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VF-0 or VF-1 (includes variants) which do you like better?

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If there was ever a remake of the original series, I wouldn't be opposed to the VF-0 design being slightly redesigned and retconned as the VF-1.


I'd have to completely disagree with you there. Not only because I prefer the VF-1 design but also because I feel the VF-1 deserves to be shown off with a fancy CG model to really do justice to the design, like the original series never truly did. I know we've had short clips of updated VF-1s like in the second Frontier movie and in All that VF but I would love some extended fight scenes within the framework of a series. I wouldn't mind a few tweaks but it would be great if they stayed faithful to the original.

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I would agree with you, if it wasn't for the "slipping joints" issue in its backstory.

I just ignore that inconsequential bit of back story filler on the grounds that the VF-3000 is so damn bad ass.

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