if it has. Found this link while looking for info or pics regarding the VF1-G from the Master File book. This is over at GundamModelKits.com.


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It has been posted before. Some of the folks are trying to get me to make his into a kit in 1/60 scale. It's still cool as hell though.

I kinda figured it probably had.........but I was struck by it's sheer awesomeness. 1/60th scale would be pretty cool though.


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Yeah, my garage looks like the trash compactor in Star Wars!

So you graduated from the same school of garage management as me then.

I blame the very recent house move on mine.

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How about something in a much smaller scale, and transforms, and has it's own fully custom hanger? Oh yeah, forgot to mention it also has lights, but I have to find that pic.


WOW! What scale is that? You know why I (generally) hate small scale aircraft/aerospace fighters? No detail. But, I LOVE that. If all 1/100 and 1/144 kits were like that, I'd build them too.


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