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  1. I just finished watching episode 18 ("Pineapple Salad") and I can't understand why Focker, instead of going to the hospital to treat his wounds, chose to play guitar while waiting for a pineapple salad. Can anyone explain me that please ?
  2. That's it guys !!! I received my box yesterday and I can say without hesitation that the box is worth the 162 bucks. It's amazing the level of details we can see in the remastered version compare to the non-remastered one. Now, I need a japanese professor.
  3. Because I like it too. I'm just complaining about the plastic quality. Details and engineering in that toy are great.
  4. Thanks for the information. Next time, I will keep it in mind.
  5. I receiced my YF-19 yesterday and oh god ... My ass has a better material quality than that. The plastic is so low quality that I'm afraid of the idea of touching it.
  6. That is a good start.
  7. No problem. I can switch regions 4 times until the lock.
  8. Thanks again treatment. You made my week. I can't wait to get my box.
  9. Thanks for the information. So you recommend me to buy the japanese version of Macross Plus Remastered as soon as I can, right ?
  10. Sorry to say this to you, but that is disgusting. Especially the black scheme.
  11. Looks great. I'm considering buying one now.
  12. Oh my god ... And I paid 237$ for that ... Now I understand you guys why you watch your toys rather than play with them.
  13. 65$ for the shipping is a little excessive in my opinion. I bought a YF-19 two weeks ago on Ebay for 165$. Hopefully, I'm getting it this week. I hope ...
  14. I could not agree more. I don't understand people who are just watching them all day long. There are TOYS after all. I want to have some fun with them.
  15. Only one option for you : DIVORCE !!!
  16. I'm hoping that day will come soon too.
  17. A little too tall in my opinion.
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