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  1. You have seen Kawamori's last two shows in Macross Zero and Aquarion haven't you? If the trend continues bye bye Ranka since she is starting to catch up to Ozma in regards to Death Flags. And more popular characters than Ranka have been killed off before..
  2. This blog was linked on AS, same spoilers as before with one extra thing for 16. http://animejapan4u.blogspot.com/2008/07/m...p1617and18.html
  3. Ozma, Ranka, Leon (boom in Battle 25), The real Grace, Brera & Luca.
  4. Being the 6th we should be getting newtype spoilers very soon shouldn't we?
  5. She'll get it though but it will only make up a small %, like take her from 50% to 55%.
  6. Isn't Lion a May'n single? Also isn't May'n listed first everywhere you can order the cd? I mean it was revealed on May'ns blog and look at this, no mention of Megumi at all and everywhere else I've seen lists May'n first. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=VTCL-35033 So it's 1. Lion by May'n featuring Megumi (They could be singing the entire song together or Megumi could just be doing the chorus for all we know) 2. Northern Cross by May'n Right? Wrong?
  7. So if we get a second season which would obviously be set after a time skip I'll say the chances of Sheryl being an ace pilot would be high... I actually wouldn't be too surprised if she's fighting with Alto in the last few episodes...
  8. Gotta love Sheryl's take on things
  9. Considering how slowly the plot is moving you actually think that we'll get a Nanase ep with everything they have left to do? More Klan and Michael or how about some actual focus on Ozma and Cathy before someone worthless like Nanase. The 3 lead characters are dominating everything, they need to look after major characters like Ozma, Michael and Klan before wasted time on supporting ones like Nanase.
  10. Probably is by the time the episode 15 poll comes around the sympathy vote will be in Sheryl's favor completely... I mean 12 alone made more fans sorry for Sheryl than the previous ones for Ranka.. and I base this on about 4-5 english forums, according to some posters the official macross bbs is pretty much in support Sheryl mode after her fall in 12. And 12 won't be the last of it...
  11. After episode 12 Ranka's score stays static and Sheryl goes up 2%.
  12. Lol Grace being no fun is the least of Sheryl's problems when it comes to Grace, I can't wait for the episode when Grace makes her move and Sheryl finds out she was used and manipulated... and that's the best case scenario too for Sheryl when it comes to Grace... And yes 12 has played the sympathy card for Sheryl and it has worked well when combined with her strong and playful character shown so far, it seems to have rallied a lot of fans to Sheryl on Japanese BBS since the talking point of 12 isn't "Yay Ranka" it's "Poor Sheryl" and "Go for it sheryl" etc. Like I said last page I wouldn't be surprised if Sheryl's numbers go up next poll, especially if they take the triangle angle where I think it will go.
  13. Episode 12 rating, note the time it was pushed a few hours back, I also think that MBS ratings would be a better indication of it's popularity considering it airs the night before so there's no streams and torrents to take away rating figures for MBS unlike TBS. *1.5%(*2.0%) 06/28 (Sat) *3:30am-*4:00am TBS Macross FRONTIER
  14. With Frontier we could be comparing one of Maaya's worst songs against the best Megumi ever does, I'll take stuff like Hemisphere over any Ranka song in a heartbeat.
  15. Tsugumi in her intro episode alone has been more entertaining than Nanase was in 12 episodes.
  16. Yeah... my top 3 Frontier girls are Sheryl, Klan, Cathy and I'm really enjoying the latest season of Ikkitousen (Kanu ftmfw) and can't wait for Sekirei (Tsukiumi!!!). Size of her boobs have nothing to do with it, she would be just as worthless if she was flat.
  17. Who would've thought 3 months ago that Maaya would have the lowest opening week figures and most likely lowest overall sales for the Macross cd singles. (even though this is the highest selling cd single of her career!) When I first heard that Maaya was doing the OP instead of May'ns Don't Be Late I thought this was clearly a cd sales move... *sigh* I still maintain that Don't Be Late would've made an incredible OP with the right animation.
  18. Nowhere near awesome or horrid, it's simply ok.
  19. Stray if you had let me make the thread instead it would either have twice as many replies or be locked by now :lol: My take on Nanase.... she's a worthless one dimensional ugly looking (This show had 2 character designers? lol apart from Sheryl and Cathy everyone ranges from average to bad) big breasted girl who's sole purpose in 12 episodes has been to wave around Ranka Lee poms poms. You know I don't mind that she's fully on Ranka's side... why wouldn't she be? She's her best friend but when halfway through an entire show that's the only thing she's done... what a waste of screentime. She's on the level of Klan's 2 pixies and the bridge bunnies but she has had more screentime than all 5 of them combined. Houko's other character in the show Canaria is much better than Nanase and if anyon likes her because of her big breasts I suggest you watch Sekirei because there's about 10 girls in the show who actually look hot and have more of a personality along with their big tits.
  20. I saw on your blog that the May'n Lion/Northern Cross single got pushed back to the 20th of August Maybe due to a delay in the schedule? Since Macross Frontier is suppose to end on the 17th of October and is suppose to be 25 episodes long that means we have 3 extra weeks. I'm guessing the delay has to do with the single being pushed back especially if they want to tie Northern Cross into the show (gogo Sheryl fightback!) the same week the cd single is released in a similar way to Diamond Crevasse was in episode 6.
  21. I get my figures from this Oricon thread, that get the figures before Oricon updates, how I don't know. http://www.jpopmusic.com/forums/viewtopic....&start=4590 Don't Be Late sold 1,600 this week compared to 1,300 last week. I don't have japanese characters installed but seeing ランカ・リー=中島愛 it's easy to see that is Megumi = Ranka Lee or whatever. They also constantly update the top 100 for singles and albums for the year.
  22. Figures are in and it's the lowest debut so far but only just. Triangler's first week: 34,961 Don't be Late's first week: 42,714 Seikan Hikou first week: 34,501 Surprised to see it having the lowest first week total out of the Macross Frontier singles, it was easily the most pushed single in the show and it had covers of 2 of the most well known Macross songs. I do expect this to eventually outsell Don't Be Late since the release of the Frontier OST really hit the cd single sales for both Don't Be Late and Triangler. Seeing as how OST II would be late August at earliest that's not a problem for Seikan Hikou.
  23. I agree that Ranka's numbers will go up but I don't think it will be at the expense of Sheryl's numbers. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Sheryl's % went up next poll if they keep the episode 12 angle going for her.
  24. When do we find out again? Monday morning/afternoon japanese time?
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