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Classic Battletech.

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15 hours ago, treatment said:

Any of you guys on MWO?

I was during the open beta a couple of years ago, took a long break when they started piling on new features faster than they could be reliably playtested, and now occasionally pop in once in a while but not seriously.


I don't think I've ever been totally happy with a BT sim-style game, being much more accustomed to the rhythms of tabletop. The upcoming Harebrained Schemes turn-based game project thus has me very intrigued. And some of my money.


MWO has some of my money too, but they've long ago used that to pay for lunches.

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On 1/22/2017 at 2:45 PM, NZEOD said:

the interpretation of the Autocannons in Mech Warrior Online REALLY bug me! An IS AC20 is a single 120mm Slug, so its really a single shot Main Battle Tank gun. The Clan version on the other hand fires a burst of smaller slugs for the same total damage... but it means the damage can and will spread over a few locations which makes it way weaker!

It was a balance decision. IS tech is generally higher precision, Clan tech is higher damage while lighter. So Clan ACs fire in bursts (which is a legit lore thing, the AC5, 10, 20, etc thing was an abstraction and autocannons of the same class by different manufacturers could and would behave differently, including one huge slug versus firing a burst of smaller ones), Clan lasers burn longer but have higher damage and range for less tonnage, crit space, etc at the cost of extra heat.


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On 1/27/2017 at 3:14 AM, Atheonyirh said:

 the AC5, 10, 20, etc thing was an abstraction and autocannons of the same class by different manufacturers could and would behave differently, including one huge slug versus firing a burst of smaller ones

Piggybacking onto this, depending on how picky your gamemaster was, for tabletop you either had people who let you salvage any sort of ammo for your 'Mech from any weapon of the same type, or the ones that kept you painfully grounded in reality because you had to match the ammo to the same model of weapon or at least the same weapon manufacturer.


Yes, I ended up arguing with someone because the "soda can" micromissiles from the Spartan/Archer looked significantly different than the pointier style found in the Trebuchet/Zeus/Catapult/other Duane Loose original artworks. B))

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  • 3 years later...

This is something I've pondered for a phat minute. I know many of you hold the position that FASA, back in the day, did dirty by using the art designs imagery from the Nichomo 1/200 scale kits that 20th Century Imports was selling to various toy stores (namely, Toys R Us) back in 1984. That part of the deal is irrelevant to the topic today. Today, I want to talk about the Artist, Loose, who did the original art for TRO-3025. Back in the day, I used to think that those imagery of original Battlemechs (Not the Unseen themselves) were and would always be icon. But as I grow older, although I always kinda assumed the fact, I realize that Loose was also really lazy doing TRO 3025's art. Most, if not all the original classics, were draw using the postures emulated from the Nichomo art. I've visualized a few but I'm uncertain which units are truly original and which are truly just pure lazy artistry. I suspect some of the postures are from the other anime (manly Dougram) but I've never seen the model kits so that's pure speculation... Can someone with a better eye than I fill in the gaps for my curiosity?



Commando/Panther/Centurion/Victor/Banshee – 1/200 VF-1A Soldier

Javelin -?

Spider -?


Firestarter/Clint/Hermes II -1/200 VF-1S Battroid

Jenner -?

Assassin -?

Cicada -?

Vulcan -?

Whitworth -?

Blackjack -?

Vindicator -?

Enforcer -?

Hunchback -?



Dragon -?

Quickdraw -?

Catapult -?

Jagermech -1/200 Rifleman

Grasshopper -?

Orion -1/200 Spartan

Awesome -?

Charger -?

Zeus -?

Stalker -?

Cyclops -?

Atlas -?

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