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  1. Go for the YF-19. I'm getting mine this week.
  2. I am watching episode 4 and me too I am enjoying the show. The fact that the show is more serious than I expected make me happy.
  3. I found out about Macross World while searching the Internet about anything regarding Macross Plus. I watched Macross Plus for the first time in 1999, 2000 and two weeks ago I decided to make a research on it on Youtube. So I found the OVA and movie version of Macross Plus and watched them. I was so pleased after seeing Macross Plus again that I decided to make a research on it on Wikipedia. On Wikipedia, not only I found out about the whole Macross universe, but I also found out about Macross World. Some people are saying that Wikipedia sucks, but Wikipedia is fine for me. Thanks Wikipedia.
  4. Try Internet with fansubs because Macross will be broadcasted in Japan only. Or go to Japan and start learning japanese.
  5. A question guys : Where I can get Macross Plus Remastered ?
  6. Looking great. I can't wait to get my hand on it. Tell me guys, the YF-21 is going to come with fold booster and fast pack, right ?
  7. Interesting, very interesting ... Slowly but surely the puzzle is taking shape.
  8. Thanks. You are surely right. Even a highly technical show like Star Trek did not mention any kind of construction techniques in 41 years of existence. This is a good start. ''Space metal'' does not seem to have any connection with known materials on Earth. But hypercarbon seems to be a composite material from Earth according to its name. Yeah, but I don't think they mentioned ''Energy Converting Armor'' in Macross Plus. Did they mention it in other Macross shows ?
  9. I'm wondering if the VF-25 will have the capability of self-repairing by using nanotechnology like the Borg in Star Trek. Advanced nanotechnology must be there by 2070 especially in the Macross universe.
  10. Thanks for the pics treatment. Can you post pics of the VF-19 please ? It will be appreciated.
  11. Start learning japanese then. I think I am going to do it myself. Learning other languages is a nice thing after all.
  12. Cool. I want one for Christmas.
  13. This is why I like him so much too. Despite the fact that he is an indisciplined and arrogant piece of poo, I admire his determination to get things done. Also, Isamu seems more passionate about flying than Guld was.
  14. This is my first post, so go easy on me guys. While watching Macross Plus one week ago, I was wondering what kind of construction technics and materials are used in variable fighters. I just watched Macross Plus and Zero, so I did not watch yet the original series, Macross 7, etc. Did they ever mention that kind of information in Macross ? Thanks in advance for answering me. P.S. : Excuse me for my poor english guys.
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