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  1. Star Trek fans are also notorious for trying to generate a coherent timeline from a series that never concerned itself with continuity and is self-contradictory in many places.
  2. Man, now I REALLY wish the YF-12 had made it to production. Granted it could only haul 3 missiles, but ...
  3. Awww... Well, we'll file it as a relative. "We're space troopers!" Ummm, you're on a planet. "Well, yes, but we're space trooopers!" And what would be the point to being down here, besides giving me some diversity in white-armored cannon fodder? "Ummm... we're space troopers?" Screw it... *boom* ... Okay, that sucked.
  4. The A-12 was designed as a replacement U-2. It carried no armament. It also predates the SR-71, which was developed due to the U-2 that was shot down, and the subsequent treaty between the USA and USSR banning manned overflights. By the time the A-12 was ready, it had no purpose(since it's cameras could only look straight down). So they made the SR-71, which had side-view capabilities. The YF-12 was the only Blackbird capable of shooting anything. It was intended for bomber and interceptor tasks. Only the interceptor was ever built, and only 3 prototypes. Seems no one wanted to foot the bill for the 93 F-12s that were needed to protect North America from enemy bombers, and the bomber variant was competing with the Valkyrie(which no one wanted to admit was obsolete before it ever left the ground) so the project was killed. Looking at dates, the Foxbat COULD have been birthed as a counter to the A-12, but it's doubtful. I think countering the Valkyrie was more likely.
  5. Zero was bad-ass, even in X1. I wanted Zero playable in X2. Well, except since he was dead, I didn't see how. Hell, I wanted him playable in X1. Anyways, look at him kick Sigma's ass.
  6. I demand that Star Trek The Animated Series be resurrected. All must see the lost battle of the Man-Kzin Wars, Kirk VS Tony the Tiger. ... An excellent example of why the series deserves attention, actually. They had respected, talented writers making stories. Stories that couldn't be done in a live-aciton show of the day. For everything they did to be swept under the rug like it has been really isn't fair to what was really a rather good, if short-lived, series.
  7. Whawha... ? Are these any relation to the Dark Troopers of the original Dark Forces game?
  8. The properties of the Foxbat that you mention are precisely why it was considered the only credible threat to the SR-71 Blackbird, as well. They could match performance briefly, even if it totaled the plane. That made them the only vehicle that could get high enough to attack a Blackbird and fast enough to bring it down before it was out of range. ... Of course, no Foxbat ever took down a Blackbird, but it was considered a danger.
  9. I'm still waiting for a US version of Megaman Battle And Chase.
  10. JB0

    1/1 DYRL Helmet

    Screw the shoulder pads, I want the Valkyrie that goes with it.
  11. And the Metal Siren. I refuse to acknowledge that abomination's existence ! Oh come on now! M2 wasn't that bad. Yeah. Everyone focuses on the negative. No one likes to mention the good points like the... Umm, that... Errr, those... Well, Ishtar was hot!
  12. Nah... just pathetic. You'll be singing a diffrent tune when Kakizaki turns to the dark side, comes at you throwing lightning bolts... and accidentally shorts them to his lightsaber hilt, electrocuting himself.
  13. I would have, but it was over the like com system. Vostok 7 FORCE CHOKE! ... *needs to get this game*
  14. And then you lopped his head off, didn't you?
  15. If I recall, the RPG's quite out there in some places too. And I did have the chance to speak with one of the programmers before. He takes his Macross rather seriously. But in the end, it's a game, not a collector's piece. Accuracy is less important than it being playable. Hence the VF-1 lugs unlimited missiles and bullets, the missiles fired change by configuration, the battroid has a sniper rifle that can be charged up for a super shot, and diffrent VF-1s have diffrent stats. BTW, according to Macross Compendium, the 1S DOES have "enhanced avionics identical to VF-1A's Block 12 design" and " improved FF-2001D engine with greater engine thrust". So officially the VF-1S IS better than the other versions.
  16. Yah. Games regularly tweak things into illogic for their own purposes. Battlecry essentially used it as a difficulty setting. If you're taking way too many hits, you can downgrade your jet and trade some upgrades for increased armor. ... Though there is a kind of logic behind tying the manuverability and armor together. More armor means more momentum. More momentum means more energy's required to change course. More energy requird to change course means you change course slower than you would if you had less armor. Hence, more armor = less maneuverability.
  17. As far as personal aesthetics go, I think a white skull and crossbones looks really ugly on a light background. As far as the Max 1S goes, it'd look pretty good on a dark blue, but not the light blue used Max's plane.
  18. I say Roy. He had better hair.
  19. Excuse me sir, but then I must ask...how tall are you, so that we're sure to have the right size stake...
  20. And instead of running around a field throwing a ball and tackling people you'd drive mechs around a city lobbing the ball from a catapult and shooting other mechs!
  21. Both games are MSX2. Fortunately, most emulators will do MSX2. I've played both of them signifigantly using RuMSX, which I have to say isn't the best emu ever.
  22. That bad? I'd heard it was actaully a half-decent film.
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