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  1. Self centered.. though episode 12 she took a step in the right direction though her treatment of Sheryl might as well count as a step back as well. The only person that mattered than to her was Alto, they made that blatantly clear. That's going to be a problem for her... Which is why from episode 12-14 Sheryl might as well not have existed in her mind and she didn't care when Sheryl collapsed when she was looking at it on Luca's screen. /facepalm
  2. They pretty much said in an interview that Sheryl = DYRL Minmei and Ranka = TV Minmei and if you can't see the Misa elements in Sheryl than /facepalm.
  3. Thanks Kresphy for the scans and lynn for the sumary! It will be 32 minutes long, only 6 days to go now.
  4. Damn just more Sheryl domination, don't suppose anyone has the latest poll results for Newtype and AniMage (ranka didn't even make the poll 2 months ago and than jumps both alto and sheryl last month, wtf :\).
  5. Actually it's pretty even in Japan for both girls. I've seen a few online polls and they won one each, for magazine pols Sheryl has been in the lead both Newtype polls that the Macross characters have been in, Sheryl made the first Animage poll that Macross F featured in, Ranka pulled ahead of her there in the second. The Sheryl single is going to outsell the Ranka single by a pretty big margin but that's probably got more to do with the quality of songs, Official Macross BBS was pretty much pro Sheryl after her "decline" in episode 12. It's probably how they want them to be.. not like western and Chinese forums were they are overwhelming in favor of Sheryl. Pretty much, even thought at face value things look bad for Sheryl if you look at the structure to similar love triangles it's obvious where there are going, in addition to the structure it's also the actual way Sheryl lost her advantage (Hi Grace!) that convinces me even more. If the writers had continued on from the path of 5-11 this would've been a crap and boring love triangle. They aren't doing there job if the don't fool people, I see Sheryl fans around the net dismayed at recent events... but she seems to be on the same path as the eventually winners of True Tears, ef a tale of memories, Kimikiss and KGNE to name some recent triangles.
  6. You can be biased and still be unbiased enough at times to be able to fairly judge characters, I'm saying I can do that while rubi can't, prove otherwise, find me these misinterpreted Ranka posts of mine where I make up fallacies to prove my point that Sheryl is superior. /facepalm It's like you don't realize that someone's bias towards a character can affect their judgment of another character completely! If not wtf are you trying to say here? Also please find a post where I've misinterpreted Sheryl's character, but I wouldn't bother looking too long if i was you.
  7. Ouch! You totally got me since I've never admitted my bias in my sig or anything like that.. oh wait.. also find posts where I've completely misinterpreted Ranka's character and you might actually have a leg to stand on if you wanted to compare me to rubi.
  8. ackem/ickem I don't think it's worth trying to convince rubi, he/she is set in her ways and nothing will change it. Someone on Suki stated that after episode 14 he knows that Alto loves Ranka more than Sheryl, my reply was something along the lines of "Because of the rescue attempt? If so than the real triangle is Alto, Ranka, Luca". And than someone added that Alto didn't wait for permission to rescue Luca unlike Ranka. :lol: Alto and Luca ending coming up!
  9. Did anyone except for Ranka fans seriously entertain that line of thought?
  10. Yes Sheryl making it out to be a joke after she couldn't read Alto's expression just confirmed in Alto's mind that what he said to Michael in episode 8 is the truth. Was something like... Michael - Do you even know why she's here? Alto - Yes! She just likes to mess with me! Michael - Idiot... I think he treated her kiss seriously in episode 10 but at the same time was wary because of how he thought she treated him... and when she laughed it off well it just confirmed it for him. Their relationship is kinda like the one you see in a lot of romance shows where the lead has an older childhood friend who messes with him a lot so he never takes her seriously.. except Alto and Sheryl are obviously not childhood friends. (please don't make that a twist Kawamori!) but their interactions from 1-12 of the series do build a platform which the show will go back to. I'm pretty sure I know the direction the romantic side of the show will go, I started thinking that way when the episode 13 synopsis first leaked and episodes 10-14 have imo increased the chances of it turning out how I think it will, as have the synopsis for 15-18.
  11. Ratings for late night shows are meaningless, late night shows are pretty much adverts for dvd sales which are what matters. Code Geass Season 1 and Haruhi rated in the 1-2% range and ended up as the 5th and 6th highest selling anime titles on dvd when you avg their sales by volumes. Look at any horrible raws release (since they keep the ads in), most of the advertisements are any late night show are for the actual show itself in some form or manner, dvds, music cds, video games etc. The only time ratings matter are when it's aired in Prime time which is why something like Kekkaishi got it's timeslot changed from 7pm on a Monday (IIRC) to 2:30 am some time during the week... and it was rating around 5-7% when it got moved and it was rating 7-9% earlier in it's run. When Rurouni Kenshin got canceled for low ratings back in the day due to those horrible filler arcs... I think those ratings which got it canceled would place it first or second every week for the last 3 years....
  12. Well Aimo seems to be the key song in the series due to its Varja connection so you'll be hearing it some more! Too bad it won't be the Maaya Sakamoto version though because she clearly outclassed Megumi's version of it in episode 14.
  13. It definitely has the popularity to get a second season going by music sales and I'm sure dvd sales will back that up, but personally I'll only want a second season if they intended to do so in the first place, not something cooked up afterwards because of it's popularity.
  14. rubi on live journal which is mostly filled with girls ranka just beats Sheryl in popularity polls, just.... also SHeryl has more female fans on AnimeSuki than Ranka and I'm sure Mike can tell us the same about some Yoko Kanno forums. While Sheryl's looks are obviously a big part of her appeal people thinking her popularity is based on that couldn't be more wrong. Sheryl's popularity exploded in episode 5 Star Date, she was still hot in episodes 1-4 but when she was allowed to showcase her personality and character that's when she became popular. As a day 1 Sheryl fan from Deculture in the forums (talking about general english anime forums overall) it was mostly about Ranka until Star Date.
  15. You might as well had put only one option to select because we all know who's going to romp home and win this.
  16. Surprised these weren't posted here yet, from the Chinese BBS translated by Darial from AnimeSuki. Expanded 14-18 synopsis follows (copied from Chinese BBS): I translated the new spoilers to the best of my ability. You know I have to wonder why the two Sheryl pics and Sheryl lines weren't initially released... a Ranka fan leaked the information perhaps? lol..
  17. Kill Em All Tomino has been dead for a long time, see Turn A Gundam and Overman King Gainer.
  18. 3rd week for Don't Be Late is 12,630 which is more than the second weeks for the other two singles. Really it's nice to see that the quality of the single is shown by its sales. Looks like only Lion/Northern Cross will be able to outsell DC/Don't Be Late.
  19. I really wouldn't be too worried, I don't know why they would release this information if Ranka's going to win by default anyway, also I guess with the original concept Ranka was more like Alto while Alto and Brera were like Sheryl and Ranka. Also don't forget that Misa Hayase was originally going to be the captain of the Macross but ended up as she is. Lots of things change from the original concept and lots of stuff change during the production of shows.
  20. Thanks for clearing that up and yes their two names are a bit too similar lol. Anyway 2nd week sales are in for Interstellar Flight, here's a comparison to the other 2 singles. First Week Sales Triangler: 31,250 (#3) Diamond Crevasse/Don't Be Late: 42,714 (#3) Seikan Hikou: 34,501 (#5) Second Week Sales Triangler: 12,550 (#6) Diamond Crevasse/Don't Be Late: 19,682 (#7) Seikan Hikou: 12,054 (#6)
  21. I think that line correctly translated is "Continue to follow my orders" but nevertheless she'll be back.
  22. I and a lot of other people (mike included I think) suspect Grace is an AI not just a cyborg.
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