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  1. The flyer it came on said it was only valid until 26-Jul-2013. I guess they weren't kidding.
  2. Just posting this for others in case they aren't aware. The following BDs are completely region free (verified by playing in my Australian region B Playstation 3). The first Macross Budokan concert SDF Macross series DRYL Flashback 2012 Both Frontier movies (original print run) Flashback 7 I can't vouch for anything else as that's all I own, but I suspect Bandai aren't region locking anything Macross related. Not particularly helpful for anybody buying DVDs rather than Blu Rays of course.
  3. Looks like a poor translation. The Japanese description says the OVA includes the English dub, not the movie, and that the subtitles are Japanese, not English. This is consistent with past DVD releases.
  4. I own the Budokan concert -- picked it up on in Japan without really thinking about it -- and it runs on my Australian PS3 which is region B. Bandai hasn't locked the Macross TV series or Do You Remember Love discs either. I don't own the Zero BD to verify, but if it's locked it's the outlier.
  5. Gokurakumaru

    Macross 30

    10% off at HMV for anybody who hasn't ordered yet. If you're not in Japan you don't pay tax so it's actually 10,620 yen when you order. http://www.hmv.co.jp...7%AE%B1_5251317
  6. CD Japan has shipped my order so I'm locked in either way. If this really is censored though I'll be very disappointed and won't be buying any future BDs without playing wait and see first.
  7. Filled out the special order form at CD Japan. Much obliged for the head's up, Keith.
  8. From what the show implies, the AFOS is protoculture tech, not Zentradi. Bodolza and Laplamiz ships are some 10kms long. You can see the Great Wall of China from space. What makes you think they were at sub-orbital altitudes? In Plus Guld and Isamu fold in above the orbit of satellites which are at least 35,000+kms above the Earth (geostationary orbits) and hardly can be considered in the atmosphere. And Frontier explicitly states that the Vajra are using fold tech that is nothing like that seen in the rest of the franchise, i.e. near instantaneous and fault-immune. So they're a really bad example. Haven't watched all of Macross 7 so not much to say about that... Unless you have some better examples of Zentradi technology being used in the same way the Macross was, yeah, it's safe to say the reaction from the Zentradi was not just because it was surprising, it's because it was downright dangerous.
  9. Disappointing there is still no proper Macross game for the PS3, but another hybrid pack is no bad thing. Especially with how well-realised the game version of Sayonara no Tsubasa was. Day 1 purchase.
  10. You aren't that old. Episode 1 was released in December 2002 and the production was so lethargic the final episode wasn't released until October 2004. So it's not really 10 years old by any meaningful measure.
  11. Back in stock at HMV for anybody who missed it first time around. http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/4046364
  12. Totally awesome work! If I wasn't saving for a mortgage that would have sold me.
  13. This. And I've always thought anybody believing otherwise is either not paying attention to the story or just plain delusional. But probably both.
  14. Weird sentiment. The story may be the canon version but the Valkyrie designs aren't. Chunky hands FTL.
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