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    A low vis VF-1J?

    Low-vis GBP... Mmmmmm...
  2. http://users.rcn.com/opus.dnai/games/rcd/rcdFAQ.html Take 2 bought Gametek out when Gametek folded. Then they tried to release the game. Their license had expired. They didn't want to buy a new one. There were rumors tha thtey got into a big war with Harmony Gold, but it's more likely they just shelved it.
  3. The ACTUAL line(I listened to it several times to make absolutely sure I wasn't delusional) is "can you feel my juices around your rock hard "...
  4. Ungh. Nothing will ever eliminate the image of a fat man with a thick beard dressed as Pretty Sammy from my mind.
  5. Why did I cheer for GI Joe as a kid, now?
  6. Well, I was wrapping up with a semi-comedic shot at the whole thing. I'm amazed the marriage worked at all. I can just see them in marriage counseling... "Shared interests? We both play video games. And we dye our hair.... And we... no, we don't do that, never mind. Errr... Ummm... Does sex count?" I WAS giving Millia's perceptions of things, but I hapen to share that one.
  7. Shipping's abot as much as the plane. HAH!
  8. And it was Hikaru that said not to tell him he was as bad-ass as he was. Didn't want him getting over-confident. ... That's likely how Max beat Millia using an unarguably inferior vehicle, in a video game she'd already gotten warmed up on, and in a knife fight that he didn't even want to be in. Millia KNEW she was as bad as all that and a bag of chips. The concept of loosing was so alien to her that she got careless. That was the first battle. And BOY did it piss her off to know someone else could beat her. And for it to be some puny little MICLONE with such inferior technology... and anger can lead to judgement lapses. That gave Max the edge for a relatively easy win in the video game(As I recall he wasn't even focusing on the game, preferring to split his focus between the battle and figuring out how large Millia's chest was). Then he was so non-chalant about it after he beat her... Trying to involve her in those vulgar cultural acts like exchanging phone numbers. The bastard. By the time they got to the knife fight she was so pissed I doubt she could see straight, much less stab someone to death. Millia may have had genetics in her favor. But she was too cocky. And then she made it personal. So remember folks, don't get overconfident. Unless you want to marry an alien.
  9. The MAXL was inspired by the F-16XL (this is what SK said in his last book) The F-16XL has a full delta wing as the MAXL. It is obvious that the XL part of MAXL comes from that real life plane. The MA part could be from MAcross or something like that. Maximillian-Approved?
  10. I hadn't heard of that problem. I don't have too many ROMs (about 20 I guess), and I haven't had problems. IIRC my version is pretty new though. Well, they weren't exactly big-name stuff. Lot of smaller titles, like Cinematronics' Warrior. And given a lot of the MAME32 users were basing their downloads off what the MAME32 GUI said was missing... The problem seemed to stem from the MAME32 GUI being based off the gamelist.txt file included with MAME, which was rather incomplete at the time. I believe it's been overhauled since then.
  11. The best indicator I've seen is that according to Macross Compendium there are about 1-2 thousand of the Fulbtzs-Berrentz "motherships" in the Zentradi army. Of course, there's a few unknwons that serve to limit the usefullness of this statistic... 1. Some fleets may have multiple FBs. I don't want to see the fleet that needs them, but it's possible. 2. Not all fleets necessarily have FBs. They may only be present in larger fleets. ... Or the FB could be an obsolete design, superceded by a new and improved ship.
  12. JB0

    Sim City

    You mean like a gunship or battleship fireing on your city, or a rogue X-9? I'd settle for an alien spaceship crashing into my city. Edti: Yes, I'm aware that the Macross didn't actually COLLIDE with any cities, it just knocked them down with it's shockwave.
  13. Thanks, I'll have to check that out. What do you dislike so much about MAME32? I don't use MAME that much these days, so I haven't put in any effort to find something better. Just a general distates for the look and layout of the interface. If I'd used it signifigantly more recently than a few years ago, I'd be able to go into detail, but as it is now I've forgotten specifics. And when I last used it there was one really really garish flaw(that I believe has been fixed, especially now that the MAME team makes a frontend-welded build themselves). A fuill third of all MAME-supported games were not usable because the GUI didn't believe in them. This included several that I REALLY liked. Long story short, I dropped back to a command-line version ASAP, and never looked back untill I realized my packrat ways had caught up with me and I couldn't remember what ROM images I had or what they actually were. That convinved me I needed a GUI, so I set about finding one I could stand. EmuLoader was what I settled on.
  14. I have seen other Galaxy Defender products at Walmart, but no valks. I am hoping they show up, though. Its not a bad bootleg, really. Yah. I checked my Wal-Mart earlier. No Valkyrie. ... I swear they go out of their way just to annoy me sometimes.
  15. Agreed. BTW, wasn't it the old ET game for the Atari where the marketing people had them so convinced of astronomical sales (which never materialized, obviously) that they actually manufactured more game cartridges than there were Atari consoles in existence? They were rumored to have eventually been buried in some landfill out in the desert somewhere. Sad but true lessons in business strategy. http://www.snopes.com/business/market/atari.asp Just more games manufactured than decks in service. Not more than decks made. And that was actually Pac-Man anyways. The #s for ET were much more rational(too bad the game sucked so bad that everyone returned it). And yes, milliones of ETs were crushed and buried. Along with every other game that didn't sell well that year. They were more responsible back then than modern game companies. Then, if a game didn't sell, the stores shipped it back. Now it's the store's problem. THAT is the lesson companies learned. Not to strategize, but to NEVER EVER EVER buy something back unless you legally had to.
  16. 3 hours, no commercials. Let's test the fans' bladders. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I propose a Macross with no VFs. One where the destroids are allowed to take center stage as the mecha of choice and show off their firepower as only walking gun turrets can.
  18. *winces* Test the URLs before you type them. It's zSnes.com. And I seriously doubt the presence of every game ever made, as not only is no one sure how many that is, but it's a safe bet many are (at best) undumped or (worst-case) lost forever when the Satellaview network went down.
  19. Stone the heretic! Cast out your evil SEED kits, get down on you knees and pray to the hory Froating head for forgiveness Oooh, if that's how you react to SEED, I wonder what you'd say if you saw my Gundam Wing models standing next to a Jetfire that someone's dog chewed on. ... Crap, did I just say that out loud?
  20. Profanity and questioning of people's mothers' fidelity and species?
  21. They have XBoxes in public display! I'd heard that just didn't happen. Big as it is, it took me a while to find the Macross 0 poster. Eyes kept wandering up a bit to Ghost in the Shell 2 every time I got close.
  22. JB0

    Yamato Newsletter (9/1)

  23. From what I'd heard before, I thought Macross was kind of like Star Trek. Not amazingly popular, but whenever a new one was released it was a sure sell. ... Of course, Paramount's nearly killed Star Trek at this point, and Big West hasn't nearly killed Macross.
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