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Well you can add my VF-0A to the list of.......


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You aint ever lying! I thought about commissioning a kit just to have this as part of my collection. Sure hope it is released in the 1/60 M-Zero stuff!



With EXO's kit in mind and how much it costs, are you prepared to plonk down an extra 2 - 300 on that as well? :lol::wacko:

Yamato has to be kind to us...

First i thought i as only happy with Shin's 0A, but i'm really needing Roy's 0S in my display , it's just such a beautiful design and scheme.

So i won't be holding out for Reactive combo anymore. :p

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The VF-0A Shin, Ghost Combo is now listed as " IN STOCK " at HLJ, is it safe to assume that this is now PROBLEM FREE? :unsure:

beat me to it... its been there at hlj for a couple of days now... was hoping this would become available locally... if it was, i'd be getting this instead of the 1A... now i'm not too sure... :huh:

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I feel bad for the people who are considering buying the vf-0 but aren't aware of the shoulder problem. what a rip.

yamato should just release a new vf-0 line/with fixes in a distinctive box and give free fixed arm to dealers with the old vf-0 in stock.

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Well, if these are factory new, they should be fixed right? Unless someone dusted off a box that's been sitting in the warehouse for a while. :unsure: I'm mostly planning to keep it in fighter mode anyway so if it was old stock it wouldn't kill me. Either way, I'll report here when I know more.

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yamato should just release a new vf-0 line/with fixes in a distinctive box and give free fixed arm to dealers with the old vf-0 in stock.

Totally agree with that. Ebay buyers should watch out though since nothing is going to stop a guy from just chucking an old version in a new box. :p

Well we've all been screaming for yamato to put some kind of factory seal on boxes as a way to discourage that kind of thing but nobody listens....

Just like with the pressure to give us the side parts for 1/60 VF-1 as standard......:(

Maybe when v3 comes out. lol

But they have reacted to some stuff:

-smaller boxes,

-more tampo printing instead of stickers

-hands that are manly and beefy

-better QC

so it's not all bad.

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Well, my VF0A Shin arrived yesterday (from HLJ) and all is well - no cracks in the shoulders or other damage that I could find. No problems with the fast-pack magnets and the feet aren't too loose. That being said, this isn't a toy that I would want to transform often as I can see some parts wearing out sooner rather than later. The only real complaint would be the hands, as they are barely able to hold the gunpod.

If anyone else buys one and transforms it for the first time; don't bother with the rotating cockpit/seat feature. I managed to break off the instrument panel when I tried to rotate it back going from battroid to fighter mode. Since I have a fair bit of experience building models it was no big deal to fix but it wasn't something I wanted to see that's for sure! Also, don't waste any time on the Ghost's landing gear. It just takes a lot of time and effort to get it out and even more time to retract properly if you want to be able to close the doors afterward.

So, as far as I can see it's safe to purchase but keep in mind that I've only transformed it once. I don't know how things will stand up for the long-term. This is definitely not a kid's toy designed for daily play though.


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Glad to know your VF-0A is OK. Will have to wait now if it will become locally available here, problem is, If I'll be getting this, will be forced to complete the zero line ( atleast the main characters ) by getting the Ivanov....

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