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  1. I chose to use "I don't want this" since I think it conveys the despair better. But that isn't right either.
  2. 2008-09-03 Title: Underwear What is with this? The color of underwear that guys like that is. White, pink, light blue. They like these vague colors? I'll be blunt. I absolutely hate vague colored underwear. To the point that my emotions get constricted. Also, a word of warning to girls. Girls who wear haphazard underwear, both the top and bottom, will never encounter fine love no matter how long they wait. Also, what is the point of not deciding correctly? Sheryl January 31, 2059 picture caption: If you are an adult...
  3. 2008-08-30 Title: Cucumber? Mysterious. Weird? I saw something that was such. I was traveling in a car when I saw it at a glance, a long, thin green rod-like thing being eaten... by adults and children as they walked. What is with that... What are they doing? Is it any good, being raw and all. My manager just informed me. That it is called a cucumber. It seems that it is something eaten at festivals. Still, how mysterious. Wouldn't it be better to cut it and eat it at home. Sheryl April 15, 2059 2008-09-01 Title: Acupoints I was introduced to the acupoints of the foot at the hotel salon I always go to! I immediately tried it out. Upon pressing on the bottom of my foot, the beautician immediately commented, "You have a strong singing voice". Isn't that obvious? How often do they think I use it? One more time. The tip of the thumb cause a lot of pain. When I asked, I was told that it was the "acupoint for the head". I didn't realize it then, but does that mean there is something wrong with my head? [it also means "does it mean I am stupid", but I don't think she actually wants to say this] Sheryl March 13, 2059
  4. Don't worry, considering how Alto is so traditional in everything else, it'll be Japanese cuisine . Also I've been reading Japanese translations of some of the comments from the MW favorite female character polls and and it's funny how they translated them . For example Dante74 on his voting for Nanase: Another one for Nanase! BOo8!3s FTW!!1 俺もNanaseに投票したぜ!おっぱい最高!! How I translated it before I checked the original post: I voted for Nanase too! Long live boobs!!
  5. Alto's voice actor talks a bit about Top Gun without actually naming it and Kawamori brings up the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco and says that it's like having 30k Bobbies all gathered in one place . Also Nakajima Megumi was foolish enough to go to the first recording wearing heels so she had to take them off after a while. It's been a while since I listened to it so this is all I remember.
  6. 2008-08-24 Title: I got myself a pet. Listen and be surprised! I got myself a pet. All the animals on Galaxy have implants so I've never had any interest, but Frontier is different, right? I've met one. I visited a store for a magazine interview and it was love at first sight! The name of this living being seems to be "Little Sea Monkey". It was swimming inside a beer mug at the store. An incredibly small, translucent lifeform. A school of tiny shrimp all swimming around. Have you seen these before!? It seems that simply by letting the powder-like eggs dissolve in water, they come forth of their own volition and swim! Don't you think this is incredible? The eggs are a powder! They would disappear in a strong wind. Life is such a mysterious thing. Seeing this makes me feel that I can fight to continue living no matter what happens. I gained power. Anyways, right now, I've placed the powder in an unused wineglass. Simply by looking at it, you would never think that life is dissolving inside, but it should definitely gift me with wonderful motivation. What do you think? Would you like to care for the "Little Sea Monkey" together with me? Sheryl May 6, 2059 Picture captions: Mail order provides ...this.
  7. 2008-08-22 I have no desire to sing duets. I tried out a certain studio on Frontier. While I'm here I have to record a few songs, after all. Recently, I used Frontier's largest studio, but... ...for some reason it just didn't fit very well. Frontier is different from Galaxy in that there is real plant life here. Picture caption: Do you see it? I know it has to be that. All living things sing songs as live their lives. My voice is being butchered. By an impertinent *piece* of grass! But, it's vexing so next time I'll sing a duet. I have no desire to sing a duet with another person, but since it's a just grass, it will probably do as it is told. We might actually create an unexpectedly good song. Sheryl May 13, 2059 Anyways, Ranka's latest blog entry is by far the most intriguing one she has ever had so I decided to t/l it. If only all her entries were this interesting, but alas... 2008-08-22 Title: I'm afraid of my dreams Even though I went to bed really early, for some reason I can't sleep so I'm writing in my blog. I'm a afraid of my dreams. It's been a long time since I've had a night like this. I have work tomorrow so I wanted to sleep already and laugh a lot. I really don't understand, but...it's like a huge black fog is envelloping me. It's like someone is calling to me from far away. Ranka August 10, 2059
  8. 2008-08-16 Title: That is what it means to sing. You can hear the voices of many things. The voice of a planet, the voice of an opening soda can, the voice of the one you love, the voice of your own body. They are not only expelled, but received as well. That is what it means to sing. The continuation of that is what it means to live. Sheryl August 26, 2059
  9. Michel was asking how Sheryl was and Alto says that she seems fine and seems to have even "powered up". Michel basically tells him that it's about time to stop being indecisive. Even for him, being this dense for this long is pushing it. The songs that Ranka are singing are for him. Sheryl is really suffering right not, but she still thinks about and tries not to burden him.
  10. 2008-08-14 Title: Who the hell do you think you are? I'm sick and tired of you forecasting my end. Who the hell do you think you are? I would like for you not to take the fate that I have grasped lightly. I'm about to go to war right now. Please cheer me on. Sheryl August 16, 2059
  11. 2008-08-09 Title: I'm awesome. I finally understood this today. I'm awesome. I finished a great song. I sang a great song. I brought forth the me of now through my lips, it feels so nice that it seems as if my entire body has been turned inside out. This is why I cannot stop singing!! I want it too floor everyone's brains already. (I'm not sure about this since the corruption gives me a snowman and a skull and crossbones symbol) Because worries, uncertainty, tears, and pain are taken along for the ride. Don't be late☆ Sheryl October ??, 2058 Picture caption: When I am recording in the studio, it is always this mic. 2008-08-11 Title: Turkey The hotel that I am staying at now has pretty good room service. I am quite taken with their simple sandwich of cheddar cheese and turkey on a lightly toasted baget. Frontier has many ingredients that Galaxy lacks. I have already ordered this about thirty 30 times. It has become so that I can remember the taste even if I close my eyes. I wonder if I can make this? I know, I think I will have a sandwich party at school the next time I am there. To think that they will be able to partake of food made with my hands, they may even cry due to overwhelming joy. Ufu. Sheryl June 23, 2059 Picture caption1: This... Picture caption2: Legs are...
  12. But I'm not so sure that Ranka qualifies as a either sexy or a woman .
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