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  1. I didn't want to but I had to! As long as I don't get forced to pay up front. Very big month of spending already!
  2. Excellent! This is what I suspected. I think the stock photo they are using for the LE is the original announcement photo which differs from the newer final product photos (which may have helped to confuse).
  3. Well there is 1 less at CD Japan (I also didn't see a remaining quantity) since I just ordered. I assume it is the normal LE and not a watered down LE as per above comment. If not I will get a sudden attack of the sads.
  4. You should donate it to the Games-Ranch Macross Fans to squabble over!
  5. Yeah It seemed a bit sparse without the stickers. I'm used having lots of tampos I guess. Oh and I see what you mean about the hip intake. I just had a look and the peg had popped out (possibly when I was messing around stickering it up). I popped the peg back in (without any fuss) and it seems pretty flush now, nothing to complain about anyhow.
  6. Not enough pics on this page so have at my re-retconned "Shinskullkudo311" VF-0A in front of my 2008 re issue Roy VF-0S Still tempted to weather the VF-0A but that will be a weekend job.
  7. Got my Re issue VF-0A yesterday. Very pleased with it. Looks fantasic in fighter mode on display next to the 0S in Battroid mode. Can't comment on the exploding arms as it will never transform from fighter mode but at least they are appear to still be intact. I have retconned the retcon and it is now a Shinskullkudo311. Thinking about weathering it too.
  8. Exclusives will put a big dent in my collecting. I can't see myself jumping through many hoops and paying top dollar at the same time. All I hope is any yet to be released 1/60's are available through general release. I will be very displeased if a VF-17 etc comes out as a limited exclusive.
  9. Looks like the 0A is hitting stores now. I just got my payment request from AmiAmi. Thankfully the Au$ has recovered around 5c against the Yen in the past week.
  10. Oh wow! Now I want one. I would never transform it but it is nice option to have. Very nice scheme indeed.
  11. What's the go with the release dates? It seems like the 0S is out but not the 0A? This delay has cost me quite a sum of money I would imagine. No more half price EMS and the Yen has strengthened something serious in the past few days against the AU$
  12. I saw the Tornado on the Michael in one of those pics, What are the odds of a Tornado Michael pack being released? Sort of hoping they re issue the Michael and Luca again with some of these new bolt on parts. I never picked these two up and they are pretty much discontinued now. Seems like an easy cash in for Bandai (maybe after they have pillaged peoples wallets with the web exclusives).
  13. Funny you should say this. I just grabbed 7 off ebay! $1.99au a piece I don't think I can really go wrong. I do love my flightpose/flexi's but I just can't spring for anymore.
  14. Here I was thinking I could forget about this line and just concentrate on new molds this year... Non FP version for me. I can always use the Hikky from out of my Armoured 1J if I feel like it.
  15. The 2008 Re Release of the VF-0S (non Ghost) is fine so I can't see why this re release would be busted unless Yamato has found some "Very Old" warehouse stock. VF-0A on the other hand.... I'm going to assume they are ok but will wait for others to be the testers.
  16. S type Blue and Gold all the way! We are getting ahead of ourselves here though.
  17. Very tempted to get a VF-0A to display in fighter mode next to my '08 Re issue VF-0S but with a couple of valks on pre order, a weakening $AUD, high price point and promise of new valks this year I am going to have to put my foot down and refuse to pre order this one.
  18. Both my Max and Milia have their kneecap covers intact. I did manage to pop the cover off the Milia about 3 times when transforming... Maybe the were put on the legs and sprung off in the assembly process?
  19. I recieved mine yesterday and all I can say is wow! After putting aside the angst about potential shoulder issues, it is very nicely crafted kit rounding out my VF-1 lineup very nicely. I must say I forgot how annoying the original swing bar locking mechanism was but it's a one off transformation for me anyhow.
  20. My VT-1 has knurled pins Damnit!! Not sure where you want me to put this or if you are going to split this off into another shoulder thread but.... I just figured out you can check the hinge pins leaving the VF-1's in Fighter mode! You can see them using a little torch (or other light source): For the front pins: You can see them by looking up and in from between the intakes and the head, For the back pins: You can see them if you get your angles right by looking in through the gap where the wings fold back. The above method is pretty useless for getting a good pic but for me I was able to check all my valks for smooth or knurled pins without having to take them out of their display poses! Just thought I'd share this tip to save you all some time.
  21. Graham do you want pics of the old VF-1S Roy or just the newer valks that have lapsed back to knurled pins eg. VT-1?
  22. If you are able to change votes please also change mine from "both" to "multiples" *Note I have just placed an order with over-drive but am not confident I won't end up with more knurled pins.
  23. Well after seeing Grahams misshap with the new VF-1J GBP I found out my roys shoulders have cracked badly and are on their last legs. Also looked at my Hikky 1A and it has stress marks and my Hikky 1J is also showing signs of fatigue. Sooo.. I have ordered the following replacements: VF-1S DYRL Max hinges (for Roy) VF-1A DYRL Kaki hinges (for Hikky 1A) VF-1A TV Max hinges (for Hikky 1J) With the hope that I get shipped non knurled BS hinges as a replacement yet still have the appropriate colouring. Will update with my results in a month or so I guess....
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