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The 1940s Superman series by Max Fleischer will always be the best Superman cartoon ever made (sorry, but Bruce Timm's version can't hold a candle to it), but this new fan-made animation comes very close. It even features the voice of John Haymes Newton (from season 1 of the 1980s Superboy TV series) as Clark Kent.

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Watched it, loved it. They style is perfect. I never liked the Justice League take on Superman. Which is odd, cause they copied the Batman: TAS look which I positivity loved.

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Gee whillikers super man, that was awful swell!

Amaizing and timeless work, and the style is so fitting with the '40s look. Here is a guy who truly deserves to have his work recognized by someone at one of the networks or cable stations in a position of power, and given a chance to flesh this out into a full blown series, without the all-too-common corporate soul wrenching interference for lowest common denominator marketability.

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