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  1. All the small parts were casted before wonderfest. The main bodies are what is time consuming takes about 45 minutes to an hour for each one. That plus the ups guy destroying my 5 gallon resin delivery is what held up those. But I got the resin replaced and I'm cranking these out as fast as I can. I'll be sending out the first 5-6 orders t by this weekend. So hang in there folks I hope to have the board cleared soon. The armored valks molds are curing as well since the old ones were damaged. Thanks guys!
  2. I have a list and I am notifying individuals once they ship. I also include tracking numbers. I know it's been slow going guys but sometimes real life gets in the way. I started a new job this week and it's awesome because i will have a ton of free time to do Macross stuff, but I was on nights all this week so if I take a little time getting to you, please understand. There are only a few outstanding orders, and once those are out, I have like 8 of these left so i wont take any more orders till the outstanding ones are in the mail. As much as i love you guys, when my little girl looks at me with those big blue eyes and says "Daddy will you come play lego star wars with me?" it's hard to say no. I only have about three more outstanding order to ship and then the remaining moms kitchens are up for grabs. I may do another run but i'll see how many more folks want them.Thanks
  3. Small delay folks. May have a bad batch of resin. Not setting properly. Mostly On the armored valks. Not too bad still got the first few going out this week.
  4. Lol i must says darrin you made it happen. Although i promise, this time around the next vehicles will get the 1/60 treatment first. (Can someone say ambulace and civilian vehicles?)
  5. Funny you guys mention it but Neptune and i have been talking and.........
  6. I may provide some fishing line and duct tape free of charge...
  7. Taking orders now! Send me a pm and get them while you can. I have 15 avaliable. I can make more if needed.
  8. Yep just send me a pm. Taking orders now. Operators are standing by....
  9. It would be a MONSTER!!! Bit if you get enought guys together willing to schuck out $350 or mor a pop well then maybe I might do it..... All kidding aside, that would be a tremendous undertaking. The labor alone would make that kit expensive as all get out.
  10. Its always great to meet some of the folks here on the forum is person. Now I have a little bonus to add to this kit. First off let me say how awesome this community is. everyone here is all about making this hobby and being a fan of macross the best experience ever. I have to give Props out to MechTech and Valkyrie. MechTech has given permission to include his 1/350th scale armored Valkyrie with this kit as a Macross World exclusive. And while here at Wonderfest Valkyrie gave me the molds for it. I Cant say enough of how awesome some of the folks here on the forums are and that is what makes some of us keep cranking out goodies for everyone else. Lots of talent out there and its great that we all help each other out. I can tell you from personal experience, that the rest of the garage kit community is not that way. i have seen a lot of petty backstabbing and other nonsense, which is why Macross World will Always be my home and the absolute best community to be a part of. Thanks for the support everyone! Now payments are now being taken for the bug eye. Price Is $200 plus shipping. Thanks again guys and let's keep making more cool stuff!
  11. Yes it is. Shipping them out this week.
  12. Some of the parts may be yellow or white as well. Had to rework some if the molds that were bad.
  13. Thank NeptuneSurvey. First year we met at wonderfest he proposed the idea to me. I've had the designs sitting on the back burner for about 2 years. Thought we would do it this year. This will also be made avaliable in 1/100 scale in a few months. I will be starting a new job in a couple weeks that requires no travel. I took the time being unemployed to catch up on things and do a couple more projects.
  14. Hey guys. Update. I know I have other stuff coming out too and some of you are concerned about the Mom's Kitchen. I have been working hard on all of these projects and actually hired some help to get these out. These will ship by end of May. I have one of my guys packaging the parts as we speak and they are going out soon. I apologize for the delays on this but I was waiting for new parts, etc. Life. I hired 2 guys about a month and a half ago to help me and so far it's been very helpful. I appreciate everyone's patience, and I'll be sure to throw those of you who have been waiting a little bonus. Thanks
  15. Grayson I'm working on those too. Everything will be out come end of may. I'll be updating the moms kitchen thread today. I apologize for the delay on the moms kitchens but they will be going out along with the rest if these. Like all good evil geniuses I hired some minions to help.
  16. Hello all. Here is another kit that i am releasing at wonderfest in collaboratn with NeptuneSurvey. A 1/72 scale missile launcher diorama base as seen on the SDF-1. Kit will come with missiles and the doors in front and back can be opened to display the missiles or closed. Also on the other side is the launcher in the non deployed state. These will also be availiable here on macross world. Thanks!
  17. Funny how Darrin gets credit for my work... (Kidding) they look great! I will have more of the 1/60 vehicles coming soon as i finish the moms kitchen, the bug eye and another kit. Wonderfest is right around the corner.
  18. Here here. Hope to see these at Wonderfest Mike!
  19. Here are some pics of the first casts of the engine bezzels, and the sensor array, tanks and other parts. Ill try to get better ones, but i have a crappy camera.
  20. The mom's kitchens are being packed up as well. I'll be shipping them all out before May is over!!
  21. I've already been casting this bad boy and will have an update soon. Started painting the parts so I hope to have one ready for display soon.
  22. Let me get this one out and then I guess i can see about a 1/60 version.
  23. Sure. Here you go. I took a little creative license with that part. Put lots of greeblies atc. I also added the missile launchers behind the "tanks" I'll take pics of the master and post them tomorrow. in the meantime, here is the CAD version.
  24. Thanks guys. This baby is HUGE!!!! the main hull itself is over 10 inches long!
  25. Hey everyone. I have been Collaborating with NeptuneSurvey on a 1/350 Bug Eye theater scout. Well i am now in the casting process, and will have this avaliable at Wonderfest this year. Anyone interested in getting one please PM either Neptune or Myself. Below are some of the cad pics and the Master before finishing work has been done. I will post some updated pics this weekend. Prices for this will be posted once Neptune and I get everything sorted out. Enjoy!
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