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  1. You heretic, if I had the power to I would sentence you to 500 hours straight of Bobby's version of the carrot song!
  2. Bobby was utterly amazing this episode, he needs to get this much screen time if not more for the rest of the series. It's symbolization my friend, she's singing about how they will survive so she's grabbing onto her hopes and dreams!
  3. When Sheryl was doing her Galaxy clips I was hoping for scenes like that lol
  4. Thanks for the scans and info paper2k1 and kresphy, I run that stuff through babelfish (lol) but from what it made out I have to agree with you kresphy about 21/22.
  5. No Megumi? Or is this a "duet" in the vein of What About My Star @ folmo from the ost? Where it will be 80% May'n and 20% Megumi. I've been listenting to the demo version of Lion by Kanno and it's pretty good, can't wait to hear it next week! Anyway they better survive *shakes fist at Kawamori*
  6. Nah they don't do timeslots that far in advance, I think Sunrise's Tales of the Abyss anime adaption will be taking over the Frontier timeslot since it's airing on MBS as well.
  7. That's a Monday, it would be the 16th (or 17th really0 if it goes to 28 episodes. The Yahoo Japan article stated 17th of october and they would actually use the correct date. OST II comes out the 8th of October Kanno Yoko Presents Macross F Galaxy Tour Final is on the 13th of October and is set to coincide with the finale of Macross F Blueray Volume 2 is 95 mins long which means 4 episodes instead of 3. October 16/17 would mean 28 episodes.
  8. I constantyl said in this thread to people worried about low ratings to not be too caught up in them since it was a late night show, and late night shows like Geass and Haruhi moved a lot of dvd units. Thankfully Frontier didn't let me down in that regard too! Copying a post of mine I put together for Suki, got the news off AnimeOnDVDs forums and inserted a lot of info from Suki's DVD sales thread. Frontier Blueray Vol 1 outsells DVD Vol 1 22k to 18k. http://life.oricon.co.jp/56899/full/ This is according to Oricon.. and I've seen some weird figures from them.. I remember when Triangler first came out a thread on www.jpopmusic.com for it at one stage had "50k Oricon, 70k Billboard" in the topic name. Also going by the press released that announced them shipping 55k dvds and 45k Bluerays for Vol 1 the music cds sold the following, oricon figures in brackets.. not updated with the latest weeks charts. OST = 190k (134k) Triangler = 120k (84k) DC/Don't Be Late = 120k (95k) Interstellar Flight = 90k (52k) Anyway going by Oricon Frontier is doing pretty damn well with 40,000 copies, which combined is amazingly good for an animated tv series. If I combined the blueray and dvd figures together the top 5 single volumes sold this year according to Oricon would look like... 2008/01/25 42,415 Gundam 00 Vol. 1 (Two episodes) 2008/07/25 40,000 Macross F Vol 1 (Two versions of Episode 1) 2008/02/22 35,359 Gundam 00 Vol. 2 (Four episodes) 2008/03/25 32,856 Gundam 00 Vol. 3 (Four episodes) 2008/04/25 30,722 Gundam 00 Vol. 4 (Four episodes) Last years would be. 2007/01/26 62,527 Code Geass Vol. 01 (One episode) 2007/02/23 52,702 Code Geass Vol. 02 (Three episodes) 2007/03/23 47,710 Code Geass Vol. 03 (Three episodes) 2007/01/26 44,899 Haruhi Vol. 7 Limited Edition (One episode) 2007/04/25 43,106 Code Geass Vol. 04 (Three episodes) Code Geass already has a sequel... Gundam 00's sequel is starting in October.. Haruhi will probably be in April 2009... these sales might not mean we get a Frontier sequel because it all depends on how it ends.. but I think this bodes pretty damn well for more Macross, whether Frontier or something brand new to be done sooner than later.
  9. I don't think she can be sultry enough to pull it off... May'n should be the only one to cover any Sharon Apple songs.
  10. Actually she's increased her lead in this poll from MF Girls Part 2. Her % in this poll is 63.51%, her % in the previous poll is 49.63%. Macross Frontier Girls 3 Sheryl Nome [ 47 ] [63.51%] Klan Klan [ 6 ] [8.11%] Ranka Lee [ 11 ] [14.86%] Macross Frontier Girls 2 Sheryl Nome [ 133 ] [49.63%] Klan Klan [ 51 ] [19.03%] Ranka Lee [ 25 ] [9.33%] Klan's has hardly had any screen time in the last 5 episodes while in the previous poll she was featured heavily in episode 9 ad the poll was done after 10. And I really like Cathy to.. she needs more screen time... more shower scenes.. I mean banter with Ozma!
  11. Ah yes Mitsuki Hayase was a great character but misunderstood by so many, think it has a lot to do with the age range of people watching anime too... Darial on Suki did a break down of episode 10-16 spoilers vs what actually occurred.. most of the time the spoilers were misleading and weren't the main issue for the episode. Look at episode 14, you would have no idea a massive battle which was the focus of the episode was going to take place reading the spoilers. Yes 17 will feature the back story on Ozma and Ranka and about damn time too.. but I wouldn't be surprised if Goodbye Sister is referring to Brera, could he start to be regaining some memories next episode? Will it be of the one where he parted from Ranka in the past?
  12. Best version yet, thank farting god they fixed the timing on the BGM the target to start up when Ozma transforms. That change was annoying in the broadcast version and yes DC for the win as the ED theme. The only Aimo I want to hear anymore is the Maaya version which I sincerely hope is on OST II.
  13. If it sells 30% of what it shipped it will be one of the biggest sellers for a tv series volume on dvd this year. 5k avg is good enough for most series to get a sequel (znt and higarashi both have 2 sequels and they avg 5k a volume) and 10k is considered to be a "hit". 100k shipped for the first pressing is impressive, very impressive. The highest selling dvd volume for a tv series this year is Gundam 00 Vol 1 with 42k sold. The only reason Frontier might not pass that is because the Blueray versions are taking away dvd sales... but if you add them together...
  14. Isamu hands down is the best pilot and best main character out of those 4. (of course Gamlin isn't the main for 7)
  15. Ratings for 15, it's going to outsell on dvd everything else on this list aside from maybe Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00... and than you count Blueray sales... *2.0% (*1.7%) 07/19 (Sat) *1:55am-*2:25am TBS Macross FRONTIER Animation Program and Movie Average Television Household Audience Ratings in the Kantou Region of Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba, etc.) Monday, July 14, 2008 - Sunday, July 20, 2008 (Monday, July 7, 2008 - Sunday, July 13, 2008) 13.8% (16.7%) 07/20 (Sun) *6:30pm-*7:00pm Fuji TV Sazae-san *9.4% (10.8%) 07/18 (Fri) *7:30pm-*7:54pm TV Asahi Crayon Shin-chan *9.0% (11.8%) 07/20 (Sun) *6:00pm-*6:30pm Fuji TV Chibi Maruko-chan *8.5% (*7.9%) 07/14 (Mon) *7:30pm-*8:00pm NTV Meitantei Conan [Detective Conan aka Case Closed] *8.1% (*8.9%) 07/18 (Fri) *7:00pm-*7:30pm TV Asahi Doraemon *6.6% (*7.5%) 07/20 (Sun) *9:00am-*9:30am Fuji TV Gegege no Kitarou *6.6% (*7.7%) 07/14 (Mon) *7:00pm-*7:30pm NTV Yatterman *6.0% (*7.8%) 07/20 (Sun) *9:30am-10:00am Fuji TV One Piece *5.3% (*5.8%) 07/20 (Sun) *8:30am-*9:00am TV Asahi Yes! Pricua 5 Go Go! *4.4% (*4.5%) 07/19 (Sat) 10:00am-10:30am TV Tokyo Keroro Gunsou [sergeant Keroro] ------------------------------- *4.0% (*3.0%) 07/18 (Fri) 12:45am-*1:15am Fuji TV Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten ~Antique~ [Antique Bakery] *3.8% (*3.9%) 07/19 (Sat) *9:30am-10:00am TV Tokyo Shugo Chara! *3.7% (*4.2%) 07/19 (Sat) *8:30am-*9:00am TV Tokyo Oha Coliseum *3.6% (*3.6%) 07/19 (Sat) *9:00am-*9:30am TV Tokyo BLUE DRAGON Tenkai no Shichiryuu [bLUE DRAGON: The Seven Sky Dragons] *3.5% (*4.5%) 07/19 (Sat) 11:20am-11:45am TV Asahi ATASHIn'CHI *3.4% (*3.2%) 07/19 (Sat) *6:00pm-*6:25pm NHK-ETV Anime Major (Rerun) *3.3% (*3.6%) 07/20 (Sun) *7:00am-*7:30am TV Asahi Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King D Kids Adventure Yokuryuu Densetsu [Dinosaur King: Legend of the Pterosaurs] *3.3% (*2.5%) 07/16 (Wed) *7:26pm-*7:55pm TV Tokyo BLEACH *3.2% (*2.6%) 07/19 (Sat) *1:23am-*1:53am TV Tokyo Golgo 13 *2.7% (*3.5%) 07/19 (Sat) 10:30am-11:00am TV Tokyo Katekyo Hitman REBORN! *2.7% (*3.0%) 07/18 (Fri) *4:00pm-*4:30pm NTV Soreike! Anpanman *2.7% (*2.5%) 07/14 (Mon) *6:00pm-*6:30pm TV Tokyo Soul Eater *2.6% (*2.8%) 07/19 (Sat) *6:25pm-*6:50pm NHK-ETV Telepathy Shoujo Ran [The Telepathy Girl Ran] *2.6% (*2.7%) 07/17 (Thu) *6:00pm-*6:30pm TV Tokyo Gintama *2.6% (*2.8%) 07/15 (Tue) *6:00pm-*6:30pm TV Tokyo D.Gray-man *2.6% (*2.1%) 07/18 (Fri) *1:25am-*1:55am TBS Hidamari Sketch x 365 *2.4% (*3.2%) 07/20 (Sun) *8:30am-*9:00am TV Tokyo Net Ghost PIPOPA *2.4% (*2.4%) 07/20 (Sun) *9:00am-*9:30am TV Tokyo Pururun! Shizuku-chan Aha! *2.3% (*2.3%) 07/15 (Tue) *1:00am-*1:30am TV Tokyo Natsume Yuujinchou *2.2% (*2.7%) 07/20 (Sun) *5:00pm-*5:30pm TBS Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 *2.2% (*2.2%) 07/20 (Sun) *6:30am-*7:00am TV Asahi Hatara Kids My Ham Gumi *2.2% (*1.5%) 07/18 (Fri) *1:55am-*2:25am TBS To LOVE Ru -Trouble- *2.2% (*1.4%) 07/18 (Fri) *6:00pm-*6:30pm TV Tokyo Kirarin Revolution *2.0% (*3.0%) 07/20 (Sun) 10:00am-10:30am TV Tokyo Zettai Karen Children *2.0% (*2.1%) 07/20 (Sun) *9:30am-10:00am TV Tokyo Onegai My Melody Kirara! *2.0% (*1.7%) 07/19 (Sat) *1:55am-*2:25am TBS Macross FRONTIER *1.9% (*2.4%) 07/15 (Tue) *4:30pm-*5:00pm TV Tokyo Uchi no Sanshimai *1.8% (*1.7%) 07/16 (Wed) *1:29am-*1:59am NTV RD Sennou Chousashitsu [Real Drive] *1.7% (*2.2%) 07/16 (Wed) *6:00pm-*6:30pm TV Tokyo Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's *1.7% (*1.8%) 07/16 (Wed) *1:59am-*2:29am NTV Himitsu ~The Revelation~ *1.6% (*1.4%) 07/17 (Thu) *2:40am-*3:10am TV Asahi Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ *1.5% (*1.0%) 07/19 (Sat) *2:25am-*2:55am TBS Itazura na Kiss *1.3% (*2.6%) 07/15 (Tue) *1:30am-*2:00am TV Tokyo World Destruction ~Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin~ *1.2% (*1.2%) 07/21 (Mon) *1:30am-*2:00am TV Tokyo Nabari no Ou -NABARI- *1.2% (*1.0%) 07/21 (Mon) *2:00am-*2:30am TV Tokyo Neo Angelique Abyss - Second Age *1.0% (*0.6%) 07/18 (Fri) *2:15am-*2:45am TV Tokyo Soul Eater Late Show *0.9% (*1.2%) 07/15 (Tue) *2:00am-*2:30am TV Tokyo Monochrome Factor *0.9% (*0.8%) 07/17 (Thu) *1:20am-*1:50am TV Tokyo Slayers REVOLUTION
  16. Her eyebrows in the DC concert scene in episode 6 were appalling, hopefully that gets redrawn for dvd.
  17. lol @ ranka fans trying to hook up Michael with Shery, you might as well pin your hopes on Bobby. Hey buddy, you want to tell me what nearly every single conversation Ranka had with Alto from 4-10 was about? No actually I'll tell you, it was about herself. She was upset that she didn't know anything about Alto when other people did with Luca and Sheryl were talking about his acting past. Yet she had countless opportunities to ask him questions, she knew nothing about Alto than and even now she knows hardly anything. Is it really hard to go "hmm this famous Kabuki actor judge at Miss Macross has the same last name as Alto, same hair color and Alto does look rather feminine.. I wonder..." it takes 5 seconds to ask over the phone but she's too busy talking about herself. She doesn't know about Alto's passion to fly, because unlike Sheryl she isn't perceptive enough or asks questions. Sheryl asks about Alto which is why she prepared the perfect present for him in episode 11 because she knows about him. Ranka is self centered, at least until 12 and like I said her total disregard for anyone but Alto in that episode made her take 2 steps back after taking one forward.
  18. It could be worse Ranka fans, she could be 15th like in this Japanese poll. http://www.vote5.net/anime/htm/1215357986.html And think that the first poll on that site was so close between Sheryl and Ranka with 473 votes to 423, now it's 360 to 60 and still a lot more votes to come. I believe they are doing that
  19. Hopes and dreams! I like Cathy... but with the lack of time and attention spent on her it's kinda hard to vote her over someone like Sheryl, I thought she would be more involved in the show after Deculture...
  20. Was reading AnimeOnDVDs forums and came across this. As you can see anyone worried about low tv ratings need not be, this will more than likely outsell every other tv series released on dvd this year aside from maybe Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00. And in addition to selling a lot of dvds it will nearly sell as many Blueray discs which is something those 2 titles won't do.
  21. Personally I'll be disappointed as fart if Absolutely reeks of cliche and amateur writing and way to telegraphed, compare this to episode 17 and 18 of Macross...
  22. Lion has been confirmed as the new opening for 6-8 weeks now, it's the first track on the new single with Northern Cross being the second and NC was used this episode.
  23. Ratings don't matter for late night anime, watch a horrible RAWs raw and you'll see that most of the ads have something to do with the actual anime itself. The anime companies are paying for these slots and advertising the merchandise, cds, dvds, games etc. Also unless it's NANA (6%) or whatever is airing in the Noitamana (sp) block (Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover, Library War, Mononoke) ratings are always generally low for late night. DVD sales are the measure of success, if you rated the success of Code Geass and Haruhi by their tv ratings you wouldn't think much of them, but their dvds and merchanidse sold a lot and they have dominated polls. Speaking of polls herbert left the latest newtype poll on my profile on Suki. http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/7691/3e...e6e068ceac2.jpg Anime 1/ Code Geass R2 2/ Macross Frontier Female 1/ C.C (after episode 15 there is no way she is going to lose this position) 2/ Haruhi 3/ Kallen 4/ Sheryl (down from 3) 5/ Konata 6/ Yuki 7/ Ranka (down from 4) Male 1/ Lelouch 2/ Kyon 3/ Alto (up from 4) Haruhi made a big return in the polls, she had the cover last month IIRC. Should fall again since Clannad After Story is the KyoAni Fall/October project which makes Haruhi 2 look like being aired in Spring 2009.. Animage: 10. Alto 11. Ranka 21. Sheryl No Macross rankings in Animedia.. also wtf @ Tiera's from Gundam 00's popularity in Animage and Animedia.... #3 in Animedia and #7 in Animage... Lelouch takes #1 in all 3 magazines, pity Alto isn't even a quarter entertaining as him.
  24. This whole post shows why you don't get it.
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