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    That is too bad, like others have said i think MZero has some of the best designs. I'm a fan of pretty much every mecha of the series. I wonder how Yamato came to the conclusion that Macross Zero is a dead property. If they are going by sales of their product i think they have to remember there was probably a major factor on why these didn't sell as well as they would've liked. Barring one or two releases, each release of this line had a least one major design flaw (eg exploding shoulders). I know this stopped me as well as many others from buying one. The VF-0a/s is one of my favorite designs and i still don't own one due to that shoulder issue. I hope to finally get one now that they've been re-released and i haven't heard of any problems with them. But still i don't think the Macross Zero line has been given a fair shot by Yamato.
  2. So those stands are exclusive the same way the super parts, galla set and Luca's ghost set were? In other words we can't get them unless we live in japan?
  3. Sandman

    SCOOP thread!

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but it looks like Yamato is rereleasing the Yf-21 without the display stand. http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robo...-avf-yf-21.html
  4. How'd you guys even hear about this improved legios. I can't find any listing for it.
  5. I remember seeing them on right stuff too along with cat's eye which blew my mind. Unfortunately i wasn't able to get all of them brfore they got discontinued. Been scouring ebay but they never show up.
  6. Yeah that Nora has a tempting price even though i own one already. i Would get another but there was so much else i wanted. I ended up getting a vf-11b, vf-1s hik and a vf-1d. Really wanted to get max and mil vf-1js too. Wife is going to kill me as it is.
  7. I have a couple questions i'm wondering about and i'm hoping someone here can help me. 1- I just got an Alto Dx 1/60 vf-25F. How can you tell it apart from a first and second release? Are there any improvements in the second release? 2- I noticed at some web stores that the yamato vf-1s 1/60 v2 roy with fp is getting rereleased. Will these have the shoulder problem fixed? Thanks in advance.
  8. I remember seeing on ebay BGC figures and moto-slaves for each Knight saber but it wasn't from Yamato. Any one here know who produced them. They looked pretty good and were pretty expensive. So is Yamato done with BGC? I was hoping to see other variants and maybe even the 2040 versions.
  9. Well this sucks. I just bought a VF-1S hikaru 1/60 v2 from an ebay seller for $70 last night. Bought super dx superpacks and the gamlin vf-22 last week. Now they have this incredible sale. I've never seen prices this cheap. I want a vf-11b so bad but the m&m vfi-ijs with fp are priced so frickin low that's i'd be stupid to pass it up. Unfortunately don't have cash for all 3. I might have to sell some things. Damn fiance is going to kill me.
  10. The Macross 7 podcast from CDX was awesome. It's what made go back and listen to all the other ones that were out at that point. I liked all the macross podcasts but there was one i think there was one that could've been better. I think it was the Macross zero one, though it's been awhile and i could be wrong.
  11. Yeah when i watched Dancougar i remember thinking Alan Igor (Black Knight) was a lot like a dragon Ranger type. He even dies before the end of the series like Dragon Ranger did. I only wish his mecha combined with dancougar to form the wings (even though they already had an add on like that).
  12. Yeah i ended up loving all that 90s sentai. These days not so much. Jetman, Kakuranger, Carranger, and Gingaman were my favorites. Dragon (Green) Ranger was still the coolest "6th Ranger".
  13. Damn i didn't need to see this either. I just bought the VF-25F DX movie version yesterday but i can't pass this up.
  14. They take it really seriously apparently. Acccording to Ms Sakai's wikipedia entry: "Sun Music president Masahisa Aizawa said, "We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the alleged misdeeds of Ms. Sakai." Sun Music removed Sakai's official web site from its web server. Soon after Aizawa's announcement, he was demoted to vice-president. Chairman Hideyoshi Aizawa removed himself from the position, and is now an adviser to Sun Music, with no right to represent the firm."
  15. Wow that's pretty interesting Pete. It puts things in perspective. Thanks for the info.
  16. I always wondered why we never saw any different variants. The whole line couldn't been just cannon folder 1A types? Did even squad commanders pilot a 1B or 1C? I think a J or S version VF-011 would've looked pretty cool, especially with skull 1 trim.
  17. This mini actually got me interested in the series and made me seek out the orginal sentai.
  18. Thanks for the quick reply and the link. I totally don't remember that valk from macross 2. I may have to watch it again to try and spot it.
  19. Anyone have a pic of the VF-2J Icarus? A google search has proved fruitless. I have only a vague recollection of it in the Macross II ova since all the mecha action flashed by too quickly like the majority of all the other early 90s ovas.
  20. I'd like to see most of the first season done. I have a lot of fond memories from it. The skyfire and insecticon "arcs" most noteably. Also the "five faces of darkness" 5 parter from season 3. The headmaster 3 parter that made up season 4 would probably be fun.
  21. How much will the weathering 1J be?
  22. I'm currently watching s2 of Gundam 00. Over the holliday's i've been catching up on some older anime like Victory Gundam, Turn A Gundam and genshiken s1 & 2. I'm hoping to have time to go through Yamato s1 and 2 as well, if i have time.
  23. What's the best way to cut these stickers out? Especially the circle stickers. I bought a valkyrie that already had these stickers applied and the cuting around the edges was pretty rough.
  24. I wasn't a fan of the color scheme myself but bought it because of the price. However the color scheme has grown on me though this is my first 1/48 so i may just be in awe of of the 1/48 sculpt itself.
  25. Yeah i realize that. That was my point. I didn't think the Vf-1 was that much smaller that the yf-19. From watching the anime i'd always assumed they were around the same size.
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