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  1. Thanks guys. Besides the logistics issues (decals) that has been the biggest reason for the delays. The post office has been very slow with the insurance claims and I've had to fork it out of my own pocket. But no fear I should have this wrapped up soon and I promise more cool stuff is on the way. I have taken steps to ensure that everything in my studio is now done in house. I have a coue 3d printers coming online soon as well as decals etc etc. so 2014 will be an exciting year.
  2. Hello all. Been a rough week had a death in the family. Got some new workers that are here to help. I know it's been long. The post office losing 10 kits really hit hard. I will be focusing on getting the rest out here. Thanks to everyone for being patient.
  3. Hey guys just an update I have been pming some of you, please be patient I am going out of town this weekend for my sisters wedding, but I'll be finishing these up when I get back
  4. Decals are in folks! boxing them up now I'll start sending out PM's
  5. Yes it is the next run will has been started and i will get the rest out in the next few weeks.
  6. Still waiting on new decals. I have been told they should be here in a couple weeks. So Once I get them, I'll be shipping the rest of these out. Sorry for the delay guys, but I'm also waiting.
  7. got a couple more PM's that folks are receiving their kits. Also new decals should be here early next week. Thanks for hanging in there guys. Also, the first couple of claims from the post office are coming in. So I just wanted to thank everyone for being so patient. Supply and shipping problems always hit us little guys with delays.
  8. Well I have all the kits ready to go I'm waiting on decals. I ran out of the first printing. hang in there guys once I get the decals in hand, I'll send the last ones out.
  9. I talked to him recently and all i will say is that he is considering it. Just have a few more mom's kitchens to get out. Work has been keeping me busy so hang in there folks. its almost over.
  10. Good to hear. I've talked to a couple members on the phone and some of you I have messaged. Got a lot of folks asking for the 1/60 version. Well it may takea little while folks but I'm clearing all my back orders and projects before I dive into anything new. I may get to it by spring but the post office screw up has left my funds a little low. I am also re overlong from a head cold that turned into a sinus infection so that has also put me behind. I talked to John moscato a couple weeks ago and he told me I sounded horrible. anyway feeling better and the 1/72's are almost finished up. I'll be contacting some folks here in the next few days to give out tracking numbers. Thanks for understanding folks, I hope to have everything finished up by Halloween. ( and mean everything!!!) then ill have a clean slate for new projects. I have one on the back burner till all the rest of my kits go out, but I'll keep you all posted Nd maybe I'll do 1/60 scale then. Jason
  11. Wow.... Just wow.... 3d printing would not be the way to go with this. And in color at that. The build table would simply not be able to handle something that size. You coul break it down into parts, but you may as well just take MechTech's suggestion and scratch build your own. It would be much cheaper and probably look better. The color stuff is basically sand with colored resin injected into it. If you don't have the skills, CNC would be the way to go. Just my 2 cents...
  12. Brett I sent you a pm. Had the replacements go out this week. Still getting more out. Thanks all.
  13. Just a quick update folks. I know some of you have received your kits and some are still waiting. The main body mold finally gave out and I am making another. should have this wrapped up soon. Please be patient, I'm working as fast as I can. Had to take a couple days off due to a cold. Thanks again folks.
  14. Yep trying to get the replacements out. That and I have been super busy and fighting a cold. So I apologize for not being on for awhile guys. Just trying to crank stuff out and get it done.
  15. Neko finally got his. The last few that went out have misteriously disappeared. and for the first time I have to file insurance claims. Sorry about that but once it's in the hands of the Postal Service, I have no control. I'll get replacements out ASAP.
  16. Nope I'm still around, been busy finishing up some of my other orders before I start anything else.
  17. Just sent another batch. That should be the last of the guys who have been waiting almost a year. Thanks for your patience. if I missed you please PM me. I'll correct the situation. I apologize for the delay, Been having Issues with AT&T and my internet and my phone have been off. I upgrade to a new phone and they send me 2 factory defects. Still waiting on my phone, but I have internet at least. I'll be taking care of the folks who have ordered recently next so have patience guys. my new job has me working 4 12 hour days on and then I get 4 days off. I switch between day and night shift so I'm getting used to that as well. I appreciate your patience guys.
  18. Yes i had it on my vehicles list. I just noticed. Sorry for that, ill get it in the mail asap. Thanks for letting me know.
  19. Just sent your tracking number. If anyone hasn't gotten a PM yet, Let me know. Did a LOT of customs forms this weekend. it's all a bit confusing. But anyway, they are on their way!!! the New orders that I have recieved in the last week will go out as soon as possible. Got my guys packing up mom's kitchens. They havent shelled a peanut in there since Monday!!!. Also took a little break to do some family stuff for my birthday and Father's Day. So to all the other dads, HAPPY FATHER"S DAY. I got a new toy for my birthday/fathersday that will definately see some use here. Got myself a nice Metal lathe. Ohh the possibilities.....(custom lightsaber anyone?)
  20. Just my 2 cents but they make flashing LED's as well if your not keen on Circuit boards. The cool thing is that if you hook 1 flashing LED and some plain ones in series, they all flash! Three things you will need to know are your voltage supply and how many LED's you are going to use and you can use tools on the web to calculate any resistors you need.
  21. The last of the moms kitchen are shipping by this weekend, Mostly the international orders. I appreciate everyone's patience. I'm working night shift this week so I may have a delay in response time so bear with me. I checked the rest of the fuselages and Grayson seems to have the only odd duck. I'll make sure you get another one Grayson. And It looks like i'll have a few left over and I may cast some more. So for those of you waiting till I got the original orders out please pm me and I'll have a few avaliable. Once this is done and the bug eye, I'll be able to maybe focus on a 1/100 scale or 1/60 scale mom's kitchen. As well as start some new projects.
  22. That is definately a miscast. I will send a replacement.
  23. Wow that is weird! I'll check the rest but i havent seen that issue on any others. I'll post some pics and definately replace that fuselage if it's a problem. The last few mom's kitchens are getting shipped now.
  24. Glad I could help. I'll be saving the files for this one in case anyone else has this same issue.
  25. Yeah it would suck and I might have felt bad for him if he didn't mark it as delivered. Luckily my supplier is very cool an replaced it as fast as possible. They now have to go after ups for reimbursement.
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