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anime reccomendations?


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if you like comedy:

gto , gokusen, love hina, gokusen candidate for goddess

azumanga dioh


macross, gundam. gall force, buggle gum crisis, gene shaft

hardcore fantasy

lodoss wars ova and tv

scrapped princess

scifi/fantasy comedy

world of narue, tenchi(frist ovea dn universe an dmoives are good)

ko centry beast, slayers, bastard


grove adventure rave

action horrer

3x3 eyes

taek alooka t my list i catagorize them


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i already own GTO, love hina, azumanga daioh, candidate for goddess, macross (tv, dyrl, plus, and 2), both lodoss wars, scrapped princess, tenchi, slayers, bastard, and la blue girl ;)

i guess i was thinking something recent that good, im open to any genre but i generally watch comedy, action, sci-fi

i will look into gokusen and geneshaft tho

EDIT: seen, FLCL and all the gundam shows that have been on CN

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"FullMetal Panic" This one has comedy, Action , and sci-fi. There's Mecha, hot school girl, military freak, guns in school, rapelling panty theft, etc. The animation is pretty well done and the story's pretty good. There's a also "Fullmetal panic Fumuffu" 15eps, and the soon to be out Fullmetal panic 2.

How about:

Ghost in the Shell SAC (series)

Mahoromatic season 1 and 2

Gravion ( :lol: )

Kiddy Grade

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (must check out ep 2)

Keep a eye for "Elfen Lied" it's really good.

Of course there's old ones that are just as good:



Samurai X(kenshin OAV)

Fushigi yugi ( it's old but it well worth it)

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Some personal favourites:

Kikis Delivery Service (film): anything with the name "Hayao Miyazaki" attached will get an anime fans attention. But as far as I'm concerned, this is the best thing he ever did. The most perfect animated film ever made. I said perfect. :)

Urusei Yatsura (TV, Movies, OAVs): Guy meets girl, girl is alien princess, guy is a jerk, girl blasts guy with 20,000 volts. Urusei Yatsura is not just a pretty funny show, one could also argue its one of the best SF shows of all time. The genius of it is that literally anything can happen, as creator Rumiko Takahasi not only gave herself the whole Galaxy to play in, but also much of Japanese & Western mythlogy as well. On top of that, theres the central premise - lead character Ataru lands himself the hottest girl in his sector of space, and he isn't interested in her.

If you don't laugh at the thought of a giant swallow being mistaken for a penguin wreaking havoc, then a) you won't like Urusei Yatsura and b) you're dead. :lol:

Gunbuster (OAV): the anime fans anime show. Arguably the greatest anime OAV ever made, and conceptual precursor to the even more famous Evangelion. Except Gunbuster has a proper ending ( :p ) which packs more emotional punch into 30 minutes than some series manage over their entire run. It is one of the great scandals of Western anime fandom that no decent English-language version exists on any format.

Read or Die (OAV & related TV): Yomiko Readman wears glasses, is clumsy, is more interested in books than people, and can slice through tanks with bits of paper. Did I mention shes a special operative of the British Librarys covert Special Operations taskforce?

Patlabor on TV (TV. Er. Duh.): a delightful blend of comedy, action, character and, of course, giant robots. Possibly the first anime to treat operating a mecha as just another day job. Star of the show is Captain Goto, who can steal scenes just by standing in the background doing nothing.

Project A-Ko (movie, related OAVs): If one had to pick one anime that contained more elements of our chosen entertainment

medium than any other, Project "A"-Ko may well be at the top of the list. "A"-Ko has pretty schoolgirls, pretty schoolgirls in sailor suits, pretty vacant schoolgirls in sailor suits, pretty schoolgirls in sailor suits with superpowers, giant robots, bloody huge spaceships, mass destruction of property, battle bikinis, oodles of slapstick, and an alien invasion.

What makes "A"-Ko so wonderful is that that final element - the alien invasion - is more or less *secondary* to a tale of schoolgirl rivalry taken to Defcon 1.

A very brief selection of some personal favourites...

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