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Official Macross posters


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On 10/9/2018 at 8:05 AM, jvmacross said:

I guess it is true that poster collecting has pretty much fallen out of favor....guessing that display space has a lot to do with it.  I myself have more or less stopped acquiring most of them.

Currently, I just try to go for promo prosters, like that of the Bandai DX -1J, but only for items I actually collect.

I will still pick up any vintage Macross posters I do not have, which at this point only happen to be vintage promotional posters as well!


For example, here is another vintage Shogakukan poster I found recently....promoting the upcoming release of their DYRL books!



The poster is very similar in design to the one used to promo the film itself.....note that the Shogakukan promo poster finally gets around to adding DYRL-style character pics even though the SDF-1 is still depicted as the TV-style version on both....



...this DYRL promo flyer still keeps the TV SDF-1, but manages to toss in Hikaru and Minmay in DYRL-style outfits...



A few more Shogakukan promo posters.....




This one promoting the legendary DYRL "Gold Book"...



I would love to hear about the story. Behind the topless poster. Was it recalled?

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