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  1. I just took a closer look at this one and noticed he built that using Mechanical Chain Base parts. Not a bad idea, but still kinda interesting.
  2. Thanks guys, I have been very busy lately, but the Mom's kitchen project is at the 98% completion mark. I have also spent some time on this as well. Have more pics soon. The launch arm is doable, but as I had stated previously, I'm clearing my workload before I take on anything new. Definitely something that's doable, but there are so many factors to take into consideration. At any rate, Thanks for all the feedback and support everyone!
  3. Okay everyone Here is the moment you have all been patiently waiting for! Here are the first pics of the casting. This is the first pull of the fuselage, and I had to do a little cleanup but the small parts are done. Always the hardest part. I'll clean them up a little more, but you can see the details on the landing gear doors, etc. The engine vents can be put in either position, and the control panel came out great!. I'm waiting on my clear resin to get here before I do the canopy but I polished the hell out of that sucker!. ANyway I will post more tomorrow, But I will now be taking payments, I will be showing the engines etc over the few days, so you get more of an idea, but for now here is some eye candy. I should be ready to deliver in less than 2 weeks, I will have about 20 kits going to Wonderfest. Thanks!
  4. Exo, I'll call you tonight. I have had the same issues with Shapeways. I have an awesome printer that I would like you to try.
  5. I wont be there personally, as my sister is having her wedding, but they will be avaliable there. Thor will be manning the trenches.
  6. Got you down Skull One. If I don't respond right away it's because ive been trying to get this finished for Wonderfest. Oh and all the smalle parts are in Rubber at the moment, I'll have some casts in a day or 2. Finished the big parts at Thor's today. They will be in rubber by this weekend! Thanks to Thor for letting be use his Badger Media Blaster. I highly reccomend it, saved me 3 days work!
  7. 1/60 scale will most likely be in production after May. Most likely end of June.
  8. That 220 grit was awesome! Thanks to THOR for his help in getting this out!.convinced me to get one of these.
  9. Hey everyone, i stopped by our friend Thor's place today and he hasn't been posting due to computer issues. Got to see the masters and they look very good! He will have this kit ready for wonderfest but i wanted everyone to know that it's progressing nicely
  10. Wow That Kitty Cat and the Raider are looking SWEET! Neptune you better take pictures of that at Wonderfest... Preferably with an award.
  11. I have, and I am actuall trying another printing service as well. Shapeways is pretty competetive, although I must Say that lately they have been ticking me off. They are rejecting things that I have printed before, some kind of change in their standards. Very upsetting. I have a very good printer that many of my fellow kit builders use and their quality is so good, no touch up or prep work is needed. They do mainly figures so the details have to be outstanding. Thanks Kylwell for the tip, I have talked to them before though. Anyway The decals arrived Friday! They look AWESOME!!!! There was a small issue with some of the letters and nose numbers, but Jbot included replacements. He Even called up to make sure I got them. So I cannot compain. More coming, hope to have castings by next weekend, so keep those pre-orders coming!
  12. Looks cool, but I think i'll pass
  13. Thanks guys I really appreciate all the compliments. Okay time for an update and those pics I promised with a 1/72 scale pilot. This on is from one of my Hasegawa sets. He looks great in the cockpit door and the hatchway. Also you can see the panel lines turned out great and the sanding and priming is almost done. I have some of the smaller parts in rubber right now, i'll post those when I get them done, but for now, enjoy!
  14. Too big for the tumbler, but I may try your blaster if it works. The small parts came out awesome so I'm casting those now. I'll post pics tonight. Be careful with the baking soda it expands in contained spaces. Tried it in my ritery tumbler and it had pressure buildup
  15. That is correct. I'm basically clearing my schedule to reduce wait times. Got TONS of order for my Star Wars and BSG stuff that I need to clear as well as the orders for my Macross Ground Support Vehicles and Military vehicles. So In fairness to the members of this Site who have been waiting sooo patiently for their kits. I can't in good conscience take on new work till they are taken care of. Thanks for understanding. In the meantime send me a PM with your email so I can send you some pics of the extras that I offer for these kits. I have all kinds of greeblies and doors, I just did some crates and other accessories that add that extra touch to your hangar. Lot of guys say the hardest part is choosing just what to get out of all the different choices. Also be sure to let me know what scale you are looking at. If you get doors etc, I have to scale them appropriately.
  16. Well it all depends. If you just want the parts made, and you assemble them yourself and paint a setup like this will go for about $200. A couple members have gotten similar setup that they assembled and painted themselves. Depending on what you want this setup goes anywhere between. $120-$200 not including shipping. I charge by the square inch when it comes to my Hangars. What I usually do, and what works best, is you give me the dimensions you are looking for and picj what features you want, and I do a 3D mockup and give you a price quote. It can be adjusted from there. I also sell basic panels that are 16 inches square for about $30 each plus shipping. Miriya's setup that was shown previously went for about $115? Dorge correct me if I'm wrong. Blue has also gotten a couple of my panels as well. Keep in mind also that I am booked solid until after WonderFest which is end of May. I have a couple folks on the waiting list for dioramas, I'm just trying to clear my work schedule before I take on new stuff. Folks here on Macross World are very patient and understanding. Been trying to ship out my Ground vehicle orders, as well. It's been busy in the Yeti's workshop!
  17. Lol one of the reasons I have been so busy lately is that I have been doing masters for others. I just did a 1/350 scale death star trench diorama with Darth Vaders' tie (gotta love Iphone's spell check), and y- wings and it came out great. Send me PM and I'll see what I can do. I'll have to make it all one piece of course....
  18. Neko you are definitely not late. I'm just taking pre-orders at this time, payment will be due once the castings are made which will be in the next few weeks. I plan on having a few of these at Wonderfest which will take place on Memorial day weekend. I actually prefer paypal, So send me a PM and I will put you down for one.
  19. I have a couple but they are unassembled.... no time for that gotta make new stuff!
  20. They don't call me yeti for nothin. Lets just say I can never go into a jewelry store and find a ring size that will fit. I'll post some pics with some 1/72 scale figs from Hasegawa. i did a 2d printout with them in a previous post and it looked okay.
  21. Yes once it's done I'll use a wash and darken them. This will also give the "Used and Grimey" look. The Panel lines still pop out even thought this is just the gray primer.
  22. It is nice to see in in the physical world and not the Virtual one. Thanks. This is 1/72 scale, since that pretty much won the poll hands down. I will eventually be doing this in 1/100 for myself and a few others. As for 1/48, 1/60 etc etc....we will see. It is possible, but that would be pricey. I did try to keep the price down on this one.
  23. Wait's over! here are the first shots of the masters. I have all the parts, but i'm waiting for the paint to dry on the smaller parts. I have already done some prep work on the engines and the other parts as they were printed in a translucent material that does not like the camera. The light coat of paint makes the details pop so you guys can see them better. Have some shots of the engines and the vents in the flight and the VTOL position. everything looks really good, I'm happy with how they came out. the wings fit snug as do the rear stabilizers. they are a little warped, but some warm water will fix that. A little sanding and primer to the main fuselage and we are good to go. I also included some flight deck shots. So ENJOY!!! At this time preorders will be taken. I will have at least 15 of these bad boys for WonderFest. Please PM me with your pre-order, or you can drop a nore here. I will be keeping this thread open so progress can be seen on the masters and the casting as well. I will try to post pics of the smaller parts tomorrow. as always feel free to let your opinion be known!
  24. Okay here it is the Long overdue update. Mostly I've been doing wiring, lights etc, and now I am in the process of painting the main panels. I have removed the electronics for now, and the door piece and the other floor aren't dry yet, but the floor has been seen previously, the layout is taking shape, once the main parts are done, the electronics will be installed and then the details get put in such as the greeblies you have all seen in the prior posts. Next the wiring will be secured, and the lights mounted. after that the panels will be secured, and the gantries will be painted and installed. I have to put the floor tabs that will ride in the slots in before I secure the flooring so that the gantries will move back and forth. Enjoy!
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