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  1. This will be my 5th forum I'm posting on.. and I post on a few blogs as well.. it's not that much... *whistles* Anyway I was lured here by the 5th chapter of the manga! I would've signed up much earlier if I knew it was being translated and scanned here, I did browse this forum from time to time though.. must have missed it. And yeah the Sheryl hate on some forums was a bit OTT at first... though I guess it should be expected.. confident/arrogant females always get hated on even though they are generally more interesting. I'm glad to see this episode has changed a lot of people's opinions of her.
  2. Actually Code Geass aired in the time slot that Macross Frontier is currently in.. I think the time line for this time slot is.. Shana 1 > Code Geass > Darker Than Black > Shana II > Macross Frontier Might be missing one in between Shana and Geass. IIRC Geass hardly broke 2% for ratings.. but it was a monster on dvd.. 6th highest sales avg of all time for anime.
  3. What are people basing Sheryl having an effect on the Varja on? Because they attacked during the Sheryl concert? Ignoring that they were already there before Sheryl started singing the Varja have been attacking anyone who comes in this direction. As shown by attacking Frontier in episode 1, the dead Zentradi ships in episode 4 and the attack on Galaxy right now and I guess you can say the disappearance of Hayase's fleet..... In episode 1 the Varja reacted to Ranka's screams, episode 2 the signing by Ranka, episode 4 one attacked during her Miss Macross performance and now in episode 5 one of them actually revived after she belted out a cover of Sheryl's What bout my star. Anyway this was my fav episode so far in the series, loved the interaction and progress between Sheryl and Alto, they have a much better romantic chemistry together than the Alto and Ranka who have come across more as good friends so far, to me anyway. It was nice to see the return of the playful Sheryl from the first scene of the Deculture version of episode 1. Since she's a self made star whos done everything herself I think she comes across bitchy/arrogant at the concert because she expects perfection from herself and people working with her. When it comes to her music she's in "serious business" mode as shown by how she dropped everything to write lyrics as soon as she had some motivation/inspiration.
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