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  1. I have the canopies and I'll start sending them out within the week. I'm off next week so I'll have plenty of time to get them done. Then I can finish mine up and get it posted
  2. An even better reason to have them machined. It would be way cheaper that 3d printing them. You are talking pennies on the dollar. Most 3d printers charge a minimum startup fee. Shapeways charges at least 5 bucks in addition to the volume of the printing. You would also be paying fees for the 3d model on top of that. Just somethings to take into consideration.
  3. I would NOT consider shapeways for this application. their Strongest material will not give you good detail. More detailed pics would help also. This may be simple enough for me to machine it in 3D using my CNC, I could do metal or PVC which are both very sturdy and can take some abuse.
  4. Yep this is what i recieved. The bottom part will be clear, but of course it's easier to see detail when it's white.
  5. I appreciate your patience guys. Got some pics from the vacuum caster of the first pulls. Im still getting these out, but the canopies should be in my hands soon.
  6. Awesome work! Nice to see some more 3d solid computer modeling. This really turned out great.
  7. Gotta love Tom Servo and a decapitated r2 unit in the background....
  8. Thanks everyone, this one was a lot of work, but I was able to develop a lot of new stuff for dioramas, as well as show off some idea for those who have already gotten them. All i have to finish up now is getting the Mom's kitchens shipped out as well as a few others who have been waiting for their Vehicles patiently. In the meantime, I'll be contacting folks who have been waiting so patiently to get some hangar stuff. Anyone else interested can PM me. I gotta say I am very happy with how this one came out the lights really worked out well and the control station looks great. I'll be making a couple more variations. (of course i've already been asked to do it in another scale). In between getting all the rest of my kits out, i'll be starting the next project. Time to give some Mospeada love! (hint hint)
  9. And here we have it folks, the final video and pics, This baby was delivered over a week ago to her new owner DarrinG. I'll let him post new video and pics, but here are mine. Enjoy. And oh the suprise. As you can see Darrin also asked me for some 1/60 vehicles for his hangar so There are now 1/60 ground support vehicles and trailers. I will offer these as a kit or you can get them assembled and painted. I'll start another thread in the Toy section, and some of you have already seen These in Darrin's posts, but now that this baby is off my workbench, all I have left to do is mail out some other kits, and I will start taking custom orders again and also see who is interested in the 1/60 vehicles. these pics will probably suck cuz i had to return my 500 camera from work. Please be gentle
  10. Still waiting on the canopies. In the meantime, I'm going to pack up therest of the kits and start sending them out so that you guys can at least get started.
  11. I made the vehicles for DarrinG. I also made him a hangar the thread can be found HERE. If you are interested I can make you something that will fit your needs. PM me and i'll see what I can do for you. I actually have the macross factory and I can tell you it is WAY too small for your 1/60's
  12. Ive been making custom hangars for folks here on Macrossworld for a few years now. Usually I make the parts and they do the painting and assembly. This is the first hangar that Ive done for someone else from start to finish complete with lights and the whole schebang. Ive made some for my own use, for displays, etc. I would have to say that this one has been the most challenging and by far the best one I have done. A lot of time and energy went into developing new stuff that is available for everyone. This and a few kits are all I have on my to do list, once completed (in the next week or so) i will be taking new orders. Keep in mind I already have some folks that have been waiting patiently. So they come first. But i can usually make the parts in a few weeks. This one had so many features, that development, and of course all the details took over a year. That was mostly due to me having several projects at once. So not much longer guys. but if you are interested please PM me. Some of you already have and I will start on those requests once everything else has been done.
  13. Patience guys it wont be much longer. Gotta make sure that this will knock all your socks off!
  14. Not to worry Kicker, Since I am not working full time, I have been focusing on wrapping up all the outstanding things on my "to-do" List. The post man is really hating me right now, as I have been shipping a LOT of boxes out, with more to come. Once everything is cleared off of my list, I'll start new projects. I know a few folks out there have been waiting on hangars. This one was my first commission work from start to finish, completely painted etc. I think the results are well worth the time and effort put into this. Patience guys, i cant reveal the suprise yet, but i'll give you a hint: It's related to some of my other work and I've had a lot of folks ask about them. They are a reality, and will soon be made available to anyone who is interested.
  15. FInal update will be soon. Got a little surprise planned. It should be soon though
  16. Well I have a friend that i used to machine for. I set up his wireless network and he let me use one of his medium sized lathes. Been saving up for my own, but may have to wait on that one. we will see I've seen a couple that just need some TLC. The tricky part will be putting the electronics in and the blade. she is helping cuz we all know every padawan has to make their own. Gotta love Lego's! ironically i always thought the Lego video games looked rather silly, but my oldest got Star Wars Lego video game and It is SO MUCH FUN!!!! But hey when I'm wrong I admit it. Great video game for kids. It's funny they get to play their favorite characters and it's not gory for the young ones.
  17. HMMMM. Darth Yeti does have a nice ring to it. Anyway, Once I finish up all the projects I have to get out, I'll be taking order again for custom work. I know a few folks who wanted hangars. I can always fit in a lightsaber or 2.
  18. Christmas was great! I'm still waiting on the canopies, Since I find myself currently unemployed I am considering mailing out the kits with all the parts except for the canopies and sending those out when they are done. That way folks can at least get started with the prep work etc.
  19. Maybe your holding your Ipad upside down? Nice shuttle though. Since we are on a Star Wars kick. My little girl, is really into Star Wars. Yes Christmas was interesting, with barbie and Star wars under the tree. But fun for both Mom and Dad. Well my oldest daughter LOVES ashoka Tano and begged me to make her a lightsaber. I couldn't get it ready in time for Christmas, but she's still excited anyway. Here is what I have so far. The rest of the parts will be cut on my CNC machine after I get some kits in the mail. Since I am currently unemployed, (funny how companies always do this around this time of Year), I have decided to go back to school and get another certification or two under my belt, taking advantage of some veteran's benefits. All that means is that I will have some more time to crank out some goodies for everyone here at MW!
  20. Talked to THOR last night. He is finishing up with the masters, having a small issue with one of the parts. He's gonna try something new.
  21. Quick update folks, Had them last weekend, but the wife borrowed the camera for halloween photos and it disappeared. There is the weathering on the hangar door and the booms Enjoy!
  22. Still waiting. I'll get in contact and see where we are at. I may just start shipping these out and send the canopies later. That is always an option. I hope to have these out the door before thanksgiving.
  23. Some progress. Assembly of the booms, wiring etc. Will be painted and primer-ed over the weekend.
  24. Sweet. I agree about the weathering. Its just too damn pretty!
  25. tundrayeti

    Kit's Power

    Wow that is crazy. I can't understand how these guys keep getting away with this. Wayne I feel bad that you had to go through this. it sucks that they even swindled you out of your kit as well. Thanks for the info and Welcome to Macross World!
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