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Macross Last Frontier for PS3

UN Spacy

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I'm talking about the actual execution of melee attacks. You might as well paint a big target on yourself just about any time you go in for one. As for Assault survive, Exia can hover too, learn the controls :)

Well like I said before VS is more like fighting games, with attack/step cancel, feint and advanced split-second combo stuff (at least for melee units). Melee is indeed very risky, but it discouraged player from recklessly charging the enemy like a (good non-button mashing) fighting games. Not really matter for long range units though. And yeah, I know about Exia can hover, it's just that it should never ever have walking animation :p

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has anyone got a copy yet?

I'd answer that question, but apparently you aren't reading posts to begin with....

As for everyone else, how far have you progressed? I've got all 12 the red missions SS ranked, with only the first blue SS ranked. I've still got 4 trophies left to unlock, no sign of the white YF-29 or the Sheryl/Ranka Koenig monster. Has anyone translated the trophies yet?

P.S. Ultimate Mode...omg. The last wave of Vajra in the second mission is lethal. Even when I survive them I still run out of time with 2 or 3 left...grrr. Should probably skip that one for now and see if I can clear any other missions in ultimate.

Never mind, found it myself. Here's a machine translation of the trophy requirements:

If missions finish, come for return.

Missions "イツワリノウタヒメ" were cleared.

It is a wind to wings! It is a song to the Galaxy!

missions -- "-- good-bye, ノツバサ " was cleared.

Taking, it is the bonus which protected us.

Missions "reverse side and イツワリノウタヒメ" were cleared.

Even as for when, a miracle will be occurring if everybody calls!

missions -- "-- reverse side - good-bye, ノツバサ " was cleared.

it is work -- it cannot return today

50 or more were the total number of sorties.

now, he can sleep and is my friend -- good-bye -- だ -- we will meet again

1500 or more were the total number of shooting down.

You cannot be called a princess any longer.

All the missions were cleared by S or more ranks.

Probably, there is no reason for depositing a life with amateur something.

Play time turned into 5 hours or more.

Because the Galaxy is shaken and shown in the song of アタシ!

The number of missile launches became 5000 or more shots.

Me .... He likes Mr. Alto!

All the missions were cleared by SS rank.

I want you to call it なら and a 空飛ぶ pro at any rate.

Play time turned into 10 hours or more.

.... Oh, -- Galaxy is trembling. --

The number of missile launches became 10000 or more shots.

Secret Trophies

The wings are ヴァルキュリア.

All the ultimate missions were cleared.

and the original text if someone wants to do a better translation.

























Secret Trophies



The missile & playtime trophies will be easy enough to get while trying to SS all the blue missions. The ultimate mode...I need to see if the rest of the missions are as bad as the second.

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3 Trophies to go, I'm only an hour away from the 10 hours one. Ultimate mode is definately going to be tough, at least for Michel's mission. The good news is that the blue versions aren't as dififcult. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure whoever programmed Sad Sniper from Ace Frontier did both Ulitmate versions of this second mission. You know, the sick f^ck who thinks it's hilairous to send hordes of missile launching small Vajra & uber strong beam cannon firing Large Vajra at the poor 25G. I hate that guy so much!!

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Beat both versions of the MIchel mission, and as previously stated, it was "hard." Probably the hardest ultimate mode mission in the game. I still have two more red missions to finish on ultimate, then about 8 more in blue. After that, it's just a matter of figuring out how to SS the blue missions (have the first one at least), and that's a wrap. I'm fairly certain at this point that there's no white YF-29, as there's still no sign of it.

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You guys need to stop convoluting things. The Vs engine:

-Federation Vs Zeon

-Gundam Vs Zeta

-Alliance Vs Zaft

-Alliance Vs Zaft II

-Gundam Vs Gundam,

-Gundam Vs Gundam Next

-Gundam Vs Gundam Next Plus


-Gundam Extreme Vs (current)

is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT engine from the PSP Battle series. '

-Gunam Battle Tactics

-Gundam Battle Royal

-Gundam Battle Chronicle

-Gundam Battle Universe

-Gundam Assault Survive

And the Macross engine spawned from Battle Universe

-Macross Ace Frontier

-Macross Ultimate Frontier

--Macross Trial Frontier

-Macross Triangle Frontier

--Macross Last Frontier (Current).

No doubt Battle Tactics was inspired by the original Federation Vs Zeon's home version campaign mode, but it's an entirely different play engine that spawned all later PSP Gundam Battle Games & Ace Frontier, with subsequent Macross games using a very much customized "Macross-centric' engine. To put it bluntly, to call Last (or even Trial) Frontier simply "upsized PSP games" is to completely ignore all the love that went the all new HD renders for the Valkyries, Vajra & capitol ships. These are far from the PSP models, which while great for that hardware, don't have a quarter of the detail that's in the PS3 versions. You also imply that the Vs engine is superior, which is debatlable as far as Gundam is concerned, but flat out wrong in regards to a Macross game. The Vs engine excells at one thing, high speed arcadey matches. The Battle/Macross Engine has full misson based levels, in depth weapon selection (you're stuck with your standard loadouts in VS) and upgradability, you fight targets as small as gun turrets and as large as the captiol ships they're attatched too, etc. Vs as of current (haven't played Extreme yet) still has cramped single stages that focus more of simple shoot & dodge mechanics than anything else. While the addition of charged attacks has been nice in the Vs games (Gundam X's satellite cannon for exmaple), melee is still trash, and mobile armor/transformable suits are still based on dash meter hogging dash moves rather than true transformations (like in the Battle/Macross games).

My point is, Macross wouldn't work with the VS engine, missiles would have to be simplified to crap like in the first VFX or Robotech Battlecry (a simple burst of missiles with each button tap), and transformations would be locked into battroid except for when you double tap dash. Fighter would be fairly useless with that engine, and I don't see how they'd pull off the necessit for Gerwalk. While the original Battle Tactics was an archaic slight improvement on the old mission based Fed vs Zeon campaign mode, it's evolved into very deep show re-enacting scenario missions. As of current, the Vs games still have a tiny roster, while the last several Gundam Battle games have still had a couple hundred plus Mobile Suits, and the PSP Macross games have been prety comprehensive as well in regards to pilot & mecha choices.

Basically, smaller stages, stock pilot/mecha choices, crap melee attacks, and twitch gameplay = Vs

Deeper missions, bigger stages, bigger variety in enemy type and variety, awesome weapon selection and usage (ITANO FREAKIN' CIRCUS), SP attacks, suppeort characters, smart-ish A.I. wingmen, custom soundtracks, fast packs/armor, etc, Macross/Battle/Assault engine.

Again, actually take a look at last frontier, while it does slow down a bit (still a demo build afterall, all the fine detail in vernier control, wing lights, missile ports opening & launching, fast pack usage and ejections level detail, and the freakin' flak coming off of those Vajra ships. Hell, even the launch scenes which have custom animation depending on whether you're in the atmosphere & space are beautiful. You guys are acting like this is Another Century Episode with its shite old school clunky control scheme. Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy the Vs gamees, but if you think about it seriously, that won't work for Macross at all. And nothing I've seen of Extreme so far makes me think it's prettier than Tiral & Last Frontier.

All you are describing is simply just different game design but there is no reason in what you describe above why both series of games cant be running from the same game engine. The use of an engine for one game dosnt inidicate that that is all it can do - just like how Batman Arkham City (open world beat em up), Gears of War (small area TPS) and Kinect Sports (motion controlled crap) are all from the Unreal Engine.

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Except that Japanese game engines tend to be designed to run speicifc games, as opposed to the more western idea of a general engine build with general applications. This is why Kojima's upcoming "Fox Engine" is unique being designed for multiple applications from teh ground up.

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For those of us without the game, can somebody please post a pic of what Ozma's YF-29 looks like in fighter mode.

Hope it still has the big skull on the back.


It does have the big skull, but I don't have the means of taking any decent pictures. Speaking of which, has anyone else been playing? Right now I've cleared all of the red missions with SS & Ultimate, but I still need 10 SS & 4 Ultimate clears on the blue character missions. Also, I did at some point get the custome Sheryl/Ranka art for the Koenig Monster, though I have no idea when I did, and it switches logo's where other mecha switch fast packs. Still no sign of a cannon fodder or white YF-29 though.

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I think Renato mentioned he had a magazine with pics of the alternate YF-29 color scheme(s). Scans please?

Oh, and do you get to play Isamu's VF-19 in this game? That would be super cool!

Oh and any VF-171 or VF-171EX in the game? That might sway me towards buying it and a PS3.


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Hi, look at this video that sorata posted.

...thanx..man im so glad i picked up the limited edition hybrid pack..it should arrive to my house on thursday..but i wont be able to play it till saturday afternoon when i return home..

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There are no playable VF-171's, but they do appear in launch scenes. There's currently no VF-19, unless you get it for clearing everything with an SS or in Ultimate mode, and I think those magazine pic's of the white YF-29 were to hide the existence of the Ozma type, unless you get it for clearing everything with an SS & Ultimate mode. And UN Spacy, therea are 12 levels, not 10, you're not playing hard enough! Sounds like you've only played the blue version of the stages too.

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There are no playable VF-171's, but they do appear in launch scenes. There's currently no VF-19, unless you get it for clearing everything with an SS or in Ultimate mode, and I think those magazine pic's of the white YF-29 were to hide the existence of the Ozma type, unless you get it for clearing everything with an SS & Ultimate mode. And UN Spacy, therea are 12 levels, not 10, you're not playing hard enough! Sounds like you've only played the blue version of the stages too.

so r u digging the game so far?...whats ur thoughts on it?

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My thoughts are that I can't wait to see a full PS3/Vita game using these graphics. In general, it looks like they listened to the fan outcry that liked the Ultimate version of the engine over Triangle's altered missile lock system, and kept the higher dififculty too. It's everything you love about the PSP games, plus everything you wish was there with modern graphics & two analog stick control.

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Thanks for posting the video, although it's difficult to tell what color Ozma's YF-29 is, unless it's supposed to be Matrix green :p


It's pretty much the color of Aegis Focker's flight suit.

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Err..........yeah right, after all these years since I last played VF-X2, like I can remember what color Aegis's flight suit is!!!

Not really helping..........LOL!


Let me help you with that ;)


Oh and here's a video of a mission where Ozma appears with his YF-29, you can see it clearly in fighter mode.

I wanted to see it in battroid mode like in this one but hopeflly someone will upload a video using it instead of fighting against it.

Ozma's YF-29 appears at 4:40

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Guess any chance of a larger field map would be in a full PS3 version. If it'll ever happen.

I doubt that as long as they keep this engine/format for Macross games. I wish we could see some multiplayer focused Battlefield style games for the franchise for a change.

Re last Frontier

Ooh, finally damage maps on ships other than the Thurvel-Salan!

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