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  1. You are on the list. Got 2 other kits with your name on them i'll send them all at once. (and you will be getting some nice new printed parts with your mom's kitch.... )
  2. Got some of the parts casted. Lots of positive reactions at wonderfest. I'll have pics soon.
  3. Lol. Casting has begun showed off some parts at wonderfest. Lots if positive reactions. I'll have pics soon.
  4. Well I had enough for a couple kits anyway. At any rate we will now start taking preorders. Please send me a pm so I can get the list started. I have a couple reentry pods ready to go except for feets, and six bioroid assault ships just need to print out more bioroids. So let's get these Lists going and once the kits are ready to go, money will be taken and shipping will begin. Yay
  5. Lol non taken. I've tried shapeways before. Better to own your own printers. You control the quality and speed of the end product. Shapeways has some tech jockey that just spits out prints and doesn't care about the end result. Had some bad experiences with shapeways. Inside joke.
  6. Don't know if I should be offended or not???
  7. They will be available for order after. I'm taking 10 if these with me to wonderfest for their debut. Along with all the other kits we have going. Guys if I don't answer your pm's right away keep in mind who's making all this and let me cast. I promise once all of these are done I'll start taking orders. Got a lot on my plate right now and I'm on schedule and chugging away so please be patient.
  8. I'll post some pics Monday of the kit. Busy busy weekend lots to do. Once I get all the casting done, then I'll stop and take some pics
  9. I'll post some pics Monday of the kit. Busy busy weekend lots to do. Once I get all the casting done, then I'll stop and take some pics
  10. send me the file i'll only charge for material and a small markup for machine wear and tear.
  11. Wonderfest in Louisville Kentucky. (2weeks) and the form 1 is a true SLA printer. The up 2 can't even come close. The layer thickness is 25 microns, hence the high print quality. I've been 3d printing for over 6 years now and it the best I've seen.
  12. The bioroids can be purchased seperately. We are looking at about $200 plus shipping for the bioroid assault carrier. That will include 2 blue and one red bioroid, as well as 3 hover tanks. Squad of each. I still have to talk with Marc and Alex as to what mode they will be in. Still figuring the price on the additional packs of mecha. The re entry pod estimated price is looking to be about $250-260. Included with that will be 2 zentran soldiers and 3 regults. I'll be posting pics soon. Now in case anyone is wondering the bioroids and other 1/350 stuff was printed on the new form 1 printer. It won't be avaliable till July but the nice guys at form 1 are letting me try it out. This machine is incredible. ( the results speak for themselves) but by far this machine is easy to use and the price tag is reasonable for the 25 micron resolution. I will probably start a separate thread on this but I will be making this avaliable to the 3d artists here on MW. The material is reasonable and It is much better quality than shapeways at a fraction of the price. Interested parties can pm me. More pics in a day or 2.. Oh yeah I will have it on display at wonderfest so those of you who are going come check it out!!!
  13. I understand the reasoning behind that. I'll see what I can do. (i dont own any toys so ... )
  14. We'll I don't see what that would do, but it's about 16 and a half inches in diameter. The recently pod is a little over 10
  15. Nah it's 2 separate pics the camera snapped them both really fast. Posted them both anyway. And the last 2 are upside down. iPhone hiccup.
  16. Okay update time!!! Here are some pics of the bioroid assault ship casts, the re entry pod and the start of the sheldo. Whew!!!!!
  17. What the hell, Hooooverrrrrrr ttttaaaannnkkkk!!!! Okay guys I'll be starting on the masters this weekend. I'll post pics of the first casts of the bioroid assault ship soon as well. As for the zentran re-entry pod ........ Just a hint......
  18. New 3d printing technology is going to make a lot of this stuff very cheap and feasible. I'm beta testing a new printer that prints in 25 micron layers. And the print material is reasonable to the point where printing the small stuff is more cost effective than making molds and casting. I'll know more once I get it in a week or so.
  19. Well folks, what we have going on is a very passionate effort between several MacrossWorld members. The talent here on macrossworld is absolutely amazing and over the last few years I've made some very good friends. This is the first time that I can recall that we have a considerable group of fans that are getting together and pooling their talents to produce, well the cool stuff we have always wanted to have but no big name company will ever touch. This year will be very exciting. It only going to get bigger and better.
  20. I will do what I can to keep the cost down. I have some ideas that will keep this reasonable.
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