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  1. It's been in the #5 position for 4 days straight, so it won't keep up the #3 debut of Triangler and Diamond Crevasse but it could still outsell both of them as far as opening weeks go. Really after episode 12 this should be the highest selling single of the series, got promoted hardcore and has two covers of two of the most well known songs in the franchise... -- -- -- *5 *5 *5→*5 ランカ・リー=中島愛 「星間飛行」 Excuse the ? but I don't have Japanese characters installed.
  2. I just checked out the promo (forgot about it), it's the Don't Be Late remix beat from episode 6 (or it shares a similar melody), really hope we get to hear a full version of this song in the show or as a b side... maybe for Lion?
  3. Pretty sure that was a first press thing or something like that.
  4. It would've been better if they showed some of this stuff even a few episodes ago, heck even Luca saying we working on something really big as a throwaway line in one episode. I know they implied that th material sheryl's earring can get past fold dislocations but even so... And yes Isamu is also my fav Macross character, though tied with Max. As far as male leads goes he's way above everyone else.
  5. Why settle for just one? I'll be slightly pissed if we don't get some Plus homage over the course of the series. Wtb some info on Usamu and Myung as well as a cover of a Sharon Apple song.
  6. Follow the progress of the Frontier fleet from earth in episode 1 or 2 and it's obvious this isn't Earth. Michael would be Sirius!
  7. Who's the focus of the upcoming 3rd Frontier manga series? Sheryl? From ANN
  8. C'mon Sheryl, Ranka and Cathy forming Aquarion would be hot.
  9. Well considering in the episode 12 preview scene Memory of Global I'm inclined to think it's that
  10. Lion and Northern Cross will more than likely show up in episode 13 or 14, can't wait to hear them as well as see the new op/ed sequences.
  11. R2 is #1 and CG #3. http://www.shareapic.net/content.php?id=93...owner=Koshimizu Anime #2 Macross Frontier Male #4 Alto Female #3 Sheryl #4 Ranka Nice to see Soul Eater jump up from #20 to #4, that's going to have a good chance of going past Frontier because the first 11 episodes are average compared to later manga events.
  12. This is true but the thing is Ranka could've found this stuff out but she didn't.. why is that...? Because during her numerous conversations with Alto 99% of the time she talks about herself, her present to Alto was fitting in that regard since it was a ticket to her concert. Sheryl otoh has actually asked Alto questions, that's how you get to know people especially ones like Alto who aren't forthcoming at all. Since she asked him questions like the following.. Sheryl - Hey Alto, do you like this ship? Alto - I hate it I don’t like city ships. Sheryl - Why? Alto - There’s no sky here. She knew that he would love her present as you can tell by her voice (lovely work by Aya Endo) that's why I'm finding it hard to feel sympathetic for Ranka since her problems are caused by her being reactive instead of proactive as well as being self centered when it comes to Alto unlike Sheryl. This along with Sheryl and Alto having much better chemistry and personality match is why I really think it should be Sheryl who ends up with Alto at the end. Ranka to me seems like a character who will suffer defeat but win through personal character growth instead.
  13. Power of Light is a brilliant bgm piece, easily amongst the best orchestral stuff Kanno has done over her career. Brain Powered is in my top 3 Kanno works along with Escaflowne and Macross Plus. Shame about the actual series itself... I think Kanno said something like she had no idea what Tomino wanted with this series so she just went and made music lmao...
  14. Sheryl called Alto up and asked to meet him (Alto says something like, "And what does Sheryl-sama want with me?") there but considering the VF's are fly past their a lot she probably choose the location for him.
  15. How can Ranka go with Alto to Galia IV when Alto is already on it with Sheryl once Remember Luca was saying it will take 1 day to go there but 1 week to come back. And according to spoilers it's
  16. The way they have been promoting the cd singles has been great so far and the upcoming Ranka one is no exception with them using Cat Diary as the ED for 11 and they will definitely be using Interstellar Flight in 12.
  17. The last 5 minutes of episode 6 in addition to the first 5 minutes of episode 2 are the highlights of the show thus far imo, it's just that those 2 episodes as whole aren't as good as some of the others imo.
  18. The Target was started way too early in the broadcast version, I definitely preferred how it was used in the Deculture version when it started as Ozma transformed. Hopefully the 32 min dvd version for episode 1 which replaces the Broadcast version fixes this.
  19. I don't really know why this scene annoyed some people, if anything it was Alto who was being a complete idiot more so than Sheryl running away. You do recall Cathy saying that it would cause a diplomatic incident if something happen to Sheryl? Imagine that Michael Jackson back at his the height of his King of Pop fame got knocked off in some backwater country due to lax security. Massive outrage from fans and a diplomatic incident would've happened... and in Macross idols like Sheryl are held in high regard. For the Frontier security team there was no question about what to do when danger was close by, they get her out of there and into safety ASAP whether she wants to or not. Don't forget that Sheryl initially wanted to stay on stage, after calming down and being told the situation she rightly realized she couldn't do anything and so went along with the Frontier security people who were doing their jobs.
  20. Mistress Sheryl wrapped a collar around me when she said Strawberry Pie!
  21. *rubs eyes* Who are you and what have you done with VFTF1? j/k lol
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