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  1. I quit watching it after Aya Hirano's characters massive boobs popped out of her top in episode 3. The cg was horrible as well and it had one of the worst childhood friends turn into enemies things I've seen Sekirei > Dragonaut
  2. Spoken like one who hasn't seen Dragonauts.
  3. If alto doesn't hook up with Sheryl they are going to throw down the drain 2 parallels they have been drawing between AxS. Those being Alto and his mother as well as Klan and Michael situations in losing someone you loved. Alto and his mother in that Alto had to watch someone he loved pass away slowly due to sickness (lol @ people thinking this is some Oedipus Complex). Klan and Michaels with leaving it too late to tell someone you love them which is why Klan told Alto about Sheryl's condition
  4. I want it made by the guys who make Gran Turismo! Omega Boost by PD on the PSX was nice, Kawamori designs as well!
  5. No being un-confident is illogical when it's already sold more dvds and bluerays off 1 volume than 90% of the anime produced this decade, when it's sold over half a million in singles and albums, when it's the second most popular anime this season going by mag polls and japanese forum activity behind Code Geass R2 (R2 and Frontier are so much more talked about on 2ch than anything else from Spring and Summer its not funny). It has 3 manga adaptions, a light novel adaption, a psp video game, had a pizza hut tie in. It's popular.
  6. Off 1 volume alone it's already sold more than 90% of shows this decade...
  7. If RahXephon and Eureka Seven can get movie re tellings so can Frontier which has sold way more than those 2 combined.
  8. In this scene Grace shows us that she too has hopes and dreams! And let me say those are very nice hopes and dreams!
  9. Sheryl, duh. Klan and Grace are moving up in my books took in the last 5 eps. Can't believe it took people so long to come around to Grace... not to mention her VA can do an sexy evil voice very nicely... as shown by her being the final boss I-No in Guilty Gear XX.
  10. DVD sales Macross F (Frontier) (Satelight) 2008/07/25 22,183 Vol. 1 (Three versions of Episode 1) Blueray sales in the first week are 22k, no figures for the weeks after have been released since Oricon only rankas blueray titles and doesn't list sales figures. The only reason we got the figures in the first week is because it was big news that a blueray version outsold a dvd version. As for how it compares to other stuff... well if you add the two versions together it's the highest selling anime volume of the year, Gundam 00 Vol1 did 42k on dvd, I think the bluerays for that aren't out yet or didn't sell much.
  11. 10 comes before 11 :lol: Also the 10th is the very latest you will get the spoilers, I expect Kresphy or someone on AS to have them up by the 7th at the latest.
  12. Quite a few of us think Alto will find out only after he has chosen....
  13. It's also stupid to say something is an anime song boom when all these hit singles are coming from just one show. Now if Sekirei had placed #5 and other anime original theme songs had done the same than maybe you have a case. One show... no you don't. But that's journalism for you!
  14. I think they are meant to be more of a mini synopsis than something that completely spoils an episode, and TV LIFE which this came from doesn't have as many lines for their synopsis as say Newtype or Animage. Also saying something like instead of kinda ruins the previous episodes events doesn't it? Wait until around the 6th-10th for some more detailed synopsis/spoilers for 23 as well as 24+25.
  15. Ranka shippers seem to place great faith in how desperate Alto was to rescue her in the Gallia IV arc, I say HA! Alto was just as desperate to rescue Luca in episode 7 and unlike with Ranka he didn't ask to rescue her and just charged in. Now THAT'S LOVE!!! Also do you want to know why Luca looks like he's blushing all the time, well let me tell you before he saw Alto-sempai his face was normal! AltoxLuca confirmed.
  16. Hey rubi in livejournal they now like Sheryl better and think she will win the triangle, so much for your guys are the only ones voted for sheryl theory :lol: And yes the memory excuse is utter weak sauce because those memories are repressed and so to be blunt, have no farting effect on her actions.
  17. Sigh... aside from the Yahoo Japan article nothing has stated that end date which is why I've been trying to confirm this instead of running to wiki and updating it as soon as I read it. And you do realize that Frontier airs at 2am so it's technically Friday don't you? There's only 24 hours in a day... I've never seen people say stuff like it aris at 26:30 outside of anime fandom...
  18. I have to wonder if Michael is going to spell it out for him... though even Alto should be able to figure it out after the Northern Cross performance...
  19. Do you think 7 is universally loved outside of Macross World or something? And yes it was very popular in Japan but it did that by bringing in a new generation of fans. It's not like it's tv ratings ever compared to the original Macross.. and IIRC this didn't air after midnight like Frontier. The firebomber music will be remembered better than the actual show itself.
  20. I really don't think Kawamori will turn the end battle of Frontier into a fanwank for 7 fans especially considering the love/hate nature of the series among Macross fandom as well as the massive amount of new fans watching the show. Also Grace will probably be in Battle Galaxy by in the end fight.. I'm guessing that Battle Frontier will end up being one of the "big" loses in the final battle along with one or two of the following characters in Ozma, Michael, Klan and Luca. Sheryl's singing image is imposed over the Quarter in the OP similar to how Ranka's is imposed over the Monster and we know that the Quarter Captain doesn't mind Sheryl XD
  21. If that's the case than it should be 25 episodes. Since didn't the booklet that came with the first vol say it would be 9 volumes long? Vol 2-9 being 3 episodes each would be 24 episodes. Of course... if it was 28 episodes long... the last 3 volumes could be 4 episodes each... sigh why couldn't they confirm this in one of the magazine interviews with Kawamori that came out this month....
  22. I'm curious to know where they got that from because aside from myself I'm hardly seen anyone saying it would/might be 28 episodes. All we have to go with that is the following. A) A yahoo japan article mentioned the Frontier end date is oct 17 B) Some sites list Vol 2 to be 95 minutes. C) The Kanno Yoko Presents Macross F Galaxy Tour Final is suppose to coincide with the final of Frontier and is set for the 13th of October.
  23. The only joke here is how you can't see that Bobby/GARby is an amazing character
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